Debunking the debunkers

Latex model of a real extra-terrestrial

Latex model of a real extra-terrestrial

I have been writing an encyclopaedia called “A Brief History of Human Conscience” since 2004. Though I have always been mildly interested in exo-politics, “aliens” and so-called UFO’s, thorough attention began in late 2011. February 2013 saw my membership of a UFO society in Sydney. Shortly after my “discovery” I made a number of public presentations at the invitation of that and other societies.

Because this topic moves into the paranormal; something that is an effect of extra-dimensions, records can be bizarre or dreamlike. This had encouraged a core group of reductionist/materialist fundamentalists to react in order to covet their reality. That reality is founded on the tenet of atheism with no place for God and other aspects of spirituality. Their numerous and varied attacks on the spiritual elements determining existence are labelled debunks.

Scientists familiar with the Edwardian double slit experiment and later wave function collapse will shudder at the prospect of a physical universe. Aspects of current scientific thinking are grudgingly moving towards a generic holographic universe theory. This ironically supports ancient esoteric writings that suppose we, in this universe, have three interposed realities for the price of one. Holographic Universe One (HU1) is Earth; HU2 is Tara and HU3 is Gaia. Part of this revelation presents a mystery. According to these texts, for HU2 our sun becomes an oversized planet.

On record, there is another mystery of modern times. 1917 marked a period of global turmoil. Nevertheless a quaint setting in Portugal remained unaffected, unscathed by outer warring. It was there and then the Fatima miracle manifest. For a brief glimpse, our sun reverted into its HU2 state and turned into a shimmering rainbow coloured planet to the astonishment of numerous witnesses, most notably three celebrated children.

The debunkers come completely undone when discussing dimensions. Measurement of illusory reality may appease relative cretins but it does not support intelligence. Their one and two dimensions cannot exist by their very own rules. If any “side” of a one, two, three or more dimensional object is zero then it does not exist. Thus, everything is “three plus dimensional” or nothing.

In fact reality and dimensions are best deciphered at quantum level. There the first dimension would be limited to pulses. Rings of electrons and positrons create force fields (that form atoms that project an illusion of solidity). Frequency waves manufacture the “flavour” of perception. Given the right DNA code, anything is possible. Finally, densities (pulses, force fields and waves combined) determine which dimensional resonance the experiencer experiences. Researchers such as Pane Andov argue there are numerous simultaneous existences experienced consecutively using the same components. Miraculous!

This raw understanding of existence reduces everything to light (darkness being nothing). Reality, by this definition, becomes a symptom of programing. Therefore, every effect is experienced by the experiencer because he or she has the correct coding and not because effects exist per se. Over time, much interest has been devoted to sub space and the mysterious Spanish Ummo peoples “dimension ten”. This has time as a central repository of random expressions.

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  1. The corrupt powers in “high places” would rather have the world WILLINGLY worship them, and to accomplish this, they quite literally NEED a MIRACLE, so, as per Revelation 13:3, they will “manufacture” a “fake resurrection” via CLONE technology (accurate right down to the MOLE on the left nostril) plus “old-fashioned TRAP DOOR stage magic”:


    • Though I agree, this is a “limited” (rather trivial) perspective. My next latest article “The Satanism, Materialism, Atheism Connection” will be worthy of your review and should be released before COP today.


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