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Archangels and Mere Mortals: iXossana, Zamolxis and Jesus

Archangels and Mere Mortals: iXossana, Zamolxis and Jesus

Populist truthMy last article was focused on our hereditary link to the Annunaki. I discussed the powers associated with communal telepathy, our prospects for so-called “ascension” and some of the long standing, mostly hidden, detracting elements. Humanity likes to gravitate around poles. To use the vernacular, good and evil are the two most popular characterisations of civil obedience. Merely on the strength of an emotional outburst, entire audiences can be persuaded to refute logic and reason in favour of a particular moral slant on behaviour (for or against). Our current myopic populist infatuation with paedophilia is an excellent example of how monsters can be made out of myths (my goodness it is hard to find an article that dares even to question the validity of lynch mob accusations completely unsupported by actual evidence). A serious discussion as to the basis of this would be better devoted to my other website, Ozzie Thinker. Readers will find my bio (and details on my book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”) in the “about” section and, recently, against this a commenter asked what I knew of the mythical figure, Zamolxis. Here is my response.

Science, to a large degree, has travelled the same path and, frankly, suffered the same fate of crusades built on false positives against redundant standards. This is not to say there have been no achievements. Quite the reverse; achievements has been numerous and far reaching. However, the successes are also always limited. Few have seriously considered what Isaac Newton meant by (words to the effect) “everything that can be measured exists”. Geller magnetismpngThe emphasis should be on “can be measured” as it refers to the reality bubble we call perception. Even this is a presumption. Everyone might not perceive things identically. In fact, there is no “might”. Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience abilities separate the human group into those that have extra-sensory perception and those that don’t. Magnetism, from the perspective of tradition science, is another hard to explain attribute. Infamous Uri Geller has been debunked more times than any other individual on the planet (as attested by the continual regeneration of the single piece of “evidence” supplied by a James Randi/Johnny Carson TV show set up in 1993). In Geller’s case magnetism also impacted the power of the mind too. Private sources have informed me that Uri has many lesser known or unknown powers that point to extra-terrestrial intervention.

His Worship Monsignor SchildRecently completing Suzy Hansen’s book, “The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement”, I wonder why she involved the nuclear physicist, Dr Rudy Schild. Maybe it was a good publicity idea designed to give her instant “credibility”. The problem is that anyone with an inkling of cosmic knowledge will quickly draw the conclusion that Rudy has no understanding of universal physics and, in his capacity as ghost writer, is misleading those that do not have astral knowledge. He is talking about stuff he simply doesn’t understand; winging it! In fairness to him, he doesn’t deny the fact (his absence of understanding). Regularly, he cannot come close to fathoming how the Zeta Grey Beings do their “magic”. The problem I have (from the overreaching divine viewpoint) is, if the book was aimed at promoting sincere wisdom for humanity by a species without an agenda (beyond loving education), why on Earth would a transcendental document contain grave errors that defy reason and, in part, augments the same old nightmare controls that have driven us into the quagmire over the eons?

To put it another way – “Trust us. We offer you the same old disinformation supplied courtesy of our cosmic puppet, Rudy Schild.”

Zeta Grey Being and a humanoidMake no mistake, Rudy has been very humble with what he has brought to the table, but, if everything he says is fundamentally wrong, then, surely the Zeta Grey Beings must take some responsibility for their surrogate spokesperson? If there was an overall point to the writing project (which is not entirely clear), in my judgement, it would be to advise humanity (in general) that there are going to be some unprecedentedly violent times which will require a humanitarian lifesaving exercise. According to the hallowed texts, we shouldn’t worry too much (even though there are going to be a lot of casualties) as transcendental trained help has been organised by the Zeta Grey Beings who have everyone in place in readiness for the cycle of events. No indication is given as to what catastrophe or triggers will lead to the ultimate super-disaster; natural, manmade or maybe a combination.

crop_circlesAs, again in my opinion, the Zeta Grey Beings are behind (or creators of) the mysterious crop circles (day to day direct broadcast) testing the human group’s ability to translate logic into reasoned responses, saving humanity seems to be a possible symptom of something bigger rather than a determined cause. Whereas readiness may need a catalytic event (or catalytic events) to wake up the flock in order to stimulate ascension, perhaps all those anticipated dramas won’t be necessary if the result is the same. Rereading this on edit, my point is not absolutely clear, so I will try and rephrase. If the Zetas are playing (or enabling) God by presenting a sink or swim approach to the human survival mindset, to present their charade as absolutely real would be the only way to encourage essential changes of attitude. In this specific case, attitudes [per assumed Zeta reasoning] need to change from self-reliance to group support. Thus, and remembering how the New Orleans disaster panned out, untenable “look after number one for survival of the fittest” reasoning must somehow morph into communism.

To discuss Zamolxis, in particular, with discernment, we must both understand and become able to transfer logic that appreciates transcendentalism. zamolxis grim reaperIn effect, the Zeta Grey Beings (as are other unseen entities) are playing time as if it was a roulette wheel. In doing so, they are hedging bets. The end always trumps the means, but the means are more vital than the end. Zamolxis was a transcendental being that was present a long time ago. Yes, Greek philosophers (such as Herodotus) paint the character as one possibly “in recent memory” or a known king, but the grim reaper ideology was a preparation for the end of mankind (if that was to happen) 10,583BC. Formally, he was the supreme God for the Gatae (or Dacians), peoples of the ancient Balkan region of Thrace. Though, conceivably, legends about him could have even heralded from Romania’s Transylvania.

Caduceus-10Plato’s account (taken from Charmides) is rather more poignant and revealing. He describes the king, Zamolxis (also a God) as one with distinct paranormal abilities. An explicit reference to “soul healing” (temperance) gave him extraordinary powers over life and death “ordinary physicians” did not have. Whereas the Caduceus is a Draco symbol heralding magnificent dragon geneticists’ medicinal prowess, Zamolxis was the transcendental embodiment of one of the archangels. I lean towards Michael, but it may have been any of the others. Insomuch he may have been a transplanted Lemurian originating from the Earth’s nether regions. Several channels insist Lemurian populations were not entirely wiped out by the destruction of Mu (26,000 years ago) and today at least one inner world continent is subject to their governance.

Though I haven’t thoroughly considered the idea, it is possible some of the miracles attributed to Jesus might herald back prior to 10,583BC. Although, I know of a Babylonian region urban legend ceded in 196BC that involved a rather strict miracle healer. He has all the characteristics of a Viracocha (cone headed Zeta hybrid) and I had assumed that was the extent of the mythology contained by Biblical New Testament and Apocryphal texts. Gnostic writings of the Nag Hammadi scrolls fail to note a single healing miracle of Jesus which also casts doubt on the physical aspect of supposed events.

Twisters from God

Jesus is also colloquially known as Hosanna, yet that character was a militant that wandered what was an African island continent, I estimate, 18,850 years ago (or, at least, sometime late in the 17th millennia BC). iXossana (I write it as I see the script) was my ancient incarnation and I was a black man. Africa, at the time, had been cut off from today’s Middle East (which was also submerged) after the deluge caused by the Annunaki circa 35,000BC. Ironically, some of the recent US multiple “twister” events demonstrate eerie energetic hallmarks of Ba’al (manifest form on our reality plane). These beings can cause “natural” weather of ferocity of an unimaginable scale so (thinking of Suzy Hansen’s book) perhaps that is the catalyst of doom the Zeta Grey Beings are referring to. It could also be a possible negative consequence of ascension communion. Dialling into their frequency might encourage them to finish the job they started 120,000 years ago after they determined our creation was illegitimate. What remains of the Atlanteans (quite a lot of misinformation from this source also includes wisdom about the power of crystals and some of their trappings of civilisation) seem to be in no position to step in and save us again. Besides, why would they?

FAKE mars-mohave-ground-squirrelThe Annunaki left (35,000BC) and then global Lemurian dominance spectacularly ended with the destruction of Mu (24,000BC). It is likely the Atlanteans returned (with humanity) from Mars circa 33,000BC (after their own disaster that wiped most of the breathable atmosphere off the planet. Ignore reports from the fake Mars rover), although the exodus may have been staged over a couple of thousand years. Lumerians appear to have joined the Lemurian big settlements sometime after 77,000BC but maintained the relationship with the Atlanteans on Mars until the bitter end. This meant that after the end of Mu, global control was shared between the Atlanteans and the Lumerians. It did not take too long for the news to permeate the nether regions and by about 20,000BC the Draco started to make moves to claim Africa. The Annunaki would have decimated them if they returned so it took a number of millennia for the Draco to build enough confidence to stamp their authority on the surface. Africa, at the time, was a no man’s land so this would not have impinged on occupied territory or conflicted with the Lumerians or Atlanteans.

Futczhi in BrazilVery much later, after the 10,583BC flood and possible end of humanity, the Draco made a treaty with the Zeta Grey Beings who helped them set up the False Light Matrix which backed off extremely ancient natural technologies (stretching back at least 575 million years). For their part, the Zetas were given control of new humans (the Hebrews) in the creation of Zeta-Draco hybrids (sometimes called Futczhi). Reviewing mythical accounts of rainbow serpents (such as Shesha from the Bhagavad Gita), the Annunaki presided over an all-consuming positive energy field, so agendas are by no means clear. Indeed it was Zeta’s meddling in the affairs of the Atlanteans that led to the act of sheer stupidity that ended the technological centre of Atlantis the best part of 15,000 years ago. Before, under instruction of the Annunaki, they acted as consul to the Lemurian kings.

reptilianBy the late 17th millennia BC, the Draco had almost “converted” Africa. We see evidence of that in the methods and beliefs of modern Negro witch doctors (or shamans). Anointed individuals allow themselves to be possessed by foreign entities. These, sometime malicious, spirits communicate through their incarnate host bodies. Spirits are sometimes called Chitahuri (one line in Wikipedia!) and these are rather low level Draco energetic presences that resound to the base emotions. Power is manifest as betrayal, shifting to a fear that transmutes into terror which ultimately leads to immortalisation of the harmonic resonance after the prolonged death of each victim. Healing and other gifts are used to bribe or convert group belief systems over to a state of worship. Voodoo has an enormous hold over the African peoples even today. That’s what iXossana was up against and he tackled the problem with reason and zeal. Much of the “communist” sentiment attributed to Jesus has origins with iXossana or prior. That is why Jesus, the figurehead, is also called Hosanna.

Modern InuitsThere is a Lemurian connection to the other type of shaman. Origins of shamanism can be charted back to Lapland and the Inuit Eskimos. It is fitting that these peoples are the best evidence for extra-terrestrial humans, demonstrated by their unique teeth systems. According to ancient folklore, they originated from a planet near the Dog Star. All other aborigine Indian cultures use related shamanic traditions. Anointed individuals each adopt a spirit guide (usually of the opposite sex through some sort of matrimonial alliance) to undertake journeys of discovery. Lemurians [of a particular type] that used to roam Earth rather remind me of gangly legged Apache braves. A familiar bunched knot would sit conspicuously on an otherwise shaved bare head. Dangling from the clump was always a thin tightly woven plat. Naked, but for large white loincloth nappies, they were a sight to behold. In character, they are a fusion of the noblest native Indian and the most considered regal aristocrat.

Woodcut print of JosephusI have a special section devoted to the Gnostic Jesus on Ozzie Thinker. There is no doubt that Jesus, as the Gnostic, was Josephus (whose name is a clever Latin anagram meaning “bring forth Jesus”). In this capacity, he was a political figure and a normal man. Born thirty seven years after the birth of Christ (0AD), his ministry, predictably and rightly, directly corresponded with the 66-69AD Siege of Jerusalem. The emergence of Christianity (a branch of Judaism) was a consequence of the siege and not an incidental. Taking aside the politics around real Josephus, New Testament and Apocryphal texts pose too many questions supporting multiple character sets/timelines, objectives and agendas to be overlooked. The Synoptic Problem is an enigma studied up to university level and beyond. Jesus, the mystery, has all the hallmarks of something more than natural and whether evidence of iXossana or Zamolxis can be found in holy texts is open to debate. It is a mystery that will surely stand the test of time, immortalised by superstitious beliefs and the conditional ignorance of the masses.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest


There are many myths about dragons that all contain elements of truth or wisdom. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed that they are shy and extremely hard to find. Many of our ancient ancestors devoted entire lives never to find one. But, please don’t fret as it is the discovery tour that makes an interesting and fulfilled life. Any prize is a happy bonus. Indeed, there always is more joy associated with the quest than completing it.







What are Dragons?

Dragon is a version of an older word: Drakkon. In earlier articles I have mentioned the Draco. There is a Draco or “the Draco” (group). Though Drakkon is not widely known or used, there is a dragon and “the Drakkon” (group). When undertaking serious considerations about these beings (not creatures, as they are significantly spiritually mightier than man), it must be from a position of comprehension, particular concerning matters of DNA, God or Gods. Our rudimentary science, as hard as it tries, does not understand DNA at all. Genetic enlightenment cannot be found in the chemical compounds viewed as signatures in nucleic acids and so on. That would be like trying to determine what motivates the weather from the rudimentary analysis of raindrop patterns. Yes, certain clues can be assumed; however, reason and truth are but alien concepts. That is because real DNA cannot be viewed (in the physical sense) as it is stored in a dimension adrift of conscious reality.

When man discovers (or, perhaps better put, if man is allowed to discover) real DNA the secret of our genetic history will be revealed in plain sight. I do not think the brotherhood that manipulates to lead the global “flock” will be around if this happens. My readers do not need them for I can tell you DNA is manufactured in blocks defining vast catalogues of scenarios designed to attribute the infinitely detailed requirements of expressive forces required for all life and the stages beyond. Our DNA allows God to breathe, or perhaps I am giving too much away.

The Drakkon were given control of a particular DNA block under license of Ba’al.

“Wh..what?” I hear a few readers exclaiming, “DNA blocks, Drakkon, Ba’al, eh?”

The Anunaki, Ba’al, Drakkon hierarchy was discussed in an earlier post, but I shall provide summary and some additional information for those that have not read it yet. Contrary to popularised wisdom expounding the observations of Zechariah Sitchin’s interpretation of information housed in a selection of Sumerian stone tablets, the Anunaki cannot be physical. As beings, they exist in a dimensional frequency too far removed from our primitive senses. They are so far removed that even “higher beings” (from man) cannot experience them either. So in order to create a bridge, specific (spectral) character traits of the whole or group manifested as unique beings. The group name of these subordinate Gods is “Ba’al”. Individuals are sometimes described in the Sumerian tablets. Revolting, drooling, sea creatures the likes of “Sassu-wunnu” seem to fit the profile.

Ba’al manifestations are still too far adrift of our conscious reality space to be directly experienced, but in dream state (sub-conscious) it is a different matter. Therefore, some of our distant ancestors made unwise choices of taking strong mind influencing drugs and then engaging in rituals of a violent sexual nature to awaken apparitions of various descriptions. The ceremonies were so dangerous, some died as a result. Ba’al was, rightly, perceived as the closest link to God that could be experienced by man. Of course, they created the Drakkon to manage the Anunaki DNA block amongst other reasons. At a later time, much more recently, they also made a humanoid being which was near enough to our frequency to be experienced (by us), but far enough away (dimensionally) that they could summon Ba’al in their conscious reality. These are recorded in Mayan legends as Viracocha. Some variations became Pharaohs in Egypt and so on.

When the dragons existed in great numbers and of numerous types, the Earth was very different. Thinking about the prospect that “God breathes through hierarchical DNA”, the creation of the dinosaurs make absolute sense when factoring the attributes of the Anunaki (in essence, sea monsters very like H P Lovecraft’s “Satanic” Cthulhu). 3910634-cthulhuReaders may be aware that my first published book in the Dimensions, Deceptions Demons’ (DDD) series “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” (donation or book tango) deals with bottom up creation. “A New World Order” (book two of the DDD series should be released in June this year) discusses Drakkon evolution in detail. Background information begins with a lengthy explanation as to the objectives of top down branched hierarchical approaches to creation (and how these, in some ways, conflict with the bottom up philosophies).

The tragic background to the destruction of Maldek prior to 78 million BC is also explored and I draw conclusions that this event was the origin of the “St George and the dragon” myths. It took over 12 million years for the dinosaurs to die out or transform which, in light of the dramatic changes to the topology of Earth, was a miracle in itself. Few know or realise that this planet has downsized more than once and occupied a number of positions in the cosmos. Setting aside the complex differences as to how individual Holographic Universes function; I focus on explaining how forces of the Holographic Universe One should be interpreted in “A New World Order”. Newton’s calculations may well work, but he did not understand gravity or the dynamic forces holding this planet in its universal orbit. So-called black holes, for instance, may be responsible for Rosine Lallement’s cosmic pulse (EMP) theories (I am advised were made after consideration of ancient Mayan texts). Indeed, one particular black hole, none less than the blocked (congested) Satan Star (euphemistically known as the Black Sun) is a plausible culprit (for intermittent extreme EMP events).

Undoubtedly dragons still existed and were possibly on the Earth (in the physical sense) long after the many transitions beyond the dinosaur age. Then, sometime between 3 and 5 million BC a new man appeared. This version was remodelled from Tyrannosaurus DNA, in part, by the Drakkon. yutyrannus-large2The Earth bound creature closest to the Tyrannosaurus [Rex] today is the sea shark, so cunning, reflexes, power, and patience are all associated character traits. A very, very long time ago (let us say billions of years) there was a shared source of DNA. This split into what is known as the Anunaki and the Annunaki (both are based on the same concept, which is explained in A New World Order). Annunaki genetic lines preside over Pleiadian man DNA. The Drakkon were able to borrow, steal or given license to use Pleiadian DNA. It may have been the result of reparation against the prior war. I discussed the Atlanteans last article. These are “version six” man (hu-man is “version seven” and theoretically a sub-species of Ciakar). St George, aggressor against Maldek, was “version four” man. Therefore the Drakkon used either version four, five or six Pleiadian DNA to create a physical Ciakar (which looked similar to a small, raptor like dinosaur). In higher dimensions some of them look something like the “Incredible Hulk” character.

Tradition has it that a giant cosmic war was centred around Earth about 2.3 million years ago and the Draco Ciakars were forced underground. However, prior to Anunaki governance from 385,000BC, they regularly visited and colonised the surface for extended periods. TianyulongAfter 125,000BC their relationship with Earth’s surface would have been limited to only the wilderness of the time. That is why African Shamans visit the desert regions to connect with the spirits (usually the equivalent of Ciakar extra-dimensional Chitahuri). I have explained Ciakar origins in prior articles, but I will recapitulate here for consistency’s sake.

The Draco were formed from the Anunaki DNA block, under management of the Drakkon. Two branches were created. The earliest one (and probably made just after the demise of the dinosaurs) were the Pteroids. These are now so evolved, senior gene bearers manifest in the fifth dimension. Ciakars are relative late comers, although genetic cousins on other planets have much more distant origins. There is an old wives tale (created by some unknown blabber mouth) that the Draco were so-named because they originated from Alpha Draconis. This is not true. However, their “root” Anunaki>Ba’al>Drakkon did relocate from there to settle Earth after 400 million BC. Many intelligent life forms populate the Alpha Draconis star system, including twenty three different species of Grey Beings, three prominent “Reptilian” branches and other types that are either little or not known.

I would like to finish by explaining some of the legendary characteristics attributed to dragons. There are four basic body types, but so, so many different varieties. One is the traditional “monster”, winged and with long, snarling snout. Another is a rather odd looking creature, being combination of bat, bird, cat and dog. The next is most strange indeed and I have nothing like it illustrated in any esoteric source. Standing upright or man-like, it always features a prominent proboscis either in the style of a horse or, alternatively, an occasional elephant trunk can be seen. Some varieties have a striking hair-do (or what seems like hair) or elaborate, flapping ears. Finally, students will encounter a great variety of serpentine lines.

Stone or snake?

Stone or snake?

The snakes, in particular, shape shift. Some are giant and I have witnessed one (in dream state) cleverly disguised as a railway tunnel, its mouth the entrance. The Australian Aboriginal tales of the Rainbow Serpent refer to a splinter of the Anunaki “light being” Shesha (referenced in the Bhagavad Gita as a giant Cobra possessing a thousand heads). In addition to the snake beings, I have also witnessed other dragons, including a creature with two heads on extended necks. Rather Llama like, displaying brilliant crimsons and oranges inter-spliced by pale greens, to say it was striking would be to understate. In addition, its behaviour was unlike anything I have ever witnessed. Two_headed_dragon_by_NightmareHoundPulsating in a deliberate, aggressive manner as one would imagine could have been the effect of an overdose of steroids; its animation was as contrived as purposelessly illogical.

Dragons, in general, have an exceptional eye for detail and extremely poor temperament. Thus, the expression “dragon like behaviour” is surprisingly apt. Their traditional fire breathing might be misconstrued and, if not, I would say was more likely to be illusory than real. To demonstrate, beings with the ability to switch dimensions create blinding flashes of light when changing realms. grumpy_dragon_by_goldenmurals-d6wu830Could have those “abruptly discovered” dragons made quick, flashing exits to avoid capture from avid St Georges?

Much of the lore built around dragons is found in the spirit realms; magick, rites, incantations, special potions and so on. The extensive properties of dragons’ blood deserve a separate post. Many of those that pursue dragon studies are deeply committed and sincere in their endeavours. They absolutely believe, through extra-dimensional intermediaries, real-time (can this be said of the nether realms?) connection can be made with these powerful, mystifying entities.


In light of the fact there are no physical Pteroids per our perception reasoned existence, it would be fair to assume that there are no dragons either, Polish legends of “Smok Wawelski” (Wawel Dragon) and so on notwithstanding. Earlier versions of man resided in higher dimensional realms, so they could “see” and experience things we cannot today. Even creatures like the mythical Babylonian Sirrush and Griffons may have simply evolved out of existence. All that remains of our forlorn quest are distant legends and questionable tales which highlight the extraordinary past shaping our ancestry. That is the beauty of the discovery tour. Objectives are met by the simple will to know.