Oriental Dragons Pre-empt Akhenaten’s Reincarnation

Oriental Dragons Pre-empt Akhenaten’s Reincarnation

Last entry here was primarily devoted to presenting the gist of a live light DNA reading I conducted after a client’s request for a consultation was broken over two sessions. Per the normal course, I promoted content through various external mediums, including Facebook and Twitter. One “UFO focused” cooperative deleted everything I presented and at another avenue, a large star-seeds community, responding comments showed a negative-centric mixed response to content. Undeniably, underlying antagonistic reactions all camouflaged a simmering volatile grudging jealousy. The thin veneer of excuses was invariably only offered to cover up truthful motivations. But what was the trigger that had induced so much acrimony amongst my readership?

The singular fundamental complaint that had caused all the kafuffle over what I had written was money. None of my critics were actually anti-money per se. All possessed it, used it and sought it in great quantities (if they were honest). Causal objections to my article, it turned out, was over the fact I had dared reveal that I had charged a monetary fee for my consultation. Doubtlessly the UFO cooperative that had taken the uncompromising action of immediately deleting my post decided censorship is “fair” policy. Considering interested parties were given a contact point for further investigation, they may have mistakenly concluded that I am running some sort of commercial operation. To put the record straight, that simply isn’t true. In fact I do readings in my spare time (whatever that is) and revenues raised, thus far, would be insufficient as subsidy.

Even if I was to calculate a bread winning salary from my craft at some juncture, there is much more that needs to be cleared up philosophically before judgement can finally be made. For instance, none of my critics, when challenged, were actually prepared to offer what I do in their spare time for “free”. Not one. Criticisms were the trivial product of apathy. Even so, to make my case, I would like to focus on the deadliest of deadly concepts – “free stuff”. But before I do, here’s a foreboding thought. Because I have to work for a living fulltime to survive, my collateral output (all those things I tirelessly produce just to give away) has shrunk to 25% of its former self.

Next time the discussion point comes up we, you and they need to be sure of one thing. There is no free stuff nor ever was there. It is all stolen or, in the case of samples, given with view to longer term commercial return. I can play Beethoven’s music because he is dead. I have unfairly poached property rights from his surviving family (deliberately avoiding the convoluted inheritance debate). All of us that take free stuff are bloody thieves. Agreed, we are able to trade using goods and services exchange in place of money, but how many receivers of “free stuff” do that? What we receive is always at the other’s expense and we [mostly] simply don’t care. Yes, some do not value what they give for free and others merely process vanity by showing off, but collective freedom has to be balanced. Corrupting agents consumed with zeal are foolishly persuaded freedom comes with strings. In other words producers of free stuff have a liberal corrupting agenda.

They want to influence beliefs

This lowly blog is my attempt at balance. I expect nothing in return for what I write. My mission is not motivated by zealous control, beyond an underlying obsession with fair representation of truth (albeit devoid of perspective). Except those with unlimited resources and an endless superficial money supply, everyone must work “to live”. I had this crazy idea, in light of the fact I produce so much meaningful information for “free”, that time I needed to devote to earning money to survive might be best spent expanding my free work.

Let’s face it, my output would hardly titillate the oligarchs or, indeed, anyone linked to sumptuous amounts of money. Far from merely lampooning the “New World Order” at my other political conscience blog, I demystify “plans” so radically, I also provide reasons and remedies with steps to action against tyranny in many cases. Because my writings are predominantly “transcendental”, to them, the Capitalists, I am the ubiquitous threat as they’re never quite sure whose side I’m on. Yet, I have pointed out before that the whole New Age angst against “alternative commerce” has been crudely manufactured by the industrialists themselves because it is they that see alternative commerce as enemy number one. Why would Capitalists allow any of their money to go to the other side? Let me make one undeniable assurance. All money in current circulation belongs to Globalist cartels intent only on accomplishing universal serfdom.

Therefore anyone against me making a living from my craft wilfully supports elite protagonists, whether that support is witting or otherwise. In addition, I make no excuses for the gross act of expecting recompense for each time and every effort tendered (not available elsewhere, I assure you) as inherence calculated the fee structure for me. In that capacity mentors “not of this Earth” advised me that the fee per hour should not be one penny more of less than $100 of the United States currency denomination. Logic behind their fiendish (to some, undoubtedly) command is exquisite as it was clearly determined the amount was never going to be beyond the means of anyone, yet everyone faced with payment would find the charge, at worst, “inconvenient” or, at best, “prohibitive”.

They wanted sacrifice

In fact, “terms” (as outlined by my strange advisors) were succinct and limited to three points. Firstly, each recruit had to conjure an open mind with hunger for truth and strength for knowledge. No noteworthy preconception, to hinder educational development, was the second prerequisite. Finally, every participating client had to willingly “sacrifice” (my obscene mentors’ choice of word) themselves for “virtue”. It was [correctly] deemed the best test against human nature is financial as everyone prizes MONEY higher than everything else (and I prove it here).

Those showing predisposition towards dramatic mood swings (such as dragons), shamefully diagnosed as bi-polar by “psychiatrists”, are susceptible to drug addiction. Not suggesting in any way that “vagabonds are all substance dependent”, but homelessness is sometimes a choice as was highlighted by the American man that found a large cache of valuable South African Krugerrands. The reason pariah Medias crowed about his “salvation” was to avoid the real issue. Drug addicts financially chose drugs over accommodation given their paltry state “benefit” or pension incomes. It is less than ironic that bi-polar patients are fed some of the most toxic, mind-bending influencers as the “cure” to a problem which, in fact, was their very being.

Anyway, back to theme, all my applicants that were anything less than absolutely interested and committed to the journey simply wouldn’t part with the cash. It turned out the considerable numbers of people that have contacted me feigning interest in coaching were, in fact, all relative “charlatans”, per these guidelines. There is nothing whimsical about what I do, so I am not prepared to entertain anyone that trivially follows whims. For example, my last entry barely touched on key points from the reading session in focus. Yet feedback from other places was to the effect – “Oh my God here is a wall of information”. Of course, the same old die-hard sceptics couldn’t help but bobbing up questioning everything from sources to verifying authorities used to “establish” facts, but we must expect dark forces to make a beeline for any and all sacred places.

Their corporeal mission is to destroy faith universally. That’s their reason for living, so I can’t imagine how they would have reacted to stunning news that I may have found Akhenaten’s reincarnation. Indeed. And if I was to add oriental dragons from Japan to “the mix”, ideally the scandal-mongers would insist on me being wheeled off to the place that used to be euphemistically known as the “funny farm”. Then again, thinking practically, dragons are just the sort of creatures one would expect to meet at a funny farm.


Last article I was only able to reveal a very limited snapshot of what had been uncovered because I had not done many consultations and it needed collective time to assess research notes. Now everything has changed. I have conducted numbers (plural) of sessions with females and males. Some candidates would be classed as having advanced psi knowledge. Others had next to no connection to or with what is generally termed “the paranormal”. Nevertheless, numbers [of sessions] are still relatively low to make grounded science calculations in my opinion. Even so, I cannot help but noticing a few disconcerting commonalities.  To do justice to the significance of these, I need to outline another long history lesson which will eventually highlight how Akhenaten’s reoccurrence is catalytic.

Everyone, without exception, I have evaluated supports multiple visible entities. Often I see two “sides” of an aura field, but it can be much more complex. For instance, one particular individual I scrutinised in a session supported a (left) front side dragon, a front (centre) Grey Being – Zeta and a (right) front side Sirian (Atlantis originated). At the subject’s core was a reptilian-Pleiadian “Oannes”. If that wasn’t enough, I have had two Ciakar-Pteroid transformations (ironically both male subjects). Lyran presence has been restricted to females. The point being is there is much more to this than meets the naked eye. I have seen Lyrans in combination with Lemurians, but no pure blood Pleiadians, Andromedans or Cetians. Beyond a couple of spurious associations, I haven’t experienced any Lumerians either. Indeed, so far, all my connections have been with ancient Atlantis seeds and, I estimate, for good reason. I was a prominent leader there. My revelation of myself as the African Negro incarnation “iXossana” (Hosanna) in the 16th millennium BC barely scratches the surface!

Billions of years ago a version of dragon “ran” Tiamat. The entities we now call “Sirians” were genetic infants in these times, but the dragons wholeheartedly welcomed them to their lands free of institutional laws. Unfortunately for ones so young, the giant humanoids came with too much pride. Before too long, they decided to manufacture austere laws of their own that vilified their way was the right way and, thus, the only way. Everyone and everything that might consider classification as a spiritual being, according to these directives, needed to change their “bad habits” without notice. Naturally this did not sit too well with the targets, which included the graciously generous dragons that had, it turned out, fortuitously prepared a reign of abject tyranny in their ardour. After putting up with the nonsense for as long as possible, predictably a consortium of entities requested the dragons give the obstreperous new comers a coarse ultimatum and fair warning to change their own ways or be ejected from the planet without resolution – forcefully, if necessary. Everyone should know the end to that political chess game by now. Motivated by nothing short of pure spite, the Sirians’ ancestors violently destroyed Tiamat.

Yes, the very first humanoids, ancestors to the destroyers of Tiamat, did the exact same thing. That was a Manichaean landmark which only left pollution, rendering the Sirius region unfit for habitation for billions of years. Talk about making the same mistakes twice. The causal timeline reasons/circumstances leading to fulfilment were almost identical to progressions behind the Tiamat event. It was a very, very large planet that was destroyed first time round. In fact, I am led to believe, material fallout was ostensibly used to build our solar system and, if true, would have constituted a metric volume that must have been hundreds of times the capacity of today’s Earth.

Was this planet Electra?

After a long period of absence after Tiamat, more contemporary Sirian ancestors popped up again 100 million years ago or thereabouts. This time they settled on Mars. Unbeknownst to the humanoids, dragons had settled on Earth (a new planet formed from the debris of Tiamat) long prior. They also had battalions stationed on a small moon-sized planet called Maldek (orbitally out towards Jupiter). Earth was closer in proximity to the sun than Venus then, but it did not stop the fair skinned Sirians’ attempts to colonise. Predictably, another “déjà vu” run in with the dragons loomed. In order to avoid negative recurrence, when threats to their unwelcome visitors went unheeded, the dragons responded with shock and awe, annihilating a small landing party (of around 200 men) that had built a facility on Earth. The distortion behind “St George and the dragon” myths hides the fiery end to Maldek which damned near wiped out Sirians for all time.

Contrary to popular belief, Sirians (Pleiadians included) have a dreadful cosmic record; nice guys may they be. In fact most of the “cast offs”, such as the aristocratic Lemurians, haven’t fared any better either. After the Earth was pushed out to where it is today and the great dinosaurs no longer reigned, it became the time of the mammalian Pteroids. Just before they were about to “ascend” (effectively become adrift of anything physical), their final act was to create humanoid dinosaur people (commonly known as Ciakar reptilians). In doing so they were aided by a consortium of extra-terrestrial entities, driven by feline Lyrans, who also donated their own DNA. Ironically, Lyrans can be easily mistaken for humans (when viewed as stationary), so theirs combined with Sirian genetics (donated to the dragons after Maldek) made the reptilians, in some ways, seem more human than humans.

All along Lemurians were conveniently located on one of the five inner Earth continental shelves. A genetic combination of Sirian, Zeta Grey Being and something else (that connects to the Anunaki) I haven’t identified yet, they were a formidable force to behold. Co-creator and de facto rulers of the Ciakars, the Lyrans, were blissfully unaware of the dramatic changes that would affect the Lemurians’ living circumstances or, indeed, of their very presence in nether regions. Why would the Ciakars look beyond their beloved homeland, Earth’s surface, either? I provide explicit details about the ensuing war which pushed the reptilians and their feline cohorts to inner regions here, so repetition serves no useful purpose.

I do have something important to add though. The shameful defeat of the Lyrans mitigated an unprecedented set of circumstances whereby “creator succumbed to creation” and rendered Ciakars very much in control of “order” (which is the unspoken case still today). Still, Simon Parkes has given plenty of valid information on inner Earth Lyrans (albeit dimensionally adrift of conscious state) implying they have continued to be regarded (by the reptilians) as royals, celebrated by the sensational numbers of consequential hybrid lines. Nevertheless, the fallout of the prior relational structure is perhaps why our Ciakar’ creators fear (or, more aptly, prepare for) our advancement in earnest.

They know full well we are just as slippery as they are

Inherence sometimes delivers unsolvable perplexing riddles, but I think I have now deciphered why [I’ll call them] soul pairings as aura partnerships are as discovered (i.e. dragon/Sirian, Ciakar/Pteroid, reptilian/Lemurian, Lyran/Lemurian and so on). Humanity’s divine purpose has become crystal clear to me. We are all here to redeem past ills, but did extra-terrestrial powers ordinate this arrangement? Ultimately, the one labelled “God” controls all DNA. Years ago it was explained to me that while we live our DNA is perpetually washed by the sun. To split hairs, this isn’t entirely true. In fact our visible sun delivers “black light” (even though it appears bright to us) and this negatively interferes with our development. However we are also bathed by invisible white light 24/7 generated by a voracious source in the bowels of our planet and that is why we should sleep in darkness (free of harmful synthetic light). Fundamental changes can happen at any time in the development cycle, determining there is no specific reason why human life should “end” to fulfil preconceived deadlines or limits.

Because the human genome encompasses traits or traces of just about all material life in the universe (though, admittedly, location plays a big role in design outcomes), we have the potential to be anything. Detail can be found in my book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” (preview here). When the Ciakars created us “illegally” (without authorisation from the Pteroids that owned the gene stock), were they aware of potential present day ramifications? Personally, I believe they took a giant gamble and this was the main reason “Yahweh” took umbrage at the fact. I don’t believe they had calculated how diverse the extraneous developmental path of our DNA might be. Humanity, as a consequence, has echoed just about everything in our gene-set capacity and that in itself has proved a disaster for coordinated harmonious order. In fairness, I very much doubt the Pteroids could have foreseen the unlikely inclination towards the bizarre aura partnerships I have witnessed to date; partnerships, I might add, that are commonplace (presuming the sample is representative). So, decidedly, I conclude what we are witnessing today is God’s work.

Akhenaten is the first person recorded to identify an omnipresent God and that is why I determine his actual life was at a time that preceded standard Babylonian history. Perhaps the Pharaoh given his name dedicated himself to a distant master. The real character would have paced the Earth at a time when oriental dragons tantalised, but only ever fleetingly for those lucky enough to encounter them. Indeed, perhaps it was dragon serpentine heritage that eventually undid Akhenaten. Sadly the great leader’s preserved corpse languishes on a marble alter that doubles as his sarcophagus, physically displaced and under Draco management today.

Akhenaten was a hybrid Grey Being

This is odd as the marble alter theme significantly impacted my last article. The topic had been an eerie recurring feature of the live light DNA sessions I had reported on, though I had failed to mention an important session highlight. My client, I judged, was the great Akhenaten from a past life. He, the combination of two mortal enemies, Draco and Lemurian, was now Akhenaten’s living ambassador. If Barak Obama, Osama Bin Laden and Michael Jackson were the product of crude genetic experiments devoted to fusing Akhenaten’s DNA (prepared by the Draco), none managed to deliver any of the great king’s exclusive nobility. Nevertheless, my client (Akhenaten’s spirit) is the most wellborn person I have ever met.

Given the number of “clones” that “may” or “may not” have been created in Akhenaten’s image, there is no reason to prohibit the notion that his spirit and soul might have been shared widely, considering his special perspective on what’s glibly termed “morality”. I suspect my client might be the tip of a cultural iceberg waiting to galvanise humanity. And the Draco should know it by now. Is it the significant reason behind their monitoring of [and, where necessary, influencing] human thought transfers? Wide range scanning has been going on for millennia from their moon bases and other less conspicuous places which would put Akhenaten’s real reign pre-flood (i.e. before 10,583BC). Even so, this style of monitoring is but a glimmer of a dragon’s natural ability. All Draco characteristics are exponentially magnified by dragons. Sephardim may well be obsessed by manufacturing illusory reality, but dragons craft the illusion to such unprecedented standards it becomes inseparable from the material. They have been known to disguise themselves as entire mountains and that is mostly why the ancients found them so damned hard to find.

Contemplating illusory reality, I am reminded of the concern that many have challenged my abilities. Whether critical motives stem from jealous ambition or responsible quandary remains open to debate, but some have unquestionably been “zealously outraged” by the presumption that I might consider myself to be a vague messianic replica of the calibre of mythical Jesus Christ, given that he has been referred to my namesake Hosanna more than once. In response to my faceless opponents, I say one thing. You too can become code masters once you recognise the code. The problem is the code cannot be found in anything tangible, or, rather, reality (per se) exudes an energy that can only be back-traced to the raw essence of existence by those with the knowhow. At the fundamentals, truth doesn’t vary, so ones that achieve nirvana can only be replicated by apprentice masters of comparable status.

Conclusively, perception becomes the great hindrance to truth because interpretation precedes grades of corruption (something the Gnostics quaintly paraphrased as forgetfulness). When spun through endless related networks (like Chinese whispers), over the eons truth degrades so distastefully, it transforms into something barely recognisable: the frail shadow of unadulterated reason and logic. Fraudulent science capitalises on the fact that just about any [version of] truth can be represented (i.e. misrepresented) provided the theory backing it is compelling enough.

“Zeta” Crop Circles beacon to reignite Akhenaten?

I would now like to contemplate that which might, in normal circumstances, defy credible considerations. If there was a means, a “God given” mechanism, to spread a great soul and spirit over considerable numbers of individuals, might the group activation warrant staggered cosmic triggers? Perhaps, but first I need to present a case for why “group activation” is necessary at all, I think. Would not Mini-Akhenatens instinctively band together and bring on some kind of unaided culturally responsible Machiavellian revolution? Sadly no, there are simply too many developmental toxins and distractions to act as inhibitors and pitfalls. Besides, realisation of sufficient basis for enlightenment comes only with time; much time.

The Zeta Grey Beings have produced thousands beyond thousands of miniature enigma codes, each potentially an “Excalibur” in its own right. Once the group has been triggered all parts might be given clarity of vision, enough to instantly, instinctively break every code. I am not thinking along the lines of a holocaust of zombie “Manchurian candidates”, presently dormant, waiting to spring out and devour everything in sight. Just as heroic King Arthur did in their stead, our champions’ zest for discovery will be all that’s needed for the divided asset to commune and conquer. Isn’t the real war between vigilant awareness and sluggish apathy played out as a tryst pitching true science against mass Media “Scripture” (everything fake and hollow and decidedly misrepresentative of authenticity)? The world needs an army of Akhenaten surrogates to covet virtue. Some lone messianic “excuse” to blame on the “failings of mankind” will only empower those that want mankind to fail – the slave masters. I am proud to inform our tyrannical leaders; Atlantis awaits and has never been far away from the consistent heart of human conscience.

After all that, those that feel they can measure up to the intolerable standards set by guardian angels unknown are welcome to offer me the outstretched hand. You can try telepathy, but it would be far easier to write to me (quick2learn.steve@y7mail) outlining reasons why you feel you are ready to become aware of who you are. For the rest, the freeloaders, I hope to set up a recordings channel on YouTube for your reference, so you can live through the sacrifice of others.

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  1. Well, all in all, we just lead a simple life of serving Him in order to help our people evolve through the sharing of understanding, and I’m not sure how all the “knowledge” you share would help us in our task. We are constantly under attack by something of the Alien Mind, be it human magicians, aliens, demonic beings or humans through the thought projection devices, but we do not identify what they are. We simply leave it to God/Man. “Vengeance is mine,” saith the Lord. “I will recompense.” They killed my mentor for the truths he told and it is his books we could share through the e-mail if you wanted to read them. We can send them in PDF files. They helped us get to the Reason of Things and to Delamer Duverus.

    We find it important to be in the here and now, and though we don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past, you are writing about a great many things which have little to do with the world in which we find ourselves.

    Good luck in your endeavors, for many people are possessed, through the sins of their fathers, or through the shut down of the conscience by drugs, both legal and illegal. When our men learn to become responsible for the Speciel Mind, then and only then, will we turn our world around.

    Go with God, Ozzie Thinker.

    Yours in understanding,



  2. Another one that likes to blither with “tales”. Flesh it out with some constructive information, if you have any.

    But the Sephardim never do. They only profess “fake” Pleiadian prophecy. “Now” is forever changing as it is in a state of flux as it always was and it always will be. I recommend you change or, if not, “adapt”, for fantasy will only last as long as it is dispelled, whereas truth is everlasting.

    Toxins are purged by karmic forces aligned with fate. It sounds as though your mentor succumbed to his lateral fate, a sorry outcome for the “beguiled”. Beware, TRUE sources are eternal.

    Be gone with your “generalities”. Dispute any point I make, one by one, in isolation or not at all.

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  3. Excuse me, Mr Gilmore. I follow some of your blog and website posts since i saw you first time on Peter Maxwell youtube channel. They are great, thank you for them, I now wondered at reading this one actually about these,: a sentient kind of energetic light essence interpretes human life as to a moment fractalized from its manifestation compatibility presented here on this parameter of approach as The Ever Living Spirit Now, and when referring to Spirit’s gamma of energetic ever living patterns are we refering to Avatars caracteristics and the many levels of arquetype an avatar might manifest from these vertents of the energetic gamma of its living matrix which becomes the very dimensions and subdimensions verses of existence in the sector of time gradient, or timeless living chambers who could be Nirvana herself in the Continuum as Nirvana and many others could be The Mind Matrixes of Stars and His/Her Domains as the avatars, the planets, the arquetypes and so on? If This consciouss state of experience as being human now could be a dream whithin a dream, could the Minds’ Matrixes roots in our own be the dream of DNA which could represent interactions with many other Minds Matrixes’s Galaxies and Universes, and a Awareness Leveling Ongoing Resolution where a responsible energetic sharing might catalyse the boot process happening as the experience goes on? Is the boot process an ongoing Soul Harvest? Well,Im just wondering here in the comment, thank you Mr Gilmore,


    • Human DNA is very special as it is universally “all encompassing”. In a sense, at different [dimensional] levels we “breathe” using quantum flux. In consequence, our cosmic spirit reflects different sides of who we are. Those sides have the potential vary, depending on the state of mind of the moment. Nevertheless as “dynamic” as humans like to believe they are, energy fields are very reliable signatures for those that have the ability to discern them.

      So to answer the first part. Humans do not come “close” to nirvana. To elaborate why would be like trying to convince a common or garden spaniel puppy that Einstein’s special theory of relativity was valid. Nirvana (if “God” could be viewed that way) decidedly impacts humanity – in their wilful ignorance.

      For the second question, you will find the answers in the roots of “time”, conveniently laid out in my book “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”. If you have not already done so, I recommend you invest in a copy (you can find details in the “about” section). If you have already invested in a copy, then we have problems as you do not comprehend what you read.

      The third question is also covered in my book. I am rather heartened by Pane Androv’s concept of “multiple simultaneous lives”. Expanding and adapting it, rather than suggesting lives are “booted” into existence, I see layers “shed” as the spirit “grows”. The lower layers become unnecessary and are, as such, defunct or obsolete.

      We need to also be clear on terminology. The average human body hosts something of the order of 50,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 souls and one spirit. As far as research permits me to gather, the Zetas (Grey Beings) call the individual spirit “the soul”. Also, the body’s individual ego is preserved as a “shadow” and this is dark and soulful.

      I hope that helps 🙂

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      • You know what I believe, man that Gillian ANderson Scully from X Files Tv show is a grey, really it was showed in the last episode of this celebration season at the end you know they make it believe it was just her dna alien part of the plot but actually I believe they meant sth there with Mulder too 🙂 Also I did not acess your book I will proceed on that right after, and Yes it helped yes Thank You. also, there is this youtube channel video it calls Cluster Kings of The Jovial Dome in the comments they posted pictures of what appears to be a dimensional Totem Being at the time I saw I did not understand as far i do not now i only guess it is a many reptilian draconian whatever face symetry https://www.flickr.com/photos/141349968@N08/sets/72157678643154082, but yes I also gave it a thought about Nirvana being upon our ignorance although there is the genetic factor on that layers above i mean there is implant from atlantis in our etheric body yet crystals that were first used as to calm animals on atlantean time so many of by my bodies now are dusty n still am i having these crystals influences i mean the whole Zeta thing is about that n more possibly i have many memories n experiences specially of them I heard an analogy of putting a pool into a balloon concerning the many souls in one body or the whole spirit in one body kind of stuff, very well remembered and brought this shadow self, dark and soulful was interesting, thank you again


  4. I have no time to review the X-files at the moment, but there are many different “types” of greys, including “human” originated ones. Keep checking the comments as I will review when I have time.

    Your “Nirvana” concept refers to the Anunaki. Check out this article of mine http://exopolitics-archive.wixsite.com/exopolitics/single-post/2016/11/02/Annunaki-Anunaki-and-Anunnaki which should give you additional perspective.

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  5. That mention of the Ciakars revering Pteroids was amazing I was glad i found your book on amazon in kindle format, this way i can afford it doing some hits on mturk, otherwise i would not be able to. I will complete the amount i need and buy it. I have found that article of yours “Annunaki, Anunaki, Anunnaki,” before, googling the keywords cube saturn annunaki if I remember right, it added to my perspectives yes i had first contact with a signifcant description of Nirvana from this God channeling material, I knew about the bird tribes but not to the degree of the Carian Sun, and i dealt with a concept of tricked by the light solar system matrix, besides the moon refered to as soul reclying station, I also even had perceived a possibility of subliminal indications as to Venus being a Soul flytrap, there is this specie of carnivorous plant called Venus I think, but now to differentiate all this from a Nirvana concept is kind of what got me on this fence frequency thought patterns limitation,So I translate some of content of this Being refered himself as a Luminescent God, after listening to some Dan Winter videos I become aware of the Seraphim Oraphim hierarquies, and the Aquatic Bird Tribes, or Sasquatch Nhadertalls Beings as to a possible source of origin of this chanelling, Soul Clusters working on transcedence with all these species etc. Now I just decided to bring the idea that This Ruler of Arcturus Vayu mentioned in Wes Penre papers is the source of the channeling, but still not sure. And along with trying to learn more about this Luminescent concept I find Lucifer energy as one Luminescent too, there is always a perspective of these stories you know, lately this year I started giving a thought or two on the concept of how the perspective of a Soul becomes away from being developed along with this placebos of the never ending perspective concerning what is the origins of this state and specially why they keep saying it is the best of times…I read your article about Ascension and since I heard you saying something about October on that interview I could not forget the mention, I missheard and understood you said October 2016, and then I went in 2016 to check the exactly minute you say about this on that interview, and you say October 2017, and then after a while you post that Ascension article on your blog which added much to what I was wondering about concernign why that date. Now you see, I hd been mislead by agencies and agents specially when dates were the issue, and I read this God’s saying about Skycrapers specially the ones along the coasts falling due to man made earthquakes, and also read his/her sayings of what would happen when we leave all the houses cars watches and clocks behind, The arturians saying about all disfranchised countries of the suture and so on…it is very confusing to point out where in time they are seeing this happening…because at the same time it goes on like Earth will become “Tara” or whatever and it will be paradise etc…and right now we are on this same version of agreed reality and it is all so occult and dense that you through this experience can maybe figure out how far we are from this density reconfiguration or etheric transition I don know, man…pretty tuff at some levels so far here in the lands of Lizar B – Brazil 🙂 Good day to your Mr. Gilmore, thank you again


  6. Unfortunately, it is debatable whether I would receive funds from any purchases via Amazon, but I guess karma is in motion here.

    You provide some useful, thought provoking information. The Canan Sun would explain a lot. “Evolution’s” progressive set point is the bird [design]. What else are flying angels?

    The key date is 16-18th October 2017 as that is when all the star gates close (or access becomes more restricted). The Jews figured the period correctly – 2008-2017. It’s just they never revealed the truth. Interestingly, Brazil has many temporal “hot spots”. You should go discover. There’s even a short circuit to the moon.

    Happy hunting!

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    • The very Idea of the Carian Sun i developed from this video “The Carian Carousel” from that channel i mentioned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hpQ9VGJYfo

      Interesting, there is this movie from 1985 (year i was born) called Brazil with Robert D Niro and so on where in short after the main caracter (Sam) pass through many situations including being helped by angels, chased by the nazis etc he finally finds himself running away with blonde of his dreams in a opened green field country landscape to find out he still sit on chair in a room in the moon surrounded by nazis…here it is one of the covers: https://cdn.thinglink.me/api/image/413515828193918976/1240/10/scaletowidth

      They portrait Nazis on the moon on that movie “Falling Sky” and on this site http://www.conscioushugs.com/ the author gives many perspectives on the Annunaki too and in one of his papers he says the Moon is actually what they refer to as Nibiru…

      Thank you, Mr. Gilmore


      • The word “Carian” has an ancient avian connotation for me, as illogical as that might seem. I can’t precisely pinpoint where the connotation originates. I can tell you that our “sun” generates black light and up to about 200 million years ago we had two suns (the other one that died perhaps explains Van Allen’s radiation belts). Without our atmosphere (which is chemically “tweaked”) we could not see our sun’s light….or I think that’s the case (unless they have done something to our brains to alter the way we perceive).

        Whichever the “cause”, the light is not good and is causing problems with our “evolution”. Fortunately the inner Earth source (true light) goes some way to remedy this interference.

        As for the moon, it is a giant scan/blocking station – a satellite of sorts. The “light” it generates is its own. And no, it is not Nibiru, but the author is thinking on the right lines because Nibiru is Venus which is/was the Anunaki’s (one “N”) last bastion. Venus is going through some developmental problems right now and I wonder if she has been contaminated by us!

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  7. But, Dan Winter mentions the “Heart of the Sun” or Gates of Anu as the passing gradutation degree from the Solar System..He says that by generating more plasma through higiene bliss, kundalini kind of stuff you could transit conciouss and many other details on that , he also goes on with that a Solar Storm could affect us all specially the blueblood beings, and that would be the genetic codification implanted in DNA requested by the Goddess sister of Enlil done by a race of beings called Karistus from Jupiter, but listenign the same tale from him after he changes the names concernign Enki and ENlil, and this story of the solar flare is promulgated by other “agencies” and “materials” as well so maybe it is this timeline constant change stuff I don know…Im just being honest concerning the origins of my mentions and concepts and sharing the sources here…there is this black bird here in Brazil, he is very similar to a Crow a called Anu… 🙂


  8. We have to be careful here. Anu was a Sitchin “concept” and possibly “disinformation”. That said, without doubt the “Draco” draws on the energy qualities of black light Though the Draco technically comprises reptilian and mammalian types a number of other entities (including the Avians) come under that banner. Black light were the parts of “the Creator” that were left behind when white light factions created their astral heavens (per Sophia’s or “wisdom’s” plan).

    As I have pointed out before Enlil effectively refers to the GROUP gene pool, whereas Enki refers to “individual traits”. Ancient texts are crouched in metaphor and should be read discerningly. I hope Dan Winter is not another of those “fools” that believe they have the right to transcribe metaphor as their idyllic fictional reality. Then again, the “Goddess sister” could compelling represent some or other sub-group trait.

    Sixto Paz Wells “guides” from the Jupiter moon, Ganymede, are Lemurians. It seems likely the Karistus are Lemurians too given their role as protectorate rulers here under the Anunaki (particularly after the disastrous experiment with the Sirian Peiadians ended in catastrophe). We are material, carbon beings. We are badly influenced by black (solid) light.

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    • I kept thinking about the black light to find scoprions and our human spinal skeleton ressemblance with the body of scorpion and also our skull being similar to a beetle back upper body format so there we go on the Venus contamination 🙂 our cities actually ressamblance much of a insect colony like a termite house or sth Dan WInter is all right I very much appreciate all people who provided any kind of perspective even if it was mislead piece of the puzzle on this lifetime, and the ones who contributted other ways too, although yes it is his reality and I just take what you know make us go to quote those fat dumb races of beings met by the enterprise next generation once 🙂 i have memories vey distant ones from a evet where the landscape was/were a kind of holographic sensation of a city very nice open park area and there was a feeling of people getting sick by some kind of crisis although it was still very nice experience when then i perceive what would be the skies and a huge crack like a dimensional thunder shaped vortex appears and a sensation of heaviness and the perspective being put into a lower like even if my body was becoming denser and smaller and i could not take stading so thats ones of many memories experiences i still remember…I love to be able to share and mostly learn a lot from here and those and there you know 🙂 i had a supporting idea that these names represented kind like a Cluster more than just individual although there is individual uniqueness in groups names letters sounds too i like to think 🙂


    • Yesterday I asked a 17 or sth high scholl girl in the bus about her highscool name uniform “intelectus” hei do you knwo the function of the intelectw and she goes no and I say ah there is sth related to ego and traits of the personality and she goes ah cool 🙂 well…i thought about saying in the end of a 40 mins bus drive in silence nest to her that no it is not cool but i just kept in silence 🙂


  9. Black light is merely a symptom of the “material” plane. Everything that is solid, exists is made of black light and that is why the Illuminati free masons make so much fuss over their “black sun”, even though they are wrong; entirely wrong about it. Intelectus appears to be a spelling derivative of Latin “intellectus”, which means “understanding” (or comprehension). It pertains to discernment, an ingredient mostly lost to modern day humans.


    • Youre using psychology terms i guess my thinking is originated somewhere else and it is more related to that line of thought here FUNCTION OF THE INTELLECT AND THE MIND https://www.narach.com/philosophy/function_of_the_intellect_and_the_mind.htm
      Also there is a bird called canario here in Brazil and and i do not know how far that goes to Canarian Islands name but definately is related to bird, also Uru wa sthe sector of a planet in the Pleiadeas where was the place Dan WInter says this fear of women started in the gene due to some of males there rebelled agaist females and so on but enough with that oh yes The Oil Sentient even showed in X Files is beyond a living programm as in star trek episodes, it is part in my opinion and even related to teh Ogdoad Creators, those eight entities from the Higher Self Path Incarnation Ifind this website mch of value too http://www.theakan.com/Differences_bn_Higher_Self_path_Nature_Spirit_path.html


  10. Eric Dollar mention the black spots in the Sun as being its interior And if a planet is a star and vice versa there you go with black light right, but if it is rigged now as to covering the real light source behind etc we the “black star” matrix too, and talking about Octopus entities as portarit a lot by these Russian websites Tamtainnimira which are now almost out of the web or restricted to acess for whatever reason. THey mentioned in one of their post that movie Arrival, and actually there are even references of the Von sth Manuscrypt and many pictures of these Summer aliens and their octopus crafts , and that they were becoming uncloaked and SIberia containing Gods underground space weapons stuff and so on, that Tunkuska event actually very connected to that, although many think or described it was an asteroid or a scpaceship explosion aso they used to say there were actually three fo these Suns over there so wow what si truth right?


  11. Ah Yes, i forgot to add on that,, Urubu is the black vulture name in Portuguese so there you go with that Uru origin name 🙂 peace out Mr Gilmore


  12. “Until people can come to terms with telling the difference between intellect and Soul, their personal evolution can be severely hindered. In time, simple visualization can work so that you can perform this even in a crowded public place. Those who have problems with this technique will need to relax and keep repeating this until it works. Those who have the problems are generally those who have been listening to their intellect too long.
    Special Notice:
    You cannot use this Soul Voice technique successfully if your mind remains within the intellectual mode of “thought processing.” If you have a background of studying/working in medicine, science, reiki, psychology, mathematics, logistics and so forth, or if you are cynical about what you do not understand “logically,” you may encounter problems as your intellect struggles to allow Soul Voice to “temporarily in most of these instances,” replace the “learned response/condition.” You will need to clear your mind of any thoughts other than the issues you wish to clarify from the “non-tangible realm.”
    “Intellectual” people are the ones who most experience difficulties with this type of “clearing.” It is more difficult for them to learn to “blank” their minds than it is for other people. It is unfortunate, but it is what it is. Occasionally people who have studied “esoteric” teachings can encounter a “mind block” simply because this method of Soul Voice is so simple to activate. People have a tendency to feel that lessons must be complicated in order to be understood and “tangible.” http://awakenedhearts.com/category/14soul-matrix/


  13. There is a lot here.

    There are rumours that when the Earth becomes “Tara”, that our sun will transition into a much larger “rainbow coloured” planet. If you research the Fatima Miracle of 1917, that effect was allegedly seem by numbers of people in Portugal. In fact the Earth is Tara and Gaia simultaneously. Was it to change, it would be the response of perception – a necessary symptom of the ascension.

    I am aware of the dark patches and the alleged time is “switched itself off”, but I maintain that still leverages perception and means nothing (other than possible “cracks” in perception programming). Actually, rather more interesting are the numerous spaceships that have visited the sun while it doubles as a “star gate”. In a few months it will be deactivated.

    Octopi are not “crafts”. They are a form of manifest being. The Octopus is the Aununaki’s preferred form. I think the legends refer to some kind of manifestations of Ba’al (a GROUP of entities). Because they are made of energy (and can use it INTELLIGENTLY), they have the potential to be extremely dangerous.

    The Voynich manuscript is a politically incorrect volume that harks back to a time when “thinkers” thought differently.

    The last comment vents confusion. In fact it refers to the “shadow” (which most confuse as the “soul”). This is a print of the ego once the body is no longer needs. I have already revealed how the word “intellect” has been twisted into cultural subservience in the modern day.

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    • I have bought your book, it is in my kindle library to be read, so do you really think it is in October, the shit hits the fan, well many say they see these changes coming, i cannot get an out of body experience as i had when a child any longer at all, so what are chances to survive and transit my awareness well is depeding on Earth Star Planet as well I mean check this material now she calls Mariela Rodrigues she is this Spanish woman lives in argentina her website is marielalero.com she fisrt appears as a walk-in from Orion then she goes on like years of material online and many days on seminars and some videos too in short she goes like this is someplace in the 1st or 2nd Universe, light humans beings as she refers to are from the 3rd beyond till the 8th which now emanates this luminica energy which reconfigurates or updates kind of stuff all these layers of existence and all these aliens here with their matrixes and empires would have to study this energy in order for them to better use it and adpat their matrixes to such degrees of compatibity sth etc and we are actually energy beings from these other universes kept in chambers by these aliens on this cybernetic city matrix movie like idea which nows projects our consciousness into this planets but the real planet Earth was destroyed by these wars, and this concept Soul is an alien implant that goes on with all program which we call life here this experience well as many other materials it is there for you to take what best interest you for some reason these ideas are interesting now you see, She says there is this pyramidal hologram inside another hologram cubed hologram and many points of enter in the time grid gates and there is this federation decisions now upon our destiny as stuff well basiclly my point in mention is she says they are deciding sth concerning these situations and August would be a decision point in the hologram and there are these ideas and stuff…but now man i say you see there have been many exactly same mentions in the same months actually all these last years, it is all the same this to happen early second semester of the year and then we have another Xmas and nothing new under the Sun..but hei Im for it some ascension ride man i hope there aint gonna be a war you know thats not my best dream also the purple sun of Saturn is a subejct that comes to my mind specially seeing that picture you followed on the article like this story about The Sun and Saturn and how life actualy changes concernig Star light Colouration right? thank you, Mr Gilmore


  14. Many review “top down” spiritual philosophy which has become a de facto “etched propaganda”. The key to existence (as you will discover when you read my book) is in the QUANTUM layer and everything very small. I call atoms “God’s pores”.

    As for the significance of “October 2017”, it is the beginning of a process that is transitioning to 2084 (REAL “end” of the Mayan calendar). It is interesting that 1984 was Orwell’s infamous book announcing totalitarian Global control under Israel (“Zionism”) and that was one of the significant “time glitches” from the consequence of the so-called “Philadelphia Experiment”.

    Happy reading!

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  15. Im reading it, and Im enjoying so far specially the part about “joins” in timelines and the explanation about Gaia etheric version being The Sun already, and all that. Im sorry for so many comments, but this one I had to share, it hppened in broad day light of the calendar we agreed upon. It intrigues me now because it is so related to what is being talked here that i wonder the reason of it, this event cannot be questioned in the same paremeters as the dreams in astral. I remember it was October 2013 because I had a motorcycle accident, two female horses at night (nightmares) entered on my way on a dirty road, I had damage my left knee on it, and after some weeks injured, I could walk again , and I head to the city of my aunt in the state of Mato Grosso here, I went to the neighbor town to buy the bus tickets, and on that day which I do not remember what day of the month was but it was during the week on a Monday while I was going to the airport of that city to check if the airines tickets were affordable the mototaxista (motorcycle taxi rider) and I entered in a conversation about the times and the weather routine matri content and at that time I was reading this Drunvalo Melchizedeck book Oroborus, and I was mentioning to the guy sth about solar flares when the guy tell me, “did you see the Sun today? Sth happened with the Sun this morning,” I said no I did not actually, and he tell me that many people specially at downtown had seen, felt, filmed and perceived a intense burst form the Sun at 11am-12pm hour … After i went back to downtown from the airport to wait in a cheap hotel for the bus hour which would be at 12am I went to buy a celular chip on this downtown full of shops etc, and I asked the saleswoman in a paper school material etc shop if she had seen this thing with the Sun and she said yes, and her coworker showed me a picture of the Sun she took while many people were witnessing it outside the shops etc… and at the same time it became kind darker in the middle she said and showed a pic on her mobile,when I arrived at the hotel room i went to facebook to mention and ask a friend of mine from Rio de Janeiro if she had seen anything like it…she had not… And that has never been mentioned by any news as far as I checked never EVER again! I have never heard, seen, listen to anything about that day and witnesses anymore. It was so crazy that it seemed like that has happened only on my timeframe existential sphere you know. but no, man…it happened in the city of São Jose do Rio Preto state of Sao Paulo late October 2013! At previous comment i mention you about agents etc right, well…I remember both George Kavassilas, and Alex colier had stated before 2013 that the third dimension would be not existing from that year ahead…I remember those times very well after all that deception from 2012 and stuff…well..i went to the city of aunt , stayed there for a week or so, and head to city of Cuzco, region of Pisac Peru where I visited a Hare Krishna Comunit on a valley next to the mountains…it was what it was…it did happened…I remember…And interestingly enough as I do talk to much of these, I remember this event just last night while I was reading your book, and re-check somethings in the comments made here…I said, man…that really happened around October…wow awe moment you know, so that the reason I had to share, thank you Mr. Gilmore


  16. They actually did not mentioned the city on tis video , but it is the same date I oculd not see cached what appears to me in the results “15 Out 2013 – 1 min. Fenômeno que cria um arco-íris ao redor do sol chama atenção no interior de SP. Os moradores de São José do Rio Preto foram …” I was aware about Pleiadean timeline stuff, as to “Feito Mandela” but that is way beyond chocolate brands names changing 🙂


  17. Oh yes, I can see now , Mainstream mentioned as a Solar Halo…”Os moradores de São José do Rio Preto foram surpreendidos por um fenômeno chamado Hallo Solar, que acontece quando as nuvens mais altas são formadas por cristais de gelo. O raio solar atravessa os cristais e reflete as cores como um prisma.”


  18. Oh yes they do mention in the descrition of the video, I can see now , Mainstream mentioned as a Solar Halo…”Os moradores de São José do Rio Preto foram surpreendidos por um fenômeno chamado Hallo Solar, que acontece quando as nuvens mais altas são formadas por cristais de gelo. O raio solar atravessa os cristais e reflete as cores como um prisma.”


  19. That pic on the post of ascension article looks like Operation Dominic…Maybe hey have intervened in all these episodes you know…


  20. Be careful with George Kavassilas and Alex Collier. Anyone that maintains “relative” popularity is either “triggered” by those that deceive or an “establishment front”. God help us if I ever become “famous” 😉

    Even in Portuguese the establishment explains things in their terms. To drill down and find the truth, you need a different avenue. Think about the statement I made in my book (words to the effect); everything is flat packed nothing.

    Since, I have concluded “God” (per se) is “nothing plus” and must be located in the region “science” calls “sub-space”. Hyper-space is the potential for all dimensions.

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  22. I’m normally a silent reader but when the the guy in this video just said that the Earth had two moons and then showed a photo of it taken from our current moon I just lost it. And it’s not just that! Cheers!


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