The Beruzdia

The Beruzdia

I have not mentioned the Beruzdia type in the introduction to the first part of my book, “Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons”. However, this is essential reading for those that wish to truly understand cosmic existence and how everything connects. Extra-terrestrials are simply another “layer”. Donations of A$12 or more will earn you a copy. (Donators should e-mail with the simple instruction “Donated for DDD Intro” after payment has been made). There is no upper limit for donations. The more you can help, the faster I can complete this project.

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Were it not for their intrinsic relationship with this planet and their popularised link to man, information about the Beruzdia would be too farfetched even for this website. It does afford the opportunity to demonstrate how different some unknown life forms are. In this case different is different in every respect. I refer not so much to appearance or adult functionality, but more emphasise the psychological profile and spiritual development. Beruzdia, by the way, should be pronounced bar-uz-je-a. Naturally spoken, bar equates to bah, uz sounds like ooze, je must be iterated like the shu in shush and a is soft “a”. Maybe I have spelt it wrong but I sell it as I see it.

There may well be an inherent link between them and the Lemurians (different to the Atlantean Lumerians) which, of course, have a genetic link to the Mantis and Zeta bloodlines. Perhaps I have given too much away.

Child's abduction drawing

Child’s abduction drawing

Maybe informed readers have already guessed what the Beruzdia type is? As with the Lemurians, the Beruzdia entity has insectoid heritage. The passive observer, however, would struggle to guess this given details on procreation and gestation. Not only is there no system that vaguely represents the process on Earth, it seems to defy any corresponding science-logic built up over the ages. Were it not for that all important intrinsic relationship I mentioned earlier, this topic would have remained terminally buried. If only I could avoid the truth…

Description of a mature adult male

Right type of skin character

Right type of skin character

Right skin colour

Right skin colour

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here some imagination is required. The finished product is a fusion of Batman’s Joker and Star Trek’s android Mr Data. Its metamorphosis should envisage a skin of a shining, semi-translucent porcelain quality. For me, I must confess, this is rather hard to describe and even visualisation will be difficult because there is nothing to offer as a direct measurement comparison. The face itself is very much longer than the average human’s. It reminds of some of the high Victorian man-in-the-moon caricatures as, compared to ours, the features are rather concave. The face is noticeably as thin as it is long. Features are rather gaunt, perhaps exaggerated. This gives the eyes, liquid black pools which are slightly larger than ours, a delirious quality.

A Tulip person

A Tulip person

It is though the carnival was in town disguising a shrouded masquerade. Though surely from quite different origins, Mike Oram’s Tulip People go some way to bridging the gap between the essence of what I feel and what I see. One of the conditions of accessing information through the third eye is tidings are felt and this can make the experience more real than reality.

I shall press on with my brief description of the Beruzdia body type. The one I see before me is a reflection contained in a burnished bronze mirror. Its face is quite beautiful, striking maybe. There is hair, short cropped, or I think it is hair, of a dark brown colour. Are there ears? If so they are pinned back and inconspicuous, but there is something on each side in the places one would expect. Moving down, I see a short neck and torso which is fully clad in a stylish combat jacket. It looks greyish green to me, but that might be the burnished bronze mirror taking effect. I cannot spy the lower regions, no matter how I crane my neck, but I do know the legs are three times its body length, for in the distance, at a different location, another is presented upright. It looks angry and agitated. I would not like to face it. Late Victorian images of America’s Uncle Sam occasionally convey the right sense.

Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon

Controversial origins

This is where my account will start to sound so alien it must be like one of those Greek or Roman tall tales. Perhaps I have missed some of the links as inherence is such a hotchpotch of seemingly unrelated disordered scenarios, it would be quite easy misconstrue random information. My guides have been pretty effective thus far and every effort has been made to treble check data cross referencing where possible. The conclusions have been and are startling.

Killer whale

Killer whale

I am sure you have all seen killer whales; perhaps not in the flesh, but certainly photographic or moving video depictions. Look carefully at the quintessence of the head. For readers of energy fields, it gives an unmistakably individual print. That is the part I would like diligent readers to capture and keep it ready for my explanation. For if you cannot grasp the quintessence, you have missed the point. Now, with image in tow, let us travel to a distant, exotic desert planet. Like on our dear Earth there is life on the surface, but all regions are arid and inhospitable. Travel inwards and the planet opens to an internal oasis of great environmental wonder; life systems far more diverse and explosive than here.

We must, sadly, brave the elements for our mission is on the inhospitable surface regions. It is difficult to say with precision, but there may well be, nay it is likely, that there is a lot of water. Along with expansive oceans there are muddy, marshy areas. Doubtless fauna does exist, but it is not prominent in my view. I am using calculative imagination here, because I cannot believe the creatures I am about to describe could traverse a desert.

Think, once again, of the body of a killer whale, but now extend its frame by a snaking two hundred metres. Expand the body size in “tube form”, including the head, to the size of an average house, say, six to seven meters perpendicular. There you have the beast. Its skin is greyer and more rubbery looking than a whale’s. Perhaps the texture is more like the skin our elephant’s. Now animate in your mind. It does not lie about. It thrashes from side to side, arches its back giving the head enormous height. Constantly looking, probing, I sense it has extraordinary smell. There are things it likes to eat, so even though the scene is barren, life does exist but remains hidden to the casual observer.

The facial features are by no means clear, other than its silhouette evokes that of the killer whale. The jaws, I don’t think widen as far, but, until recently, I had not seen it open its mouth. Focusing on one solitary glimpse, the character of the jaw movement would approximate a dinosaur (or our Earth alligator reference). They are not lips, but there is some flexibility in the rim of flesh that partly covers long rows of narrow, pointed teeth. No eyes are prominent and I feel it has some sort of sonar aid to detect objects. I can say it is a ferocious looking creature and one I hope I would never have to face.

The account becomes even more surreal

Even seasoned readers will shrink from what I am about to reveal. The message is so bizarre, so strange, so other world, it defies logic. Let me begin by saying, I do not know how these creatures reproduce and, to be honest, I probably do not want to know…although, in the interest of truth? Maybe, but I can say they do carry a cargo. How it arrived, was made and why is unknown. Possibly they do not reproduce, but split like our earth worms. Just an idea! I can confirm that a section of the extended body is devoted to carrying three internal egg sacks (or something like that). Each of these contains a full size Beruzdia. Naturally there is some internal development, but unlike human babies they begin fully formed. It is as if the mix in the egg sack transforms into the adult physical form.

When the “killer whale” parent dies the Beruzdia entities literally burst free, I suppose something akin to some of our insect cycles – the transformation of butterflies’ springs to mind. Once released they live for a very long time but have no reproductive faculty (their killer whale worm parents do that). The same as the Lemurian human insects, perhaps related to locusts (is that what is meant by the Biblical metaphor “plagues of locusts”?), the Beruzdia is aligned to the cricket. Its long humanoid legs are the representation of extended insectoid back limbs. Like crickets, they also have extraordinary voices and, once again, as bizarre as this might sound,

Alien formation

Alien formation

I picture them in choir formation producing a spell binding visual and musical Gregorian chant effect. They are very set in their views, uncompromising, but have access to and were nurtured on inherent wisdom while they incubated.

There may be other entries about these. I will be revealing their startling Earth relationship in one of the volumes of my book set “Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons”.

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