Does the Draconians’ False (Light) Matrix Leverage off the Ancient Atlantis Tamarian?

Does the Draconians’ False (Light) Matrix Leverage off the Ancient Atlantis Tamarian?

Doubtlessly many visitors here are now aware that I conduct live “light DNA” sessions via Skype. These are dedicated to pinpointing deep historic, likely extra-terrestrial origins of those that seek my advice. Established clients connect using a variety of mediums other than Skype. Some liaise with me regularly; others less frequently. One client in particular has presented many dream sequences (for me to decode). Responses are part of the continuous improvement effort and are not a feature of paid consultancy. She (the client) is invariably taken aback (and perhaps sometimes a little disappointed) by my interpretations. That is because prognoses are always pragmatic and down to Earth, as they should be. Needless to say, the causal effect rather underwhelms exquisite Sephardic (invariably dream influencing culprits) cultural fantasy that commonly obsessively overstates medieval traditions, complete with wizards, dragons, shining knights, maidens in distress and other lesser known trappings of that bygone era. Even so I am occasionally delivered news items so critical, it would be remiss of me not to expand the discovery tour with vigour and dedication for my universal audience.

One such titbit was received near the throes of completion of my last expansive writing project, or I thought it was complete at the time. The information was in fact so potent; it not only radically changed the structure of what I had planned to deliver prior (adding three extra weeks to the production cycle), but became the inspiration for this article too. It is fortunate that my interpretive skills are usually impeccable; because invariably messages from the other side are so distorted, either through general cultural incompatibility or a lack of empathetic resonance (I will discuss “empathy” separately later), that lesser mortals might sanely classify findings as “gobbledegook”. Perhaps my sources of feedback are unique to me, perhaps they are everywhere. All I can say is, I have some way (that I honestly cannot fathom) of interpreting “time” in raw state. Data, as served, is (how can I describe this?) “fixed” and, thus, extraordinarily hard to negotiate within the faculties of standardised perception. In effect, my route takes me to “the summary” of “everything”. That’s past, present and future combined as an unwieldy clump. This light vacuum (clump) is called many things, but I prefer to use the term “inherence” in cordial discussions. It could be said that it is there but not there at the same time.

My client (that delivered the message) understood she had been given her sensational truth by “Pleiadians”. This is remotely important and I will elaborate on reasons at the correct juncture. As presented, her terminology did not make any contextual sense to me or, at least, I instinctively felt that was the case then. The word she offered me was “tamaras”. Any keen eye will observe the tell-tale Anunaki “S” gives away a likely Sephardic signature rather than denoting the “plural” form or some other exotic declension. Upon first glance it seems like the vaguely recognisable (though unknown to humans) Atlantis motto tamarian. Dissimilar to English, all syllables or parts that build Atlantis words mean something individually. Group values are expansions or contextual extensions of individual meanings. If I take the English word “mailing” as the example, it can be broken in two to reveal a “verb stem” mail complimenting the “suffix” ing. Beyond telling the receiver what type of verb is being used, “ing” has no individual meaning. Thus, there are no conceptual similarities in Atlantean grammar because if “ing” was present it would need to individually mean something.

Tamaras can be broken into ta-ma-ra-s and each part naturally refers to something. My client’s interpretation of correct translation is vague, so I must return to the drawing board and approach the determination to comprehend as a detective hunts for clues from unknown “sources” to piece together a formal picture of evidential truth. My limited knowledge of ancient scripts (such as Sanskrit) is enough to glean sibylic meanings might vary so greatly, depending on how they were pronounced, a cornucopia of possibilities might thwart my efforts. Nevertheless, the honest sleuth would be able to configure an appropriate logical connection between all pieces of grouped words (such as tamaras) even from a haystack of options. “Ta” [in this instance] would need to contextually “fit” with all the other parts of tamaras to be the correct translation version of the varied possibilities.

My last writing project made a cameo out of a hypothetical Pharisee engineered plot implicating the utopian objective of controlling humanity under the banner of “Zionism”. Some symmetry may be gleaned from Sirian articulation of “justice”, so there will likely be several crossovers here. Indeed, the biblical “tower of Babel” metaphor amply demonstrates the whims of those that devote themselves to developing the interests of Zionism. Sirians at least gave the unclean “options”. Though banishment from the citadel was to precede a harsh life in the wilderness for years on end, it was better than the “living death” offered today. Our Sirian-reptilian partnership has proven to be a dangerous one. It brought down Atlantis so who would dare think otherwise? The modern “living death” condition was highlighted in my last article. Its powerful message should be contemplated deeply (it is that which is “between the lines” that shines):

“Unlike hypotheticals monstrously resurrected to become living satires by our kangaroo courts, I make no prejudgement here”

Societies have evolved into an epitome of preconceptions under synthetic regulations. To judge “on merit” is to honour. Unconditional prejudgement is a symptom of frivolous cowardice. Those devoid of any integrity choose this path. If presumptions are to be made, they must be done with fair basis to be of honourable intent, for perpetual reasoned logic blazes the avenues leading towards righteousness. Therefore we have to take care we are able to isolate preconceptions. Interpretive issues, particularly when overzealously trying to stress desired results, can easily escalate into the manufacture of falsehoods. It should be duly noted that old “basis” can and will distort new balance sheets. For instance, prior to even thinking of how to address this article, I had in mind the bare faced assumption that the Draco had somehow “defiled” that which is possibly the greatest of all ancient Atlantis legacies.  As the Draco is generally given a very negative press (something I will muse over later), it is understandable that I might occasionally (albeit inadvertently) lose grip of sound intellectual discipline. I initially erred but, given my foolish subservience to popular distortion, what’s particularly annoying in this case is the answer was right under my very nose if I had bothered to inspect the detail carefully right at the start.

I had not merely been offered a solitary bland Atlantis motto, but two very different scintillating connotations that begged for my dedicated interpretation.  After applying myself, the result was better than I could have possibly dreamt of in my wildest imagination. I had been presented the cause of all wars. “Tamaras” and “tamarian” may well look similar, but conceptual meanings are so radically different they are almost opposites. For comprehension, we must first evaluate the true relevance of the pioneering work of the great Pharaoh Akhenaten. Naturally, the real legacy of Akhenaten is so important that past evil forces have obscured anything of note from view. Censored fragments have been constructed in such a way as to distort original messages into irrelevance. Only those with access to the Akashic Records might discern fact from hapless fiction. One unlikely truth has stood the test of time though.

To the Pharisees’ dismay, historians’ consensus often favours Akhenaten’s invention of a uniform omnipresent God. Evidence of that discovery can be found in all common religious philosophies concerning the “oneness of existence”. But die-hard Pharisees still bluster ignorantly about the power of their YHWH creature (and its “unlikely” Greek etymology). The great Pharaoh knew the truth and the truth delivered us (phonetically) A-mon (although English prayer verses traditionally end A-men). Conceptually preceding Atlantis folklore “An” (A- being shorthand) has always represented the “shell” of the Almighty God. Remarkably, Babylonian annals (that roughly compare with the Jewish holy Talmud or divinely inspired oral record) are called “mo’ed”. With respect to “mo’s” positioning within “A-n”, I determine that Akhenaten (who may have lived in a much more distant past era than makes for popular conjecture) was referring to manifest spiritually as accorded by holy prosperity. The metaphor (Amon) reads something like this.

Break open the shell and you will find true divinity

Amon may have been the envy of contemporary elites seeking enlightenment, but this would have meant nothing to ordinary folks alien to intellectual passion. They needed spirit only as this is always enough to ensure the following of precise orders (doctrines) “from above”. When divine arbiters turn out in reality to be selfishly corrupt politicians, then all sorts of malfeasance can result. Even so, prosperity informs us the spirit that partners with Amon is normally called “Re” (which is an improper transliteration). Instead, it should be inscribed as “Ri” and pronounced in the same way “ray” (i.e. ray of light) is expressed in English. It highlights an essential fact. The downfall and subsequent murder of Akhenaten (whose missing body is still held by the Draco “in stasis”) coincided with a raging philosophical battle between worshippers of Amon-Ri and “Ra” (prominent sun God) occultists. Babylonian sun-worship was later rebranded Sol Invictus by the Romans sympathetic to pharisaic causes. Unsurprisingly it is the inspiration behind the Illimunati splinter aptly termed “Babylonian Brotherhood” (to which ex American President George W Bush is allegedly a recruit).

Sol Invictus (under Constantine) would assume the basis for cultural interpretation of Christianity in its final rebrand as Catholicism, so (obscured) sun-worship impacts the lives of a significant percentage of modern day populaces. In order to elevate his cult, Constantine purged all Gnostic texts that obstructed his mission. Original Druid mystery schools have been rendered obsolete (although some of that deep knowledge can be found in sections of the Jewish Kabbalah). The heinous tradition of censorship has not ceased. Dead Sea Scrolls and other significant parchments have been vetted as to not ruffle status-quo (in my opinion). Even so, a clear move away from materialistic values makes the Nag Hamadi texts essential reading. Whereas the rather obvious attempts to censor purity makes evidence against the uniform Pharisees’ cause seem “vague”, tenets of truth are impossible to blemish (ultimately availing the dedicated and allowing universal purpose to shine). Logos has not been promoted in vain and those with determination and presence of mind will find their Holy Grail.

It is no irony that the distinctive essential difference between tamaras and tamarian is found in the conflict remonstrating pedestrian belief in overt (physical) “Ra” which is opposed to the comparatively unpopular sympathetic demystification of covert (metaphysical) “Ri”. To fully appreciate how things came to be as they were in Atlantis times and as they are now, precise understanding of how the cosmos “works” is a prerequisite. Indeed, the great tyranny administered by superficial leaders ever since the fall of Atlantis is deliberately in place to confuse the masses as to what the true, purposeful properties of the heavens and underlying existences are. There is no better example to be found to signify how prominent roles were “forgotten” than by valid conceptualisation of critical philosophic differences between “Ra” and “Ri” even though some (given their programing by forces of evil) might correctly (from the empirical standpoint) argue each is “the same thing”. Others approaching the question with sensitivity would more precisely determine that “Ra” is a spiritual abomination because any perceived consolidation with divine “Ri” simply is not true. Is the sauce bottle edible? Ra has always been the device that delivers (i.e. “the deliverer”) Ri.

How am I to signify the momentous contextual differences between Ra and Ri “in laymen’s terms” in a fashion that might be appreciated universally?

The best way to start I think is to reference my last article again. That discussed various adjustments that both separated and coordinated body and mind. Here it might be observed that Ra represents the “body” of God, whereas Ri acts as divine “mind”. In that capacity, our sun (which is possibly a transplant several times removed) assumes Ra’s structured identity. Seasoned researchers should already be aware stars are not arbitrary (and otherwise useless) “inanimate objects” that happen to light our skies (in the atheistic sense). In cosmic terms, each star is a living entity no matter what the perceived status. Things actually become slightly more complicated when comprehension is tested to the limit, because each enormous orb can reproductively expand to form giant “family” networks that cover what might seem impossibly large catchment areas. Every network becomes and is an “entity” in its own right. Some networks are able to group together (assimilation and not “survival” is the fundamental principle of universal existence) and these galaxies can literally accommodate thousands of stars.

As I outline in my book The Beauty of Existence Decoded, stars fulfil the need to grow and (therefore) reproduce like any other entity.   The method they use is sadly conventional and closely copies our fungi spooring processes (or is that the other way round?). Therefore it could be said an individual sun is the equivalent of a “cell” or even a “particle” that collaborates with others to collectivise in order to become a functional body. Therefore, to call any individual cell (i.e. Ra) “the body” is nothing short of dishonesty. Capping off occultist distortion of values, in Ra’s case the roles and purposes of heavenly bodies have been so overlooked (or, rather, grotesquely twisted to suit interests of religious miscreants), they are virtually conceptually unknown. I find it ironic that the supposedly faithful have no effective parameters to refer to that will quench any thirst for raw spirituality.

Similar to the pyramidal hierarchy that is the human body, the divine mind needs a physical asset “to be” (and express itself – true “causality”). When Ra is presumed to “control” material functionality, truth has been turned inside out. The body is nothing more than a very useful vehicle. Thus Ra (in the context of sun worship) is actually evidence of the denial of mind’s role (an atypical symptom of rationalistic atheist materialism) in cognitive performance. This and other mysterious effects are the metaphysical property of spiritual domains. Consequentially, everything that thinks has a conscience-of-sorts. The mind is not illusory steam. Indeed, the reverse is so for after brain service ceases, the mind carries on. Conscious being is eternal whereas the body and all its parts are a semblance tuned to a specific dimensional paradigm.

It needs no great detective to deduce the Ra concept is something the Pharisees would greatly appreciate. Did not Moses begin the conquest to undermine God’s spirituality when he issued the original “commandments”? In addition to their bias towards stockholders, all ten either encourage denial of truth or open deceit. His “God” seems to expect compliance in the same way medieval torturers “validated” confessions. Though it has not been historically confirmed (largely due to that grand legacy of misinformation), it would not surprise me if it turned out that, prior to the formulation of Judaism, the Pharisees were the original usurpers directly after the fall of Atlantis. Were these the “Hyksos” (reinvented as Babylonian dynasts in the “official” historic account) or some other version attached to the Varangian Guard? Incorporating Akhenaten’s “universal God” into their folklore was more than theft. The Jewish YHWH judgemental aberration is devoid of conscience. It is pitched as the ultimate authority for authority’s sake. The “cause” has promoted doctrines that are as childish and spiteful as they are desperately unfair. No wonder man, according to religious texts, appears so much more eloquent and morally just than the remotely holy.

Jealous, selfish man would not exceed expectation was he to be classed as a spiritual imp. Yet he dares to dictate to God?

The Pharisees ignore and deny the essence of God. All manners of evidence to the effect can be sought in our material sciences, nominal religious dogmas and the endless commercial-political conspiracy designated to prepare slaves. Ri is the glue that binds existence, but spirituality also inhibits the Pharisee’s cause. Nevertheless, comprehension of the censored astral is critically important if the Atlantis tamarian concept is to be appreciated. There is no representation for spiritual glue in the word “tamaras” and for good reason. On face value tamaras is the product of manipulators that desire to use the shell (Ra) as their icon for control. It goes without saying that the tamaras must fashionably double as that which is colloquially known as the “False [light] Matrix”. Albeit the former signifies philosophic intent and the latter refers to proto-physical infrastructures, they are the same. In relation to the tamarian however, all concepts leverage off the same basic identify framework in different ways.

Fortunate for us Atlantis expressions “evolve” and we can clearly see tamaras and tamarian have shared components. Therefore once we are able to decode all syllables as individual standalone words, we will be in a stronger position to impress plausible grouped meanings that contextually rely on all parts. This quest needs some vital background before we embark. For instance, our contemporary sciences’ impotence regarding cosmic matters will reflect poorly on findings (i.e. findings will likely contradict or defy mainstream opinion). Scientists’ errors are so widespread that everything particularly very small or very big is disaffected. The removal of Stephen Hawkins will change nothing. In my protest, I see no purpose in attempting to benchmark findings under error to be “politically correct”, so I rightly ignore whimsical physicists. Atoms, I reveal in The Beauty of Existence Decoded, are universal catalysers. In that capacity, all the components of dimensional frequency configurations are simultaneously generated within “time windows”. No quantum theory has come close to unravelling the “mystery” behind the truth beyond string and superstring “anticipations”.

This must be appreciated before broaching the discovery tour as the tamaras and the tamarian equally leverage off the quantum layer; which is (contrary to mainstream physics opinion) an infinite ultra-manifest mesh that does much more than merely completing existence. All atoms must be suitably matched to connect which, by that determination, excludes “nothing”. There is an illusory void which satisfies the requirement to punctuate the dynamics of electro-magnetism but true “nothingness” is not part of existence and that is why neither tamaras nor tamarian make mention of it. The quest to decode terms has not been straightforward by any means. My reticence to benchmark findings against flawed, bloviating sciences also removes consistency, so I have to be careful. Terms have proved impossible to compare against anything that categorically justifies their correctness. Even so intuitive faith will provide logos when administered sincerely.

The legacy that was the Atlantis language has been completely lost (or perhaps violated) and this is why historians “question” the very existence of associated ancient civilisations. Was it not for Plato, I wonder if anyone would bother even to hunt for mythical lands. Thus all I can confirm (from inherent truth sources) is the peoples of Atlantis used numerous scripts (as is the way today) because they originated from different locations and cultures. However meanings were congruous because only one language free of dialects was synthesised by the numerable occasioned alphabets, so oral “Chinese” could be understood by English and Ethiopians alike. Scripts represented the sole common language. It was only after the fall of Atlantis that cultural divergence led to the erosion of prior common word meanings and scripts became contextual languages in their own right. This breakdown is “celebrated” by the Pharisees under auspices of the “Tower of Babel” account in the Bible. Their unsung great coup was to manufacture universal ignorance amongst men with the view to ultimately groom “world leaders” in their image.

Earthly sources have fortunately (and perhaps a little fortuitously) shed some light on our conundrum (i.e. how to decode two unknown and erstwhile obsolete Atlantis concepts?). Unbeknownst to common ancestors, many modern day languages with deep historic origins still maintain a little of the magnificence of the former great civilisation. Logic persuaded that answers would be found in Sanskrit, yet fate had other plans for me. By a strange coincidence, the syllables I needed to translate were remarkably alive and well. Everyday notations of missing parts were present in Maori tribal scripts. Cultural meanings only needed to be slightly adjusted to bring clarity to the discovery quest. Perhaps this New Zealand coincidence is not as startling as might be first considered. The Maoris were the only nationals that effectively stood up against the tyranny of [British] Imperialists. That legacy is fearsomely coveted by modern populations as it should be.

There were no isolated syllable “stand alone” meanings to be found. By example, tapu (ta-pu) is a sacred ceremonial dagger. “Ta” to my frustration always seemed to be connected to other components (such as “pu” in tapu’s case). I feel sure that Sanskrit might reveal unembellished values for all syllables, but I have no more than a quaint appreciation of the language. Even so, there is a good broad base to work from and I have also collected some obvious “foundation stones”. We have already reviewed “Ra” and “Ri” at some length. “An” (almighty God) is another. Explanations need to work “individually” and within “group formats”. Therefore “Ta” in likely correct context would mean “sacred”. “Ma” similarly converts to “life force”. Emphasised earlier, “S” implies the wave or flowing current of existence (sometimes metaphorically expressed as “oceans of space”). It further marks the divide of Yin Yang. According to Robert Morning Sky, ‘S” was the most ancient representation of what I regularly term “Anunaki”.

It is interesting that the Hebrews (under the Pharisees) dropped traditional “An”, replacing it with the abomination YHWH. Understandably (given the Pharisees’ puppet status below the Sephardim) An is also missing from “tamaras” and this should be enough to propose a definite link between Ra occultists, the Pharisees “laid bare” and those reptilian master planners that cautiously offered my student “advice” correlating with the theme of this essay. Pharisees’ (or “those who censor truth”) blasphemy doctrine attempts to abolish (or, at best, deny) manifest spirituality (“Ri”). YHWH is painted as a mortally biased, divisively unfair despot, because so are they too. In adjunct to their distortion of order, nature’s cycles are deemed to precipitate plausibly measurable patterns or, to put it a better way, cycles must conform to man’s mathematical calculations defining “responsible thresholds”. When this is not so, religious malfeasants sympathetic to the Pharisees’ utopian cause determine God (i.e. nature is merely an “extension” of Ra’s body) has been “infected by forces of evil” (because God himself “cannot err”).

Why does the fact Sun worshipers revelling in the cycle of life followed dreadful (pointless) superstitions (such as blood sacrifices) when cycles appeared to “break” shock? A Catholic Priest can still conduct an “exorcism” today. How is that any different? We may well currently have an atheist-materialist “globalism” culture superimposed over everything else, but modern day Pharisees are identical (in character) to prominent historic memories of them. Times have changed yes, but attitudes are still as rotten as ever. The Sephardim (guides to my student) love to lever ignorance particularly when encapsulated by “rationalism” (i.e. error or “babble” is formularised as proto “truth”). Superstitions, peculiarly potent in this current stale faux science state of apathy, make absolutely brilliant decoys to parasite off. The best ones to manipulate are those that “believe” they know it all. Widely publicised, I agree that the balance of “life energy” is very important to our invisible overseers, but I do not necessarily concur with popular prognoses for motive.

For instance, the psychotic imposition of “paedophilia” as the root of all evil is an obvious reptilian measure against humanity. It is a psy-op that leverages off the guilt and greed of motherhood. They want to cultivate an impotent youth. That’s their motive. Mothers desire unrequited power, so the psy-op is a brilliant manoeuvre and a “win/win”. To cap it off reptilians have been able to cultivate harmless, moronic human slave populations that are so whimsically spineless they support their tyrannous leaders austere agenda with open arms. Down trodden young are the easiest to influence. Once traditions are set, they are almost impossible to shake. George Orwell remarked on how quickly intellectuals were ready to fall under McCarthy’s fake communism “threat” (one of many successful attempts made to prohibit reason). Nothing has changed. In fact the state of deceit has soured to such a degree that scientists and other so-called “professionals” leave their ethics and integrity at the work gate. Reptilian will to win (“survival”) has sacrificed dignity.

The covert conflict between tamaras and tamarian has converted to human civilisations and this predetermines the prevalence towards “will to win”. Up to this point, I have only outlined meanings of each part of the two concepts.  Once full understanding is complete, evolution of human history and its underlying course of clandestine manipulation will become clearer. In that regard, put as simply as possible, tamarian literally translates as “the sacred life force which is the divine will of almighty God”. Tamaras, it could be said devalues this message in the following way “the sacred life force is the image of God which is represented by the exalted manifestation (Anunaki)”. In other words, Ra sun [God] is an idol which is the image of the Anunaki. Per these terms, illusory reality assures the life force is made “sacred” by simply manifesting. In the most contradictory fashion, the tamarian espouses true life force cannot be solid. It is something on the lines of “the mind” and the reason this is sacred is it upholds “God’s will” (or desire).

It could be argued that the tamaras implies the “physical” is the extent of everything or “God in being” (Elohim) even though it is a flexible feature of atomic frequency calibration, whereas the tamarian fails to acknowledge the relevance of “illusory existence” beyond fulfilling the instance of God’s will. This is why the Gnostics (who attempted to preserve Atlantis folklore, symbolised by the fish which represents Pleiadian Oannes) expressed creation in such alien terms. Mundane science is all but forfeited in the casting of non-physical states (majestic, graceful and so on) as the root cause behind prolific generation of “open” logical or emotional responses depending on situated “needs”. Per that equation, physical clutter has the dual metaphorical role of constantly amplifying meta-physical purpose.

Before I expose the prank the Sephardim have played on humanity’s insolence, it would best to explain what is truly meant by “the sacred life force which is the divine will of almighty God”. Beyond crass iconography and accompanying superstitions, “God” is sorely absent from general religious vision. I won’t dwell on the obvious, but what is important is God’s absence reinforces belief in superstitions (regularly tailored to suit group “agendas”) in those that are gullible enough to succumb to fantasies under the misconstrued objective of being “faithful” (i.e. I tell you something and, for you to be “faithful”, you must unconditionally believe what I say without adequate supporting evidence or provocation). There is a concrete reason for God’s supposed absence that would stun habitual atheists. There is also valid rhyme as to why divinity is hidden from laboured sight. The key to truth and accrued wisdom is always found in inspection of the detail. More detail reveals greater clarity (and that is the main reason why “religion” twists the metaphor, comparing detail to “the devil”). That is why miscreant “powers” feign [lies, damned lies and] statistics and generalities as “evidence” (sic) of truth. They (who bankroll all religions) do this to deliberately and mischievously circumvent detail and deny disaffecting logic.

Perhaps they are aware of the problem, perhaps not, but God can only be seen in absolute detail or not at all. Therefore disquieting logic dictates that omnipotence is the whole quantum layer which, in part, appends locational physicality (or, rather, summarily “points to” denoting physical localities that offer “windows” within perceptive interpretation). Suffice to say; though the quantum layer isn’t physical, it can be made so by leveraging frequency generated perception within certain astral bandwidths (or sub-astral bandwidths). Truth and knowingness is set apart from causal effects as these transcend perception and are beyond calculated fabrication. In fact that which is classed as “reality” is done so for perceptive convenience and that rather hinders any meaningful quest to “find God” or true truth. In association, the Atlantean use of the term “tamarian” was in direct reference to the quantum layer and, most significantly, the atomic resonance or “flux” effect which signifies “balanced” divine will. Imbalance in flux will lead to states of general disharmony right the way up to nuclear incidents (which impact the full astral spectrum and are not merely limited to this reality plane).

Catastrophic events permeate all the way up the astral ladder

In my last article I introduced a mysterious enclave of humanoid aliens who had been residing on the Spanish mainland in the 1950’s. Their information legacy proves they (“Ummos” is an affectionate nickname that is now commonly used to identify the “type”) were authentic. From this record, they most significantly classed only ten dimensions (that bear no relation to the mathematical irrelevance that posits reality symptoms width, breadth, depth have dimensional qualities). Seven of these fundamental bandwidths were aeons or “base states” of God, which are also sometimes referred to as the seven heavenly (astral light) states. Logic persuades that, “in order”, they would occupy positions three to nine up the astral ladder. Dimension ten would be the culmination of everything; a repository of “raw time” that permanently sits “in the present”. That leaves dimension one and two and deduction impresses these are configured “dark light” holographic universes. In case anyone misses it, here I inadvertently (lol) identify plausible reasons for foreboding over the so-called “ascension” of man.

In light of this, it seems to me that our material reality plane is most likely hosted in the lower of the two dark dimensions. If ascension rumours prove valid, we are on the cusp of our bandwidth and will make the necessary imminent transition to “Tara” when the tamarian executes relevant changes in our DNA (delivered by the tamaras). Though the effect will be a technically spiritual evolution, man will have no comprehension of naked “epinoa” (which is commonly disfigured by dishonourable religious bluster) in motion. That which comes from God aligns with logic, truth and knowingness and this is why creative talent is pure. For God, there is no “best way”. There is only “the way [that works]” (which may mean infinite numbers of possible routes between A and B that could reduce upon “specific intentions”, such as “I need to travel between identified points within an hour”).  God’s intent is definitely not a predisposition towards group lobotomy for the sake of order or “love” (sic).

“Morality” in fact is largely the cancer of spirituality

Tamarian identified that the collective atomic flux acts as though it was “God’s skin”. Each individual atom might be (contextually) compared to a pore. This means the canopy can be perceived (and used or manipulated) from various standpoints. Conceptually it is much more than the arbitrary “atheistic” top down, bottom up reflexes that have been differently touted by mainstream science and religion. For instance, there are numerous cyclic complimenting partnerships (such as those that become physical objects) which have been purposefully etched out of the main framework. Whereas the tamaras divides (in typical Pharisaic terms) “spiritual” and “physical”, the tamarian places the spiritual as the hidden anchor that permeates motivated existence. In other words, the Atlanteans recognised purpose exudes vitality and not vice versa. Here we are brought face to face with the key flaw with tamaras’ Ra worship.

In their management of humans, the Sephardim view latent ability or talent as something akin to superfluous. In that regard, they place as much necessity for “inferior” (and unspiritual) beings to be [blindly] “enlightened” by God (Ra) as those with normal or better than normal receptive faculties. To all intents and purposes humans are little more than fodder to be processed by them. Their approach strangely observes the “socialist” opinion that that which cannot be approached from humble grounds of understanding is not understood (i.e. because humans are incapably of empathy, what’s the point in developing true spiritual mandates?). Whether content is simple enough to facilitate universal understanding doesn’t alter the truth. By their own reasoning, the unspiritual are also incapable of worshiping Ra. Courses are undeniably designed to pressgang congregations into paying tribute (more “torture”).

According to the Atlanteans, the thinking being (separated from “animals”) covets an evolving, deliberate mind. Conversely, Draco Sephardim (given their subtle but obvious mandates in our realms) would argue that all life was locality “crafted” beneath the manifest version of God (Ra). Per this concept, knowing one’s place or station in life (in respect to that version of the divine) precedes “purposefulness” (or “usefulness”). Those that defy their chosen (for them) route dishonour God (check out the “values” of austere Tibetan Buddhism and the tale of the man who had his eyes removed for daring to attempt to emigrate from his homestead sometime in the 1960’s). Differences between “thinking beings” and animals are rendered invalid (under these terms) beyond competent definition of hierarchical chains of command. In fairness to the Draco Sephardim, without Pleiadian ability to alter the frequency of atoms, man is pretty much restricted to “his lot” and that rarely goes beyond birth right and all those relating casual connections.

Also (and courtesy of the Pharisees, of course) unaware human beings have more or less completely succumbed to the tamaras. Ra may well be scorned by morons today, but his attitude decidedly presides over that universal conscience of man in just about every respect. Differences between thinking beings and animals have become so remote it is though they are no more. General belief is that if animals were given the ability to communicate, they would (with correct education) adopt the human “value base” (the monster that summarises Pharisaic programming) one way or another. Given proscribed ethics are largely (if not entirely) the product of whimsical indoctrination, was an “animal” to transform into an intelligent being, there is little doubt that the “powers” would do everything in their range to “fix” it too (perhaps hinted at in George Orwell’s Animal Farm).

We must go beyond the obvious eye to come to terms with the splendour that is the tamarian. My last article highlights that the importance of atoms passes by unnoticed for just about all scientists and amateur enthusiasts alike, even though “string” and “superstring” theories have the potential to spearhead truth. Figuratively, the “informed” know that particles have the constitution to make infinite replicas of themselves (displaced by time and space). Atoms, I state, are an integral part of spirituality. Souls are the collaboration of atomic will. In fact to be more precise and to paraphrase my book The Beauty of Existence Decoded, every atom conveys a “soul” window. Pyramid hierarchies attempt to “point” the body along best of breeds’ individual spiritual courses. Atlantis leaders (version six of the genetic template) knew this but they were also not human. Today that species group is colloquially known as Sirians (heralding from Sirius). However, there are numerous races under the DNA umbrella which notably include our celebrated Pleiadian amphibians. Mer-people (almost certainly doubling as “Oannes”) were instrumental at demonstrating how the tamarian can be positively drawn off to empower life within functional Atlantis society (and possibly even on Mars too).

“Human” was created as a cooperative of hybrids (we have many different types which are evidently mostly beyond the vision of the corporate funded ‘Genome Project”) formulated (in part) from Sirian DNA. Thus, it does not require the rocket scientist to consider the likelihood that embers of latent Pleiadian DNA lurking in our gene set is “the cause” behind overzealous promotion of fantastical belief systems that literally aim to “force” make-believe into being. Ironically in fact, in a sense what the Pharisees are doing with their Zionist agenda crudely attempts to replicate some of the great Pleiadians achievements which culminated in their cultivation of “reality states”. There are naturally critically distinct differences in approaches and I will explore the Zionist methodologies in more detail when I focus on the tamaras.

To simply summarise now, the Pleiadians coordinated uniform sovereign will to ensure group ambition encompassed civilised society in entirety, whereas Zionist “shepherds” deliver threats of fear or reward as coordinated “incentives” for their sheep with the ideal of ultimately forcing peak body order over their cultivated civilised flock (which by designation is transformed into “the great group” per the euphemism peace on Earth). Pleiadian consciousness was built on the principle of “commune” which had to cater for the will (or wishes) of every individual or fail. Conversely, Zionism’s “expendable individual” concept reduces necessity to “only those that support the great group”.

Naturally Pleiadian culture became a major benchmark for Atlantis societal ambition and the taramian features heavily in [now mostly obsolete] cultural lore. A parallel “justice” mechanism (that focused on causes of disorder and not merely evident symptoms) did aim to putty any cracks (as deemed) in social conscience.  Justice then was different in structure to the modern Zionist tyranny over conscience and spirituality. Even so, the two methods are at least conceptually compatible and insomuch neither work. This is because “order” (however well-reasoned and logically directed) either reinforces or challenges dignity. Because “taste” is spectral, all “specific” laws are doomed to defend causes at the expense of certain demeanours. By way of remedy, Gnostic “Christians” (the original Druids) attempted to rekindle some of those forgotten Pleiadian ideals (which incidentally suggests to me that Judaism “broke in two” after Akhenaten’s defeat and that is why his Babylonian status has been fabricated in order to obscure real political intrigue of the time, covering up relevance to modern day standards all the while).

It also suggests that Judaism and “apostate” Jews’ history spans at least ten thousand years. Akhenaten’s immediate followers would become the original Gnostics (though the mission only formularised around 300BC – a time of great political upheaval) and they were the ones prepared to battle against Pharisaic Ra occultists. Whilst modern day orthodox Jews would be mostly inclined to deny obvious plausibility of a deeper history than tradition permits, they are unable to hide from the conspicuous evidence of Pharisaic double dealing from the time records begin. Duplicity (bearing false witness) is also perceived to underscore power and that formally implicates long lines merchant bankers (who later became known as infamous Levite “industrialists”). In fact anthropology has an even bigger problem. The current scope of intelligent man changing from “moron” to “genius” allows no time, no evolutionary path for transition.

Did human proudly spawn ochre graffiti on cave walls or was this the out pouring of Neanderthal ape?

Popular depictions may show no evidence of the fact, but (and as mentioned earlier) Pleiadians associated with Atlantis were aquatic or, in other words, “mer-people”. Nommo amphibious, hermaphrodite Gods of Dogon myths, Hermes/Poseidon from the Greek/Roman legends perhaps is all that remains of the Earthly account. Whether tales are related or not is unimportant. Messages contained within ancient chronicles were “transcendental”. Would it not be ironical if it turned out that the Atlantis’ great spiritual centre was in the very same region now occupied by the Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza? Thousands of years ago the Middle East was extraordinarily fertile and wet. Geological evidence informs much of the Sphinx was submerged under water for a long period; long enough to be home to the Pleiadian sages? This also adds credence to beliefs in distant past underwater civilisations. But, to avoid creating confusion, I should mention that there are also numbers of non-aquatic Pleiadian varieties (or should I say races?) that arguably go all the way up to “heavenly body” status. Whether any of these had any association with Atlantis’ residents is open to discussion.

I can confirm sea visitors still regularly come to our oceans. It is unclear if these are descendants of Atlantis, but the notion is plausible.  It does suggest the “gulf oil spill” may have been a direct attack on their infrastructure, in my opinion. For those that still believe the catastrophe was an “accident” (sic), go discover how the local stock market sufficiently predicted the event and payed out healthy well-timed insurance to the important folks that owned the physical assets. Gordon Duff’s bizarre ravings about a fourth dimensional war over the oceans being waged between the US navy and non-specific extra-terrestrials is an extension of this but (equally) should be considered an “unlikely” overall scenario. Sonar “pings” that regularly sensationally interrupt sea life navigation systems have been counter-neutralised by intelligent entities located within their catchment range. The “big picture” is fairly significant as numbers of different entity types use our seabeds. Even so none (to my knowledge) have “colonised” or could be regarded as permanent residents in the strict sense. It would be reasonable to at least postulate that some or maybe all establish communications with view to mutually collaborative exchanges.

I have been led to believe that the main reason they have set up on the sea floor is, and I quote”, “we (humans) can’t get at them there

Atlantis leaders could change atomic values to the frequency needed for gold simply by using their minds. Pleiadians took this a step further but their efforts were in no way comparable to Catholic-New Age “Cosmic Christ” tradition. Feigning commune by attempting to force (impose) universal “love” (or, rather, soft austerity dressed as “love”) is a barefaced Zionism “tactic”. Perhaps predictably, the Catholics (who invented Cosmic Christ) are the end product of a long winded pharisaic domination of Gnosticism. Possibly ignited by the infiltrator St Paul, the determination towards “bell, book and candle” dogmatisation in deference to faith has crafted a reflectively causal “group consciousness”. Tamarian, we have learnt, is the endless atomic mesh that underpins connectivity of everything. For instance, acupuncture and (to some degree) hypnosis is made possible by it. It cannot be avoided, so ignorance as a weapon is the most probable strategy used by deniers.

Atoms (as far as this dimensional reality goes) are inflexible windows that we, for our part, are “trapped” in (per the rules of the illusion). Or this is what materialists would have us believe. The mind, according to those heathens, is nothing more than a reality symptom. Cosmic Christ should be renamed Cosmic Mind for the program attempts to synthesise a group thought pool. The Pleiadians did it properly. Coercion, they knew, would ultimately be met with resistance, and resistance meant the end of any commune. Only by harnessing a compatible, non-conflicting group identity could communism succeed. Once the sense (or framework) of commune had been established it was possible to reconfigure atoms as the means towards cooperative wishes. It became possible (within certain parameters) for those parties involved to literally will their way in life.

It could be said the tamarian and tamaras signify faith versus control approaches to vital reality. Peiadians, by definition, had faith in the knowledge that atoms would comply with their desires because they observed the will to be. Conversely, the Sephardim (reptilian ‘Gods”) are firmly behind the tamaras for opposite reasons. Nevertheless, as vaguely effervescent accounts of reptilian character are invariably presented in ways geared to sensationalising for sensation’s sake, “purpose” is reduced to the narcissistic human abuse cycles offering “victimhood” as the great prize. Consistent messages regurgitate blood thirsty, unfair abductors preying on poor little unsuspecting, God fearing humans for “sport” over and over. Logic is so adrift of truth, I sense the Pharisees have a hand in the manner information is being presented. They, after all, own the popular mainstream and alternative views for by “backing” both sides, success is guaranteed.

I have written extensively on the real motive behind supposed human “abductions” and accompanying ceremonies. Actual flaws of reptilian libido can be clearly seen in their devotion to regulations which are symptoms of their determination to control. Grafting “order” on society is the summary effect. It is also important to highlight their societies do not recognise that which is the epitome of pharisaic idealism – “survival of the fittest”. Reptilians know survival is merely a natural effect of living existence; a symptom of life. True blueprints use template formulated assimilation as the predominant creative device. As I explain in this article, where permitted, Ciakars absorb their victims by means of fusing mind, body and soul. Master and servant become united as a single entity which is made more powerful by the strength of the bond. “Victims”, in these cases, must be willing.

To reptilians, humans are generalised as low caste, unsophisticated “underlings” that need discipline. The tamaras is the fundamental vehicle used by them to ensure their execution of discipline over us follows a program. Sirians do not function well under laws and there lies the contradiction in conflict for part Sirian, part reptilian human. Proponents supporting human corridors of power are definitely tweaked to promote reptilian mindset, because to suggest otherwise would be absurd (considering the weight of evidence supporting an ongoing, without end pharisaic conspiracy to control). Far from being conspiratorial in their ambition, Sephardic overlords apply logical rule of law configurations via political equilibriums (affirmed by all historic data) governing the body of humanity because they presume they are executing God’s will.

Humans are part reptilian and were created by the Sephardim and this adds to their cause. What if it was the other way round? They would let their quarry roam wild, “unattended” like recalcitrant lambs? I have explained the origins of man many times before, but here’s the micro-version. “Snake” euphemises the Ciakar (in biblical Adam and Eve). Ciakars are renowned both for their remarkable cunning and their chameleonic camouflage ability. Sephardim is the most genetically advanced Ciakar physical form (which is now located too far adrift from our reality bandwidth to manifest in normal state) and they became the direct creators of human beings (which are versions of much earlier cumbersome Neanderthal). Mundane analysis of amino acids disguises the fact that our creation and partnership with our creators was much more than merely blood matching. Testament to truth came recently when the female student of mine associated with this article recalled to me a startling but acutely perceptive observation she had made.

Ciakar is a mispronunciation of chakra

Anyone that has visited Thailand should be aware of the customary expression “Farang” routinely used to address white skinned “foreign” visitors by the natives. This is because the very first Caucasians that attempted to colonise were from France. Farang was the closest the Thai palate could come naturally to configuring the word with ease. Ken Bakeman, Eva Draconis and others have observed problems in reiterating reptilian guttural pronunciation. If Ciakar is indeed the mispronunciation of chakra, the news would make eternal good sense, because the “commonality” between them and us is found in “paired” energy fields. It would also mean chakras must act as the “communication bridge” between those located outside our reality plane (a different light frequency). Chakras are the congestion points of atomic bandwidths that operate similarly to other astral highways. Drawing on the astral link is the way reptilians “access” us.

This is an extraordinarily important piece of information, because it completely redefines our understanding of physical health. Fundamental “causes” of all illness are the result of an imbalance or imbalances of the ectoplasm energy field. The ectoplasm is divided up by chakras and they become barometer measures that divine trouble with relevant body functionality (which is an effect relating to the cause). I have mentioned before on my other website that Pasteur’s germ theory (an industrialist “survival” scam) is entirely wrong because the body primarily attempts to assimilate anything that goes into it (following existential creation). That which cannot be assimilated, such as processing worthy “toxins”, are reduced to waste or, if impossible to process, cloaked/contained.

Energy fields (ectoplasm) are located beyond time and space even though apparent physical “light” presence may contradict that truth. Depending on how it’s conceived, an individual field can theoretically extend to the far reaches of the universe. On our superficial “reality” plane it may only occupy radials spanning a few dozens of metres out from the centre. Therefore, within the proximity of a commercial building, for instance, it is likely all workers’ ectoplasms overlap. Each individual sub-conscious feeds off the other (inter-connected ectoplasm) and then chakras implement the effects, whether positive or negative. Consequentially if one is ill, all become ill reflecting the higher body state.

Disease is spread by out-of-alignment chakras

It is also courtesy of the chakras why the Sephardim feel intrinsically connected to dear old human (similar to the fashion a shepherd becomes responsible for his sheep). By extension, they believe the tamaras gives them “divine tools” to directly interfere in the affairs (politics) of man. If they were acting figuratively out-of-line, would not God retaliate by smiting them from existence for eternity?  Was I to argue tamarian is God “the cause” then tamaras would be the utopian “symptom” of divinity. From the authoritarian perspective, man (or, more precisely, human) is the lowest rung of a long line of “supplants” that form extended (though hidden) hierarchical chains of command all the way up to “God”. I use “God” in inverted commas here because the philosophic outline concerns levels of manifestation and definitely not omnipresent “oneness” (which happens to be the predominant feature of the tamarian). The genetic chain I refer to consists of “Anunaki” bloodlines which would raise Ra (the sun God) as their “highest state”. Worship, per knowledge of progressive bloodlines all the way up to God, is not a choice. It is a rite and those that refuse to capitulate or deny faith insult “the ultimate creator” per said opinion. That is the Sephardic view on this and the Jews were not labelled Sephardic (“chosen”) peoples accidentally.

So the Pharisees (whether they individually realise it or not) do actually fulfil God’s bidding or, rather, cooperate with the Sephardic interpretation of that philology. Putting aside the deceit that has become the style of modern “sciences”, hallmarks of this tradition (no matter which time period is considered) stand out like “dog’s balls” wherever they are noted. Branding citizens under “the flag”, passport control, forced labour, regulated workplaces and on and on are all their measures. Versions of fundamentalism are conspicuously built around differing interpretations of aggregated symptoms. For our age, for example, the metaphysical is (at best) marginalised and most mostly denied, so fundamentalism is not merely restricted to data interpretation.

Everything calculated must be perceived to be physical or it does not “exist” and (laterally) has no impact on theories generated to resolve equations. Romans and many other ancient cultures revered nature’s cycles; a very different approach to the modern condition. So when abundance appeared to “break”, reason persuaded the “overall creator” was protesting at abuses (humans that behaved “unnaturally”) against the system (nature). This prescient philosophy is found as a significant value base determining all modern laws (even though science, on occasions, seems at loggerheads). The concerted attempt to purge all possibility for supposed unnatural behaviours (remonstrated by Catholic St Paul and other good Levites) surely aims to reduce the human to “automaton” (under Ra) status. Laws support the Ra concept to the hilt.

It is not widely known (even in alternative circles specialising in the paranormal) that the sun remotely “washes” our DNA (in the atomic format). Therefore the belief in Ra cannot simply be shrugged off as wilful superstition. In fact at least three sources persistently alter our DNA. The sun (material black light), we are told, issues a bi-product called vitamin D which is needed for survival. Few would acknowledge the inner [invisible – celestial white] light source is the one (when performing in isolation – free of sunlight) that triggers our production of melatonin. Sephardic Draco attempt to limit the effects of melatonin as much as possible, for all “alien DNA change-agents” are seen as “contraveners of the wishes of Ra”. In order to block external forces, they created a third light source. Assisted by other worldly technologies, our moon recycles amplified sunlight (is “madness” a side effect under special conditions?). Though this does not close the loop (so to speak), it does assure there is very little opportunity for any life form to detach from Ra’s influence for significant periods. One of the stark consequences is our inability to empathise.

The word empathy (in its modern use) is actually a distortion. As it is used today, empathy is contextually no different to sympathy beyond the presumption that to second guess something equates to understanding or, dare I say, implies reliving someone else’s experiences. Unless you can literally be what you claim to empathise with [regularly highlighted when uncomfortably confronted by others’ bereavements], you cannot empathise at all. However, qualities humans’ lack, the Pleisdians thankfully have in abundance. In this capacity, they have the insight to appreciate everything from the objective standpoint.  Were circumstances to justify efforts, they can even appreciate detestable acts. Humans, conversely, instinctively despise everything they detest. Researching extensively on this subject, I have yet to meet a truly objective human being; one that can “love for love’s sake” for instance. Humans are naturally vain and self-centred so “objectivity” is invariably simply an extension of selfish individuality. Standard honest responses to any given scenario might look like “I approve because I can do that” or “I disapprove because I would never do that”.

The closest a human will come to mimicking objectivity is through the use of transference. If we are not exclusively subjective, why are there numerous and constant wars that erupt at every waking opportunity invariably pitched against the most trivial of resolvable complaints? Transference is a technique whereby the subjective “assumes” (or presumes) feelings for something drawn from its catalogue of deemed “relative experiences”. Taking the theme of bereavements as the case study, the subjective might compare its experiences surrounding the death of a beloved pet bunny called “Floppy” (for instance) to “relate to” the agonising anguish of the objective that happens to be mourning the loss of (shall we say) a favourite uncle. Multi-lateral appreciation (to appreciate for appreciation’s sake as though it was an extension of core being) has gifted the Pleiadians with the genius credentials to evolve into something truly empathetic. Genius is merely the spark the fires the determination to journey. Therefore nothing is born with the power of empathy.

Ability is something that must blossom from experiential evolution

Acceleration of evolution bestowed the powers (and genetics) that the Pleiadians needed to manage the tamarian effectively enough to create their own balanced universalism paradigm. Maybe a consequence of our reptilian “survivalist” nature, unfortunately this is something we could never do. Perhaps the Gnostics (behind ancient Tibetan folklore too?) were forlorn in their efforts to rekindle Atlantis spirit, but they tried with heart, body and mind. Emphasised by ancient druidic practices (mostly obsolete today), they were true communists (no relation to industrial Marxism) in so much as their efforts supported the utopian goal towards mentored universal equality. As an aside, this suggests the four “gospels” of the New Testament Bible have all been “fixed” by parties unsympathetic with communistic practices. Even the so-called “gentile” gospel (Luke) compares the social status of a Syro-Phoenician (Syrian) woman as lower than a common household mutt.

Caste systems and royal progeny are classical symbols that emphasise reptilian philosophy endorsing the tamaras as the staple for natural order. Given priorities of pharisaic Zionism encompass fostering patriotism (below caste systems that elevate a nouveaux meritocracy), family planning, enforcing social status, either isolating or blending cultures, Russian bastardised “Communism” (sic) was indisputably one of their grand operational initiatives. On one hand living circumstances were very good (heavily subsidised rents, free utilities). That’s why an irrepressible exodus of Jews flooded into Russia particularly after Brezhnev announced his five year plan. Infrastructures in place allowing connection with those outside (foreigners) were very, very bad. People with larger than average families were not provided for and, consequentially, less was deemed better. “Free enterprise” was pitched as the “gravest of all sins”. And didn’t America’s “royal” whip masters’ milk that cow?

So, in reality, the closest the mainstream comes to embracing true communist philology is extremely infrequently found in religions’ culture, such as Buddhism’s vocational priesthood, Islam’s alms for the poor and Christianity’s Christ consciousness (i.e. humanity is “one organ” – the eternal body of Christ). Governments (communist and other) do everything in their power to render all efforts to communalise man impotent. Pharisees have always wanted divided societies within tight cultures, educated criminals controlled by austere “justice” mechanisms and strong departmentalised hierarchical infrastructure oversight (such as United Nations’ globalism). Constant wars between fake nations help keep the masses quiet, but the turmoil is also designed to manufacture continual societal divisions founded on “us versus them” lore. The “stranger” euphemises the other.

Going back to “the beginning”, Aristotle (a covert Pharisee) attempted to demean God through his conceptualisation of “unmoved movers” (or prime movers). These he bestowed with unlimited, but arbitrary creative powers.  In his obsessive zeal, he proposed the preposterous. According to his abominable legacy, the essence or will of God is so insular it is disconnected from (and symptomatically unaware of) physical reality. The blasphemy goes on to propose that everything in “the physical” is powered by uncaring, irresponsible being(s) that are perhaps quantitatively unaware of its direct manifestation.  Eternity is transformed into something timeless and infinite yet irrelevant but for the egotistical whims of detached insular creators. Would not like sentiment elegantly upgrade opinions of average-thinking modern-day atheist-agnostics?

Aristotle’s (possibly a contemporary of the first Gnostics as known) unmoved movers are described as “thought beings” (or constantly thinking vapour). Though biblical texts make no clear mention of it, thought beings are direct references to “archangels”. The most important archangel (specifically in relation Earth) was Lucifer. Instinct tells me the reason Isaiah presents him (along with “Ba’al”) in such a dim light is worship of him was the great threat to pharisaic autonomy over man.  Does the Morning Star and sun “competing” for daybreak presence offend revellers before Ra too? Contrary to popular understanding, thought is a form of light that travels symptomatically much faster than photons. It is colloquially well known that Lucifer (of all the archangels) had the original controlling mandate over Earth after “other attempts to configure abundant eternal life systems had all failed”. Gnosticism’s apparent “lack of accountability” seems to be a much better holistic appreciation of nature than the Roman-pharisaic “standards” approach. This impresses me that old druid orders followed Ba’al (the hierarchical instrument of Lucifer). Considering this more carefully, it should seem hardly surprising that Ba’al happens to be in conflicting completion (after En-ki’s conquest to “secure” the underworld flopped) with the Sephardim who remotely authored the Bible.

When Moses wrote the “Ten Commandments” he aimed to jump start religious standards in his favour. Whereas, at first glance, sentiment seems noble enough, upon stricter analysis, every commandment promotes notorious double standards that neither reflect whimsical human morality well nor promote divine being. Partnered with the Mosaic scourge, Aristotle’s control measures are still alive and well but buried so deep in cultural Roman Catholicism, they are almost unrecognisable now. Does not today’s International (“globalism”) Standards Organisation (ISO) certification attempt to impose arbitrary universal commerce measures that “transcend” (conflict with) staffing competence? Some would say that religions effectively plunder God’s divinity. Terms of surrender serve up grotesque contortions of the image of true faith.

Man may as well be God now is the unfortunate consequence

In support of that unlikely Sephardic-pharisaic cause, evidence (regurgitated timeless ideals) determines an ever-present external body crafts man’s divinity. Why would the ambitions of one greedy generation be celebrated and adopted by the next? Perhaps a little culture will stick, but generally speaking fashions change and when the young guns move into town they come with their own pioneering spirit. Clearly those that sought to and still do control man are not of this Earth (in the conventional sense). Uncompromisingly moralist directives over the ages all brandish the hallmarks of reptilian Sephardim. Measures (while observed) also absolutely fulfil the requirements of tamaras “in manifestation”.

Taking the presumption that the Sephardim are remote overlords of humanity, there is no concrete evidence supporting “time lord” status. Nevertheless, they may have some ability to influence the fate of groups or individuals. They may be able to intervene and change the tide (is that what is meant by the moon’s magnetism?) for and against those that affect or disaffect favoured progress. Time (as it is currently experienced) will certainly not remain constant after Ra’s transformation, when our planet shifts from Earth state to Tara. One symptomatic consequence I have predicted is that our carbon molecular status will “instantly” revert to silicon. From the astral perspective, silica is much more flexible and this should bestow us with the supplementary advantage of appearing to supersede nature (in terms of what is regarded as normal today).

Once we become “aware” of our miraculous transformations, we will have the power to execute all sorts of unnatural acts. The supernatural will transcend to become the “new natural”.  An atomic change of the ilk of a universal species shift from carbon to silicon would emphasise a collaboration of tamarian and tamaras. This proposes that both are not subject to effective management autonomy of any external entities choosing to bluster about malignant superiority. Recognition of concrete cycles and the tools to change and manipulate them is all that respective demagogic minions can capitalise on. The Sephardim, as I have highlighted, have used the False Matrix to great effect, but it is not sufficient for the suppression of man. Perhaps, in conjunction with the Pharisees they can meet their long term goals, but will the servant end up biting the hand of the master?

Though the implementation of this false matrix strategy has been as much about halting the ascension of man as anything else, I do still feel the Sephardim are more than a little excited by the prospect of seeing how we adapt to their world. We are their prodigal sons after all, so there must be some residue maternal feelings for us. On the other hand, too many of us have not adapted well to religious government control by their design. This will likely promote conflict and, perhaps, discontentment of ugly proportions. We will arrive largely blind to our new abilities; a terrain that is fully known and staked out by them. Their active resources are beyond our imagination, but if we are committed to contaminating, just as we contaminate everything in our domain, perhaps it will become clear why they have gone to so much trouble in their attempts to isolate us.


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  1. Good stuff, bandwidth compatibility or whatever I could refer in this context, i saw a mention of as the algorithm of reality accelerates in a Putin A.I article on crystalinks, it is crazy to grasp the giant body experiences, i remember seen amazon warrior giant women like running towards my vision, see i would say about the phosphene in my third eye vision as some kind of dimensional hud, or sth, it is like many rods sparks going in movements inside a vortex like sphere, but there is no line that defines the sphere it is just like deeper blacker inside, and when I fast or eat less and exercise like walking it transforms in a right in front of my eyes vision fractal, remembering many of Oanne fish shape flower of life kind of stuff,

    I know very little concerning the study of this fractal as the origins of many languages, but also the connection to the moon, and Sun, and the physical reality but I can see very clearly, it starts with a vortex non-defined then it becomes the fractal, and when I am like now in front of computer typing i can see the phosphene eyes closed or open does not matter, maybe it screen implants, maybe it is connected to a octave simulation, maybe it is like that Egg on X files, or of what I slightly heard from Sevan Bomar, you know this Metratonic Universal Porgramming, I dont know…

    Physio Photos and other words on this article I need to be rechecking lately because I am getting the awareness that Im getting dumber by the good quality articles i read everytime which proves how shit i still dont know, or at least have not thought about even when it has already been thought anyway on this place right ahahah

    There is a tree here in Brazil that gives a nice well known fruit it calls Tamarindo, it is brow, very unique sour sweet flavor, great for juice , drinks, and jam and cooking in general…Now I wonder you know we could be from this more like quantum approach when it perceive things out of body, and at the same time i say, i cannot even perceive the entire alphabet in English for God sake, Im so god damn lost ahahahahahah but I think you know those science fiction could aaporach more from this perspective you know, aalthough I dont remember if I commented here but there is an episode form Outter Limts, “Think like a Dinosaur” it shows some kind of Liquid or plasmatic transfer of Some consciousness or Liquid or Plasmatic Sentience via Raptors computers on a Satellite more like the Moon or other,
    Thank You Mr Gilmore, the levels of this Eon 10 dimension calibrations kind of stuff, very nice perspectives put into keywords, ride, on


      • When searching for naval and phosphene I found Magnetic field effect on Bilogical System, and Vast Active Living Intelligence System Sirius origins kind of experiment done by Agencies’, so!, all righty mighty minion mole hu?


  2. I found some more interesting concepts relating to your keywords, Navel of Lord Vishnu it is I found, which remembers me the idea of perceived waves becoming particle kind of view i was watching these days o guy talking on a Youtube channel, and which remembers me this quote “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” Thanks for that guideline, can you gimme more perspectives on this black hole kind of connection to what i refer to as phosphene, please if you can


  3. I have looked up phosphine. It has Greek origins. I was visited thrice by a bodiless head made entirely of light. It was a woman’s head, quite beautiful, possibly Asiatic. Accompanying the dazzling orb (visually perfectly clear “in my head”) was a mechanic chant of some sort. I could vaguely make out the [English] words which were of a religious character and did not impress me.

    The eyes of my visitor were so bright that they “beamed” in comparison to the body and left me with miniscule green “sunspots” for several minutes after she left.

    In the earlier visitations. I saw her outside my head, but through my hand.

    Incidentally, alchemists of old found that, once boiled down to the raw elements, all that is left of a living body is “phosphorus”.

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  4. Green spots and mechanic chant , Summer Gods Reptilian (phi) A.I? Once sleeping on the woods at a point out of body vision I “saw” a light green image of my hands like if they were transparent but involved in this green light, but also recently I had a encounter at the astral with a gaseous being or a Djinn, he was entirely white, and I touch him on his head And things are so crazy that basically after the encounter (not sure how many days) I accidentally burnt my finger small fourth skin kind of burn cooking. So , I was checking this first degree encounter case here in Brazil with Thiago Machado, where he encounter Amphibian Beings in a space suit, at the point he asks them to give sth for him as a proof, they shot a laser beam that paralyzed his legs for some time, it is crazy because like if David Bowie was a Amphibian Alien, and sometimes I even see the president here of Brazil as Amphibian or Reptilian, although there many clones of everybody, its waaay crazy not to be able to share this perspectives with anyone, so, I watched this Jim’ carrey interview where he mentions about the “Armageddon” and air sign a Spiral, once I read sth about this huge vortex in the sky as a sign of some dimensional transition or sth, it is very convoluted as a human to grasp about all this parallel and interfaces between what is really happening to what we are experiencing, but also the connection to future thoughts manifested at a continuum approach, it is said that there some Paleolithic People or Draconians reptilians I don know who want to go for this agenda and other forces that I dont know loop the whole thing again again … I saw more than once strange sayings in comments and entertainment “They Not ready” … Is this related to we the children and these events from the perspectives of the Controllers, or it is just a randomly coincidence my mind is eluding itself with? You know, when I posted things about Yahweh ( (releasing pressure terms origins of the word Yahweh) and the AI control there is always an interaction like is they dont want to be recknized, these days there was jararaca never seen here by me close to my room here on the ranch, and coincidentally it appeared for a chicken snack after I posted a Lisa Rene’s article concerning the ” negative Alien Agenda” Even I saw a priest on youtube kind of saying these old controllers wont give up easily, but what is it about? it is just a Q Ying Yang Mind spheres to propel more thinking for the place, or the real deal getting close to our experience? You know they say Create Create, but you also see Destruction is coming , is “coming” (Yahweh).
    Thank you as always Mr Gilmore for interacting and giving consideration and attention to the comments on your articles, and for the articles themselves.


    • “Some” of the Sumer Gods are/were reptilian.

      Latin America and that section of the entire continent is a hotspot for (physical) reptilian activity (note the pique of sexual energy). That is why many so-called “ET’s” visit there. Brazil is one of the most potent countries and the best location to liaise. Of course I realise it is a big place, it is probably impossible to see everything in Brazil in one lifetime, so encounters would largely rely on luck or misfortune depending on your persuasion.

      Your tall white “genie/jenie” (djinn or jinn is the “plural”) was something else. I can feel it’s energy through you. It is not Draco, but is an entity they cooperate with. It is not “known” so we have no names for it. I would ignore the gossip merchant espousing certain celebrities, famous people (politicians and so on) are “cloaked reptilians”. The same accusation could be levelled at every human being.

      There is an Italian gentleman, whose name escapes me, that has caused the theory that many humans are metaphysically “intercepted” at birth (using extraordinary technologies). They each have parasites grafted onto them and these “develop” over the years. The human has had it from birth, so why would he think his life was “abnormal” in any way? It is a plausible theory, but I have not worked out the “logistics”.

      I am possibly the only person on the planet that can seek them (AI). Now some come to me, but (before) I only found them. They don’t like it. They made it clear, so I said… “bite me”.

      The priest on YouTube was totally correct. They will NEVER give up. In fact they would rather “blip” us out of existence than lose control. Although, if man wakes up and becomes “uncontrollable”, well, that posits an interesting discovery….!

      Please break your questions up as I have done. Text “in one clump” is difficult to read.

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  5. You connected my memory stream into Dr Corrado Malanga’s work because basically that was the only picture on this parameters I can refer to what i saw, and a being called Lux, who appeared together with the primordial men, a Draco, others, and even a Frog like being who spoken in French with the abductees. He has his own methods of talking to the Soul kind of Regression, but at some point I was saying he was a shapeshifter too. this being is a energetic vampire basically as far as i can remember what i read from Corrado Malanga´s work

    Mariela Rodrigues is an Argentinian and on her materials, although I cannot say if she is in the psy-op or copy cat field, she explains about all these factions in control etc of this Universe 1 matrix lots of things, but lately she is saying that May 22 would bring the period hashana into the timelines or sth like that, which would change the belief paradigm of humanity and so on, do you think it is related to a misleading channeling attention to the date for the purposes of collecting loosh from the expectation kind of magik thing or do you see anything related to dimensional changes on this date?

    I have made this question to some people I know concerning if they were “aliens”, you know, I cannot come with a better form of question in a short sentence although I think about the implications of saying alien like origins here, who are the aliens after all, but the answer I received from them lack in originality, one person basically never spoke with me again, other said “i even dont know what I am anymore” and the classic one when you aks if someone is a reptilian, what is that? it is like if there were using holographic tech that would be kind of a protocol answer for such questions…

    Different ways to refer to “Alien in disguise” but isn’t there holographic components in chemtrails, also Dan Winter mentions that atmospheric low level in governments institutions so they can maintain the vibratory field, so I must say that being an alien in human form, and being a human Soul parasited by an alien before even entering into this realm is two different things dont you think?

    Now when I share this memory of this mind here being in a conversation with Vishnu in a Vimana I would say according to some materials these summer Gods reside on this whatever dimensional level “above the clouds” and that basically an entire dimension is holding your memory/Soul in one frequency so you always engage your multidimensionality in a point where there is a spiral vortex like symmetries that manifest into Universes and Star Systems, and then happy birthday, again and again?

    Are you an Amphibian Alien in human form Mr Gilmore?

    What do you say concerning that date of 2017 you mentioned concerning that Sun’s event?

    You know, We who live according to the Archontic, Arcturian, Arc whatever program so far who speak the truth from our experiences have to “trust” into a grid that gives us only what they want us to hear, or basically give us from what we give to them, and, man…That sucks

    Thank You, Steve


  6. Dr Corrado Malanga and Sol Luckman offer similar hypotheses, I understand (though I have not inspected either’s work thoroughly). Both, from what I have ascertained, are “unfair” in their judgement and have reviewed experiences only from the “selfish sovereign human” perspective. Nevertheless Malanga keeps cropping up in connection with me. Do you have contact details?

    I do not know of Mariela Rodrigues so I cannot relate to her. However, I have seen many dates mentioned and it was my opinion that these were used to influence human behaviour rather than being anything “magical”. There are some cosmic transition which occur sporadically, but the Zeta Grey Beings (in particular) are masters a manipulating the “cracks in time”. That is the key – TIME, not dates.

    Everyone that is human is “reptilian” (evidenced in our limbic and pulmonary systems). We are all “version 2” Ciakar. However, we are all hybrid too. In that capacity many different types of entities were used to build our gene catalogues, which notably included Sirian. There are perhaps 100’s of different batches of original hybrids that have interbred over the ages.

    I discuss “reptilian qualities” in my articles. There you will find treasure. They use the false matrix to superimpose their feelings over ours, not all of the time for everyone, but some of the time for social drivers (in particular).

    The Chemtrails are designated to “cover up” changes that are happening to our sun (which is BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). This has been done before 1000’s of years ago and yes, correct, it is also to aid some feature improvements of the false matrix.

    Human “soul” is incorrect terminology. “Life force” is better. Yes, the parasite concept could plausibly be correct.

    I think your experience with Vishnu sounds like a typical Sephardim engineered illusion – “plausible nonsense”. I’ll try and decode it another time.

    regrettably, I think I am probably part Pleiadian (amphibious). I have dragon at my core. Lemurian governs my crown. Numerous other influence, such as Cetian affect “past lives”.

    The shift to “Tara” began October 16th 2017 (or that was the “belief”). How that will materialise – well, God only knows.

    The Arcturians/Archons [in this capacity] are poorly cloaked Sephardim. Absolute censorship is what they want and they are getting their way….slowly but surely. I’m “off grid” 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • you mean if have Malanga´s contact details?No, I dont, this former friend of mine, she introduced his books to me on our searching sharing, some in English, I do not understand Italian also. Yes, always sounded like an Engineered Illusion, interesting is that in the memory he says he is my father, and that is what Malanga says about what this primordial men deity says to all the abductees, I really appreciate you giving a feedback Mr Gilmore, one day this year or next if i am able to pay for a skype consult, I let you know, but lately Im hardly making ends meet, and I still live on my parents who are not rich, so, at least someone answers my comments with great efforts in explaining the picture approached, thank you very much, have a good off grid one, Steve 🙂 All the best, man


  7. So many points I don’t even know what to comment first to be short, but nice post as aways. “As I explain in this article, where permitted, Ciakars absorb their victims by means of fusing mind, body and soul” – How funny:

    Anyway, so your idea of ascension is that more or less one day we”ll wake up extra magicky and an extra pain in the ass to control? Well, meet this guy from Brazil who basically says our bigger-Me to our mini-me’s alter personality already throw laser rays and fight at the astral realm.

    So basically there’s little dumb us who live in hardcore bondage here like some silly mmorpg video game character where we pay in “loosh”; then we have our higher self who’s thousands of years old which was thrown on earth realm, who may or may not have much to do with us at all in personality. Finally he says there is our alien greater self, asleep and projecting both thoses versions of us from our home at the stars.

    Oh, and the server owner is a big bad red draconian apparently, and pretty much some 70%+ of all people on earth are projections of nasty reptilians criminals anyway, and all this extremelly gay sacharine story about blonde blue-eyed aliens of light and love is one big joke the dracos here concoted to keep our alters in line as simple edonist egotists(who are supposedly smart, why would they fall for this? Why give the big bad red guy free energy anyway…).The trick is our little us here dies with attachments and alienated, get whooed on the other side before they become their smarter selves, and the silly novela repeats. Ideally our alters rebels there and it rubs of on us here and we eventually die smart, say no and go back. One way or another we’re already on the final countdown and they seem to have migrated most their flock to a better cage.

    So yeah, It would be very, very interesting to see what you, another “draco guy” has to say. Does the name Akkar feel like something?

    Wish fulfilling much this story, huh? Having a secret cooler version of yourself? Not just being a trashy retarded weakling human cattle? I think it strokes my ego just right as elegant truth and good lies alike do, so who knows? You certainly seem to be on a gag order not to talk about the astral realm and your respect for the reptilian overlords while adequate border on bootlicking sometimes(little joke lol). Again, good to have anyone on the esoteric ufo scene who isn’t all some cheap piss’&luv anarcho hippie speeches. Maybe the manipulations would have gone better if it was something more “macho&valor”, hahaha.


    • You ended up in my spam filter! It is lucky I checked as this is a very good comment and doesn’t deserve to be there.

      “Oh, and the server owner is a big bad red draconian apparently, and pretty much some 70%+ of all people on earth are projections of nasty reptilians criminals anyway, and all this extremelly gay sacharine story about blonde blue-eyed aliens of light and love is one big joke the dracos here concoted to keep our alters in line as simple edonist egotists(who are supposedly smart, why would they fall for this?”

      That sums things up very well. On from Corrado Mallanga, my female student reported a dream where she saw large numbers of humans in “egg sacks” (presumed incubated states) in a facility under guard by a giant T-Rex. One [interned] girl woke up and my student interviewed her. She neither knew why nor how she arrived there and warned of great catastrophe (for humans). My interpretation of the dream was as you put it. The war was won long ago and the majority “held prisoner” don’t even realise it…..

      FYI I think the ones labelled “red draconians” are actually purpose built mercenaries. The power behind them are individuals with a rabbit-like quality. They wear these elaborate embroidered “crests” on their backs to make themselves look important. Colloquially these are called “black avians”, I believe.


      • Well well well…Marcelo Marins (the brazilian youtuber guy I posted) says our higher selves are ideed being captured en mass and put to sleep. With literal mind control centipedes over the vertebral collumn and head, I kid you not. So yes, things are not going the “bestest”.T-rex cocoon guards and mind control centipedes? We really live in a boring reality and these are bald faced lies, or we live in boring fiction mascarading a fantastic reality.

        Marcelo’s cosmology goes more or less like this:

        (1)1st- primordial universe with one layer;2nd with two layers(…)6th with six; 7th super-dense universe where mostly dracos where invited to get banned because no one could bear with them.

        (2)Then we finally get crystal planets where the most spiritually gifted are born because these planets receives direct streams of energy from the 6th-verse and everyone there is kinda super(man). Very high energy, many hz in potency!

        (2) Enter this super red draco who breaks rules and ends up here on earth running from his home in Orion. Instead of nuking earth like mars, he and his pals strike a deal with the (reptile) pleiadians who where supposed to administrate the place and make a super imposed fake prison reality to captalize on loosh farming.

        (3) What they use for that? Some heavily modded hybrid between reptilian and captured actual humans made by a proper recognized race of dark skinned half rep-humans under draco rule (annunaki). So we are supposedly modded less than part humans, made by part human-reptiles made by dracos who used dna from humans they captured as spoils of war.

        (4) The inhabitants of the underimposed reality are the “elementals” who more or less have free pass with portals and mirrors (beware mirrors! Seriously.) and their boss is a huge goat-man called Lucifer who likes to throw cold water at the Red’s plans and teach us magic(so we end up nuked and reseted to fix the cultural mess). The “elementals” mostly stick to nature and will more or less respect you if you respect them, but do not expect nobody to be who they seem to be nor to be saints. Bestiality and pedophilia is rampant in their realm. Also slavery.

        (5) Finally, there are our essences symphoned and put together to a degree in these bodies in this heavy and stagnant dimension we call absolute and solid reality, while becoming religious hypocrates and dual thinking bigots who completely change valor within context and still think we are great and absolute, while barely having morals other than conforming into a consensus dependant slave mentality obssessed with toys and status to stave of the existential dread of being forced into a body that holds about 2% of your complete consciousness. We get some energetic influence here from our bodies, but our actual self is far from earthling human.

        (6) Supposedly other civilizations send their problematic here to learn the hard way while becoming food for the system. Hardly any heroes, no holier-than-thous. Discover who you are, and you are on your way to get away.

        (7) Earth was used a lot since long and there is a fight to liberate the earth cake from Red and his troupe. Historically once by actual negative alien humans, and back in egypt mostly by what would seen like wherewolves called Kiras from the Sirius star system. It was a disastrous bloodbath and the infamous furry community might be the fallout. Yes, search what “furry” means, I dare you! (lol).

        (8) Something about vampiric black mages welcoming “Red”. Very old bunch, very powerfull, very mysterious. No, not some silly human in this dimension.

        (9) The boss red draco name is Jeohva. You might have heard the name somewhere, one of your previous lives name being considered one of the names of “god” and everything, huh?

        The impression I get is that I’ve finally hit a mine of novelty between you two and so it’s hard to water it all up with the old fabrications. Or I get a closer version to reality or I get new spoilers to the new Harry Potter and The Reptilian Matrix. Sweet deal!


      • Hmmmm, “they” are being persistent….”spam filtered” again!!!

        This is a variation of the “seven spheres” philosophy. I am not sure I agree with the sentiment given “time” is ancillary. However, Pane Andov’s “32 layers” between base soul and higher self resonates enough for me to mention it in my book. Doesn’t Rosemary Klem’s book about how the universe was “created” follow the Brazilian’s “model”?

        I’ll comment more when I’ve digested it.


  8. Emphatically agree with points 1 (a little distorted) and 2

    Measuredly agree with points 5-9.

    Point 3 has errors

    Point 4 is utter nonsense…..except in the “reflective” sense.

    I need to reach out to the South African.


  9. have you guys watched that episode from twilight Zone “Woo´s Lost and Founds” or sth like that? That Asian guy looking for his compassion, and along the drama there are this characters showing him opportunities to find his compassion like if there was something he lost, well, maybe it is just like generate bliss to access other existential compatibility on realms already explored by logos arc minds there is the learn from all this prison bound experience, mine reverberating even to the levels of Barney and the Tv serie the dinousaurs judgind me in a court, although im currently borrowing the analogy of Q in star trek and his tests with the captain to compare some of the experiences,

    i read this article how-dragon-worm-turns-blood-rites-difference-between-parasite-and-empowerment by dan-winter, and it tells a lot from this perspective of ascension along with other species

    There is also an episode from Rick and Morty describing insectoid simulation simulation after simulation to explore the mind of the prisoner, in the case the prisoner was rick who invented interstellar travel, and the insects are looking for the “recipe”…

    i mean, man…it is very tiresome even to refer to that point where higher aspects of you have not integrated this experience well, and vice versa but as I thought more than once about what to say here, my fear self says like, man they are all in a role figuring out your selves by yourself, but if my reaction is of refusal am I refusing the aspect i need to integrate? by other standards we might have actually being stolen form this aspects, and simulations are created to work on that reasons…how can you loose sth you are? by becoming sth you are not? well, lots to philosophi about it

    You guys give lots of keywords to google about it, and i remember those wolfs in egypt, once I even read in Egypt in the dream, now i teach people English as foreign language online, and i say man teaching a person another language is sth i can do to help what you guys are refering to as “cultural mess” at least using english knowing there is lots of vibrational bondage in spoken language, and I dont need to wipe this place out of existence for that…so, i dont know, man…thats what i can express approaching to a more refined “endless picture” as “human” view


    • In summary, Samul, you are coming to terms with the perpetual state of human ignorance and its manipulation by malicious forces. A side effect is “what to throw away/but what to keep…..and WHY?”

      Good comment.

      I watch no TV and few movies.


      • According to the material it is aall about Spex Chards and Quinns?

        It is on youtube actually the Twilight episode, not a very good one though annyay, but worth the analogy,



  10. I’ll start by explaining my criticism of point 4 of the earlier text. The weekend has got the better of me and I’ll finish the job next weekend, time permitting. For now I focus only on Lucifer.

    Lucifer is a poorly translated Latin word which is said to mean “light bearer” and make the first (attributed) “religious” reference in Isaiah’s accusation against the Morning Star. Yet, in fact, Lucifer actually means (when correctly translated) “honest flame”. I stretch the point with “honest” as better terminology would be “not concealed”. You see how the bastards change all the word meanings to serve their malicious purposes?

    So, precisely as they did with Satan, Lucifer, a bringer of truth, has been “converted” into the devil.

    As reptilians do not use Latin and any “contextual” commonality is coincidental at best, the use of that word as a “common name” (or uncommon name for that matter) in their society must be presumed to be utter tripe.

    Jehovah and sephardos (from Sephardim) are a whole ‘nother story. Those are aristocratic reptilian names.

    “Paedophilia” and “bestiality” are whimsically derogatory human standards. Are there bestial or paedophile cockroaches, lung fish or toucans? No, they do as nature instructs. So do humans. We, in that sense, are ANIMAL. Some of us, sadly, are rather big headed animals.


  11. Of course I ran out of time. I am compiling another huge article for my other blog.

    I will continue this thread next weekend, but first I need to correct myself.

    There is a name “they” use which approximates Lucifer. It is pronounced (as I hear it) Lissither. They like sounds that roll off the tongue easily. Their alphabet includes sound I cannot utter. The “J” of Jehovah is an issue. I could not see how they could pronounce it, unless it is barked out similar to a “sneeze”.

    Names are very important to them as society works very differently to ours. There are three basic (perhaps more “in detail”) classes – aristocrats who don’t work, but can “manage”, professionals (designers, creators, inventors) and menials (operators and those that do the work).

    In their society, a fighter pilot is a common menial, whereas the designer of the craft is revered.

    Names represent “destiny”, so Lissether (as far as I can interpret) would be given to a boiler maker or, perhaps, any combustion engine designer.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. “(3) What they use for that? Some heavily modded hybrid between reptilian and captured actual humans made by a proper recognized race of dark skinned half rep-humans under draco rule (annunaki). So we are supposedly modded less than part humans, made by part human-reptiles made by dracos who used dna from humans they captured as spoils of war. ”

    My critique:

    An-nun-aki is “everything”. Draco is the tail of the Anunaki hierarchy.

    There are no humans other than our races. We are it.

    There are many Sirian races that look characteristically human, but they are “Martians”.

    A component of Sirian DNA was used to create all human races.

    Human is a collaboration of two genetic assets – pterodactyl Pteroid (hu) and Tyrannosaur Ciaker (man). “Original man” mas Tyrannosaur and NOT Sirian-Martian.

    Sirian-Martian IS a branch of the Anunaki – to make matters even more confusing!!!

    I suspect the so-called red Draco red reptilians are much closer to Pteroids than the Sephardic types.


  13. “God’s intent is definitely not a predisposition towards group lobotomy for the sake of order or “love” (sic).” I liked that.
    The hidden hand pic remembers how flies deposit their eggs, in the most difficult places to reach. When I heard first insects master sound here, i made a connection to crickets, frogs, and birds…it is some of the predominant sounds of the night, besides the wind and thunder, this is a very significant memory from this realm as well


  14. I acquired “A Prelude to Decoding Existence: Absolute Truth from a Reality Channel” through gift card, but “The beauty of Existence Decoded” is not there on Amazon anymore, and when i go search on my digital orders, it is not there too


    • That is because I received nothing from Amazon. “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” is only available from me directly.

      With what I know now, it needs to be substantively rewritten. Some day I will undertake the project and produce a much large volume.


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