A New World Order

A New World Order

Recently, I completed the second rewrite of my second book of the Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons series. If readers felt the title of the first book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” was a bit pithy, you will surely be pleased with “A New World Order”. Taken from a cosmic perspective this explores a deep past excised from mainstream accounts and much is not to be found anywhere. Here is a preview of the extended chronological summary. Information is guaranteed to contradict standard belief systems.


As we are nearing the end of this account, I would like to construct a simplified summary of the historic dates for important events that have shaped the evolution of this planet and us. Possibly as far back as 7 billion years ago, the Earth was at least forty times its current size and located somewhere in Orion’s Belt. A major war, caused by Version One (Aryan) man led to the destabilisation of an entire star system. The debris, in part, formed our current solar system. Earth, at that time, was called Tiamat. Version One man lost hereditary privileges, but had the same power, so the expected consequence was the destruction of Tiamat 1.5 billion years ago. According to Lemurian channelled information, a special timeline was created for the development of new Earth. One of the energetic creators of new Earth was the Zeta being and up until 575 million years ago only higher dimensional, wraith-like, entities (Elohim and others) lived on the planet.

Contradicting science diktat, physical bodies of intelligent creatures appeared after 575 million years ago. Included was downgraded, Version Two, Aryan man. At this time we had much higher frequencies than modern humans (Version Seven) and showed abilities similar or greater than the Lemurian Nephilim (genetic cousins). Man appears to have left the Earth (surface) by 400 million years ago as, at this time, dragons (under instruction of Ba’al) began populating and colonising the planet. This process ensured Lucifer’s (a thought being contextually akin to any archangel) dinosaur experiment was given the green light 275 million years ago. Or, should I say, Lucifer gave the experiment the green light to the confused dismay of some of the white light influences, such as Pleiadian Annunaki (the ancient post Big Bang genetic split of “Ahnnunaki” – manifest God). For the first time in existence, slaughter had been legitimised so, understandably, that offended white light harmony. “Slaughter was independent of murder and was good”. It is important that readers appreciate the monument of this. It is bigger than Ben Hur!

An entirely unique and new type of life system was manufactured and due to Earth’s super climate in relation to her proximity to the sun, giants could be and were produced. The planet was closer than Venus is today and, for part of the time, there were two suns but one died about 180-190 million years ago. Due to the way the cosmos is constructed, our sun [from the macro perspective] is replicated five times and perhaps it acts as a gateway link and that is why there is so much spaceship activity since its portal opened in 2008. As far as I can ascertain, things ticked along pretty smoothly and violently, but there was order from balance in a manner that had never manifest before. The Drakkon geneticists would have had a physical existence on then Earth (even if they could dimension hop), and the Draco must have been created after the implosion of Maldek.


Around 100 million years ago Version Two Aryan man (St George) returned to colonise Mars. However, after building enormous populations (peaking 13-14 billions) on the surface, scouts visited Earth and set up laboratories. No dateline has been issued (from my sources) but I think the escalation with the Drakkon owners would have been rapid, so I suspect hostilities began shortly after the first excursion (maybe 80 million years ago). Hostilities escalated into a full scale cosmic war. At the time, our solar system had another planet between Venus and Jupiter called Maldek. This was a rest and recreation stop with a reputation for “immorality” and was used as a reinforcement station by the Drakkon. It is unlikely “St George” colonised there as it was a very craggy, dark planet. Escalations and attacks built and built until, finally, maldekSt George drew on old tricks shattering Maldek almost rendering man obsolete in the process. This event took place 78-79 million years ago. Earth was blasted out of orbit and possibly collided with Mars to create the current orbital patterns of our solar system. Even with the change, it took at least 12 million long years for the dinosaurs to die out or transform.

As far as the Drakkon were concerned, Tyrannosaurus Rex was their great version of indigenous man. The Hollywood movie Jurassic Park hints that T-Rex could talk and they did communicate using structured language. I am led to believe they also had some telepathic and telekinetic powers. Smaller versions also ran civilised social models. Nevertheless, after the demise of the dinosaurs, the Drakkon created a new man from Pterodactyl DNA (the closest to dragon stock). These were enhanced beings of greater capability than modern humans. The Pteroids first occupied the surface between 65 and 50 million years ago. Being wolf, bird bat and man combined the face is not dissimilar to that of a baboon. I hypothesise that these strange creatures evolved out of our dimensional reference frame as they were more advanced of us from the start. Some are currently located in the fifth dimension. A new man was devised and produced over an extended period (perhaps in excess of a million years) between 5 and 3 million years ago. This type has also evolved well into the fourth dimension so cannot be seen (or experienced by the five senses in a natural way), though some subordinate hybrids do currently live in our inner Earth domains. Ciakar man, modelled on the great Tyrannosaurus Rex, is a combination of Pleiadian, Tyrannosaur, another “cat like” genetic element and something else I have not isolated.


2.3 million years ago there was a big cosmic war over the possession of the surface which included one of the advanced versions of man. Were they the celebrated Lyrans? These people are described as “Nordic” by some sources and “lion faced felines” by others. Perhaps they are a combination of the two. Their involvement with the Earth preceded an active Anunaki presence, so they are good candidates as parties to the great cosmic war over our planet. It must be assumed that the reptiles defended the surface bravely. Cosmic_man Nevertheless, Apache ancestors fought their way to the surface of the planet due to internal circumstances at least a million years ago. Legends say they successfully vanquished the Ciakars who retreated to the inner domains from whence they came, but by 500,000BC they were so firmly entrenched that they were too strong for Apache man when he tried to regain his territory. The reptiles are revered in ancient American culture as great sages (and healers). Anunaki visitations began after the Ciakars had barricaded themselves inside Earth, as partial attested by the 387,000 year strong history annotated by Gilgamesh. My sources inform me that regular visitation began about 450,000 years ago. A notch down from “thought beings”, but more divine than the Elohim (light beings), they could not manifest in the physical sense so produced individual sea monsters that go by the group name of Ba’al. These were able to reproduce minor genetic elements and some formed matrimonial partnership with inner Earth Draco.

It was their combination that proved too strong for Enki’s granddaughter Innana. Metaphorical dismemberment suggests Draco forces stole her genetic potential. The fall out was the Anunaki ruled the surface with vigour from 385,000BC to around 35,000BC. While on lengthy (multi-millennial) off planet excursions they appointed regents. It appears humanoid Pleiadian-Lemurians were the acting kings and some sought advice from Zetas (renowned for universal wisdom and an angelic nature). Occasionally a Zeta would be appointed king. There have been enough anomalies that contradict politically manufactured “history”, a small mountain of evidence supporting man’s presence on Earth’s surface several million years ago exists in hidden crevices around the globe. Readers must accept that rigged anthropology is determined to uphold Scripture and other political measures used to “control” humanity in our general state of apathy. Their agenda naturally includes an acceptable course of evolution. The reality is that a version that preceded what we call Negro man was created by Anunaki geneticists over a window of 100.000 years around 300,000BC. It had no “conscience”, but was not an animal.

Gauging the number of human genetic lines, there are likely to have been fairly turbulent periods of surface occupation. Many factions, interests, types and warring interests have not been revealed in this work as that would take more than one man and several encyclopaedias to complete. It is unlikely any version of ancient Aryan man or Homo erectus looked quite like our modern human brands. Nevertheless a civilised version of Neanderthal man had peaked around, say, 160.000-150,000BC. By this stage the Ciakar reptilians were regularly visiting and colonising the planet surface at times of extended Anunaki absence. Some provision was implemented to avoid conflict with the Neanderthals around 140,000BC. neanderthal-exhibitMaybe offenders were moved to an isolated continent. By 125,000BC the Draco Ciakars had created a new “sensitive” version of quasi-Negro man; a fusion of Pleiadian man, Olmec man and Ciakar. “Version Seven” man is the ancestor of Caucasian man (details will be revealed in my next book, “The Birth of Hu-man-ity”). However, they (Draco) had acted arbitrarily and not by permission of the Anunaki, so a giant war broke out between 120,000-102,000BC. For the first time in my research, the Atlanteans appear. Where “Version Six” man resided prior to the involvement in the war is unclear, but they appear on Earth around 105,000BC and enable an exodus of Caucasian man to Mars in 102,000BC.

The Zetas or some other grey skinned being is blamed as the prevaricator by the Vedas. They had apparently relocated to an ancient remote Earth moon to avoid conflict, but it was brought to them. The final resounding altercation saw their moon location shattered into pieces. The consequences were not desperate for any of the planets this time, but it ended the war in 102,000BC. Problematic Neanderthal man suffered many deaths and their population reduction was viewed as a blessing. I have not mentioned it before, but Paradisian civilisations preceded Lemurian control and I have no information, dates and other data to work with. Perhaps information will come for a future volume. It is possible that they were also Sumerian proxy Kings. However, lifespans of over 10,000 years by our chronologies denote fifth dimensional beings. These would have had the same issue as Ba’al as they would not have been visible to beings of comparable dimensional density to us (even using strong drugs). Therefore, it is more likely that society was run using a tribal system with many chieftains for the most part. Perhaps the Redskins ancestors were the Paradisians? Did they have a historic relationship with the Atlanteans? Or were they the “Asian” Lumerians? I have outlined that the Lemurians reigned between 79,000 and 24,000BC until they destroyed themselves almost along with the planet with their failed meteor grab stunt. St Germaine recounted this as the “demise of Atlantis” incorrectly. It was the end of Mu, which now rests, prominently, at the bottom of our Pacific Ocean.

We know the Ants (of Atlantis) gradually filtered in from around 37,000 years ago after the meteor catastrophe that sucked 90% of the atmosphere off Mars. Late scientist and author Nikolai Levashov postulates star gates were an effective method of population transference. Prior, on Mars, there were open Lumerian, Atlantean and human civilisations. There were also Grey Beings, a placid reptilian type (that appears not to be related to the Draco) and a hairy, copper skinned creature that was neither man nor ape. Its root DNA may have been used to create Olmec Negro man. The Atlantean return to Earth coincided with the Anunaki’s violent exit around 35,000BC, when they created a new seaway that swallowed up Northern Africa and extended to the Russian Caspian region. The southern part of Africa became a giant island (larger than modern Australia) surrounded by water. There was relative peace overseen by the Lemurians until their collapse around 24,000BC. Followed was an aggressive surface colonisation by the Draco Ciakars with a particular focus on the African island continent. Events reached boiling point in the 17th millennium BC when IXosana created a front to protect the indigenous peoples from the Draco. Viracocha agents of the Anunaki may have transplanted some of the Olmec genetic stock to the lands of southern America.


Perhaps in conjunction with this or maybe for other reasons, the respected Atlanteans set up a technological heartland north of Russia which had easy inner Earth access. This became a joint venture Ciakar, Atlantean genetic management project. Relative order ensued, though the ongoing conflict between the Zetas and reptilians over their indoctrination program continued. Things came to a head with, once again, the Zetas seeking sanctity on Earth’s second moon, Falla. It was relatively small compared to other astral bodies, but orbited Earth every nine days. So close did it come to our energy field at certain points in the cycle, poets imagined they could reach out and touch it! Using my basic maths, but mostly logic, I have determined that the moon was at its closest to Earth when hovering over Atlantis City. At the critical point of one cycle Atlantean (and not Ciakar, except “under command”) forces launched an energy weapon aimed at vaporising the body along with its Zeta residents. sunThe attack was partially successful, but failed to vaporise the satellite. Instead, half of the moon shattered and sprayed much of the Southern (now Northern) Hemisphere, snap freezing [what is now] Europe. The remaining moon block rapidly (perhaps in seconds or a few minutes) connected with Earth and flattened Atlantis City blocking the corridor to the inner Earth in the creation of our Arctic Circle. This dateline was between 12,800 and 12,900BC.

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