Up to now, nothing more than a very occasional sideline, I have been running live consulting sessions via Skype video chat. Counselling has become much more than a revelatory cosmic discovery tour. Regularly I have provided advice on best career paths, how to mend fractures that break a family apart, dream analysis and so much more.


The human genome is vast and all encompassing. However, to discern extra-terrestrial qualities there must be clarity on how to separate numerous genetic characteristics. Because we project a kaleidoscope of different personality traits and quirks, it is generally assumed that this hotchpotch is part and parcel of a uniform  species “the human race”. Not so, but the only way to discern true hierarchical identities is to refer to an identification guide.  From time to time my blog posts provide essential data, but here is the “layman’s” quick reference:


Blue Avian (reptilian)

Can instantly switch from positive to negative emotions regardless of circumstance, treacherous, parochial, obsessive


Intellectual, deep thinker, emotionally volatile, passionate, caring

Lemurian (selective genome)

Curt, courteous, courageous, honourable, physical prodigy

Lumerian (Asian)

Superstitious, diligent, parochial, fundamentalist


Hero qualities, fickle comrade, vain, neurotic, propagandist


Earthy, religious, loyal, virile, practical, easily swayed


Authoritative, principled, majestic, vengeful, genius qualities, reactionary


Doppelganger, rational, witty, trendy, predictable

My sessions are consistently uniquely different because I tune into the moment and provide calibrated  feedback. Inasmuch, agendas are limited to the scope of any client questions. Referred to is an infinite information repository that is unblemished in every respect. Archived information is sacrosanct but haphazard. Maybe I am the only one with direct access, maybe there are many.

I find each session enormously draining. Correct commercial reward should be far, far higher than past tariffs. Therefore, now I offer a scale dependent on “means”. Those of lowest means may contribute US$100 providing that represents a “large purse”. Clients must make three sacrifices to be accepted under consultation.


Financial sacrifice

Postpone all existing beliefs

Open the mind

After a session, reflective criticism is more than welcome. This either highlights your systemisation or my error. Truth cannot err, but interpretations can be false. Many seek further “resolution” to put the new information in perspective. Preconceptions on “how things are” are usually cemented in the eighth birth year, so rectitude can be a long winded and tedious process. Those with courage, vision and enthusiasm may drop me a line quick2learn.steve@y7mail.com