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Life of Mars Part One – Inspired by Harry Potter

Life of Mars Part One – Inspired by Harry Potter

Exopolitician presentation

I recently presented at a Sydney exo-politics forum to an audience of mixed ability levels. Sadly, the ugly voice of base atheist-materialism determined to objectivise everything associated with the paranormal inspired an all too familiar cretins’ chorus. As my narrative line failed to affirm these eminently cultured critics’ belief systems, content was judged “unprofessional” to fortify ignorance. The sheer arrogance of creators of mythical propaganda never ceases to amaze me. Elite championed approved versions of pseudo-sciences such as ufology; paranormal studies and spirituality bluster on in the vain hope that someday the mainstream will adopt these devious brands. My goodness, the fools worship permanently unidentified flying objects. If that isn’t insane, I wonder what is. Let me say this, in conclusion. I absolutely believe in democratic fair play and put everything up before the Exopolitician blog’s own committee. The decision found us unanimously against prejudice in support of traditionalism. We have decided to detach from those lofty, fake standards cutely dressed as “professionalism” and have nothing more to do with that Sydney exo-politics organisation.

Harry-Potter-and-the-Deathly-Hallows-–-Part-1-2010JK Rowling’s heroic character, Harry Potter, has been my inspiration to move on. Against all odds, his resilience and belief in pure truths won the day. If that means I have to be a non-violent crusader for faith, then so be it. To conclude my ill-fated presentation, I read a small section of my extended short story, “Life on Mars (Part One) – inspired by Harry Potter”, which was created in the memory of a very different (but perhaps slightly similar) namesake; an impish school chum of mine. The reading followed some very deep, poignant but absolutely non-conformist information on the cosmos, time, Annunaki and formation of two suns after the destruction of Tiamat. Five hours’ worth of content had to be compressed into a strict ninety minutes so, of the thirty scripted power point slides, only eight were covered. A number of audience members (clearly separate from those chorus of cretins) wanted more and one lady (eager to listen on) suggested I prepare to launch a YouTube video illuminating content for the other slides. In light of the irreparable fallout with event organisers, I shall create a complete presentation via video channel. But that is an exciting project for the future.

DigitalMysticalMikeAstropatiaNot everyone was interviewed after the event, but I sensed that my Life on Mars snippet was appreciated by most; if not all. The writing style is so vivid; one audience member asked me if it was based on real life experiences. I had to respond, being honest, that if it was based on real life, it was not a life I recollected. Nevertheless there have been a number of strange connections happening (unbeknown to me at the time of writing) after the fact. Please enjoy this topical extract:

Chipping Norton village had been the centre of attention two weeks before. A boisterous arts and crafts fair had passed through. It was a colourful troop that included mystics, spiritualists and even genuine gypsies. Apparently some had international reputations. One of the locals learned that our village had been cursed for its role in the inquisition, but no one really took any notice. This had come from a strange foreign woman who carried a crystal ball in a small, battered, leather suitcase. Other than that, the lead up to “the event” had shown no irregularities, no suggestions; no insight as to what was to happen. Indeed things had been more normal than normal.

I looked at my watch. Save the mysterious light, it was almost dark. I could barely make out the hour. Nine o’clock! “Well, time for a cup of tea,” I thought.

Then, an almighty crack!

What was that? It sounded like a large tree had just been felled. The ground vibrated. Not being the inquisitive type, I carried on to the small kitchenette where there was a kettle, small stove and all the essentials for tea making. Poking up on one of the shelves was even half a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits. I picked up a small plate, the biscuits and placed them on the side table. The kettle had already started to hiss. That was quick. I had only just switched it on.

Outside a fog began to appear, slowly but distinctly. It was the rolling sort that shimmered in the mysterious luminance.

To the left of the kitchenette was mounted an electric wall clock. The second hand usually went “clack, clack, clack” stridently. It was so loud, in quiet moments it could be heard in the workshop.


Nothing; no hissing, no clacking, just silence. It was as though time had stood still. It’s funny, but it took a few moments for the serenity to sink in. I am sitting there, trying to read a pamphlet in the half light. So absorbed, I almost missed it; the moment time stood still. When it came to me, when I realised, it was too late. “The event” was already happening; so fast, I can barely recount.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a cleft or, at least, I thought that is what it was. The wall to my right side seemed to just open up. First a chink of that mysterious light seeped out, slowly oozing towards me like sticky treacle. The fissure widened to a shaft and then there was just light; blinding, throbbing light.



Our narrator cleared his throat again. “Can someone throw some more wood on the fire? It’s dying low.” He then rummaged in his backpack and produced a tired wooden pipe and a pouch of smoking tobacco. Clearing his throat, once more, for good measure, he proceeded to fill up the bowl, meticulously evening out any odd strand of tobacco. “You like smoking that pipe, sir?” said one of his group obscured by an orange tinted blackish fog made from the combination of the fire and the pressing outer elements.

A vague nod and silence

“Um, now where was I?”

To our left a large bat skipped by. Out of nowhere, silhouetted against the darkness it shocked the be-jeepers out of us. “What was that?” screamed one of our brethren.

“Don’t worry Alan”

The narrator pensively scanned the lack of horizon hoping to make something out of nothing, then lowered his head and began reading again.



A blinding, throbbing light blacked out all sense of perspective; all sense of time. It was as though I was suspended at heaven’s gate. Then there was something; a little movement. Was it an arm? It moved too quickly and faded back into the light. At that point I seemed to lose consciousness.

I don’t know how long I was unconscious for, but it seemed like the next instant I was no longer there. This was an entirely different place. The pulsating light had gone. How did I arrive here?

spaceship_laboratory_by_darkcloud_dc-d3g7t90It took several moments to regain my composure. Only then did I realise I could not move. Paralysed is the wrong word. It was as though I was made of stone. Had I met a fate similar to Hans Solo? If this was carbonite, at least my eyes still worked, but they were fixed. As much as I tried I could not move them side to side.

Ahead of me looked something like a laboratory, but nothing quite resembling anything I had seen before. The floors and walls that I could view were white, as were various cabinets and shelves. There was also some strange intricate mirror work that looked eerily alien. Numerous scattered lights of different colours gave the place an almost festive feel and one long shelf appeared to have been entirely devoted to preserved animals. None looked familiar. Each was mounted on a sturdy wooden base encased in glass. Strange inscriptions of an unknown language using unknown symbols were etched into stylish silver plaques suggesting these were display pieces.

Right at the end of the room were maybe doorways or booths. Just before them was a weird looking spherical vat. It was a translucent green and inside something or some things wriggled. To the very right of visual range a white post or pillar stood about head high. On it perched a radiant sphere of pure gold; quite beautiful, mesmerising even. Surprisingly, there were no noticeable windows or lighting systems, other than the liberally placed fairy lights mentioned prior.

I began to inspect the animals on display more carefully, as many were quite fascinating, when the floor seemed to open up before me. It literally formed a portal. Out popped a head first; then a body and some spindly limbs followed. I tried to gasp but I couldn’t. The face of this thing; creature was almost blank. A tiny slit represented the mouth; minute breathing holes could be just made out where the nose should have been. Its eyes were very large and occupied most of the facial real estate. They were strangely multi-coloured, “rainbow” orbs, although this was perhaps a reflective effect, like cat’s eyes. The head itself was oversized compared to mine and an inverted pear shaped. Its skin, of an off white, or perhaps, grey shade, had a synthetic quality. The image was so unreal, I was not sure if this wasn’t some alien costume. A child or dwarf in fancy dress?

The body was nothing to look at. Small framed, it wore a stylish infant’s jump suit. One piece coloured light beige and noticeably etched into the right breast was a smart space age royal blue and crimson insignia. The left hand clasped a silver pen. It stood stoically. All of a sudden a high pitched chirping, not dissimilar to the sound a field cricket emits, surrounded me. It was as if the creature was talking to me even though the mouth did not move. Rhythms became more frantic and, then, as abruptly as they started, they stopped. Its mesmerising rainbow eyes were also communicating something. I seemed to understand exactly what it wanted just by focusing on those kaleidoscopic irises.

Life on Mars Revision 5 with OT4In a flash the creature before me transformed into a well presented regal looking fellow, human in every way. Wearing a breezy linen suit of mottled mustard contrasting his deep scarlet cravat, in the right lapel was a giant orchid of the most beautiful design. Its fragrance was captivating.

“Sorry old thing, the frequency catalyser is on the blink, damned Ragthusian technology “

“By the way, I’m Pibble, charmed to meet you”

I felt my feet for the first time. My body was on rapid defrost. Everything tingled.

“Buh, buh, buh….buh, buh” was all that came out and I felt drool dribbling down from the left side of my mouth.


WHY?” I exploded. It had not meant to come out as a roar, but all that pent up wanting to move just erupted.

“I understand” exclaimed Pibble. “Yes, this takes quite a bit of getting used to”

Looking pensively, he then said, “Not to worry, old thing, all will be explained on the way”

“We are going on a journey and I think you will like what you see”

With that he smiled broadly.




How to finish a fine read?

contented_lionsTesting content on a number of friends, a couple felt it was ideal as a reading tool to encourage our modern youth. It is not too long, keeps the reader engaged (even in the boring bits) and there is a “payoff” (oh boy, is there just!). In fact the only criticism was; where’s part two? So, I would be most appreciative if you would all raise awareness of the tale on social media networks.

The story is now only available as part of a bundle, including a wonderful audio presentation by myself. You will find a PayPal link and simple instructions on what to do here or there.

Depending on the desire of wanton readerships as expressed by numbers completing the first part of Life on Mars (inspired by Harry Potter), other parts will follow ultimately preparing more serious readers for my next large book, “A New World Order”. This, in light of the constant requests for it to be so, may be produced in print. But that is for a future time beyond the control or whims of our beloved Harry Potter.

Archangels and Mere Mortals: iXossana, Zamolxis and Jesus

Archangels and Mere Mortals: iXossana, Zamolxis and Jesus

Populist truthMy last article was focused on our hereditary link to the Annunaki. I discussed the powers associated with communal telepathy, our prospects for so-called “ascension” and some of the long standing, mostly hidden, detracting elements. Humanity likes to gravitate around poles. To use the vernacular, good and evil are the two most popular characterisations of civil obedience. Merely on the strength of an emotional outburst, entire audiences can be persuaded to refute logic and reason in favour of a particular moral slant on behaviour (for or against). Our current myopic populist infatuation with paedophilia is an excellent example of how monsters can be made out of myths (my goodness it is hard to find an article that dares even to question the validity of lynch mob accusations completely unsupported by actual evidence). A serious discussion as to the basis of this would be better devoted to my other website, Ozzie Thinker. Readers will find my bio (and details on my book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”) in the “about” section and, recently, against this a commenter asked what I knew of the mythical figure, Zamolxis. Here is my response.

Science, to a large degree, has travelled the same path and, frankly, suffered the same fate of crusades built on false positives against redundant standards. This is not to say there have been no achievements. Quite the reverse; achievements has been numerous and far reaching. However, the successes are also always limited. Few have seriously considered what Isaac Newton meant by (words to the effect) “everything that can be measured exists”. Geller magnetismpngThe emphasis should be on “can be measured” as it refers to the reality bubble we call perception. Even this is a presumption. Everyone might not perceive things identically. In fact, there is no “might”. Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience abilities separate the human group into those that have extra-sensory perception and those that don’t. Magnetism, from the perspective of tradition science, is another hard to explain attribute. Infamous Uri Geller has been debunked more times than any other individual on the planet (as attested by the continual regeneration of the single piece of “evidence” supplied by a James Randi/Johnny Carson TV show set up in 1993). In Geller’s case magnetism also impacted the power of the mind too. Private sources have informed me that Uri has many lesser known or unknown powers that point to extra-terrestrial intervention.

His Worship Monsignor SchildRecently completing Suzy Hansen’s book, “The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement”, I wonder why she involved the nuclear physicist, Dr Rudy Schild. Maybe it was a good publicity idea designed to give her instant “credibility”. The problem is that anyone with an inkling of cosmic knowledge will quickly draw the conclusion that Rudy has no understanding of universal physics and, in his capacity as ghost writer, is misleading those that do not have astral knowledge. He is talking about stuff he simply doesn’t understand; winging it! In fairness to him, he doesn’t deny the fact (his absence of understanding). Regularly, he cannot come close to fathoming how the Zeta Grey Beings do their “magic”. The problem I have (from the overreaching divine viewpoint) is, if the book was aimed at promoting sincere wisdom for humanity by a species without an agenda (beyond loving education), why on Earth would a transcendental document contain grave errors that defy reason and, in part, augments the same old nightmare controls that have driven us into the quagmire over the eons?

To put it another way – “Trust us. We offer you the same old disinformation supplied courtesy of our cosmic puppet, Rudy Schild.”

Zeta Grey Being and a humanoidMake no mistake, Rudy has been very humble with what he has brought to the table, but, if everything he says is fundamentally wrong, then, surely the Zeta Grey Beings must take some responsibility for their surrogate spokesperson? If there was an overall point to the writing project (which is not entirely clear), in my judgement, it would be to advise humanity (in general) that there are going to be some unprecedentedly violent times which will require a humanitarian lifesaving exercise. According to the hallowed texts, we shouldn’t worry too much (even though there are going to be a lot of casualties) as transcendental trained help has been organised by the Zeta Grey Beings who have everyone in place in readiness for the cycle of events. No indication is given as to what catastrophe or triggers will lead to the ultimate super-disaster; natural, manmade or maybe a combination.

crop_circlesAs, again in my opinion, the Zeta Grey Beings are behind (or creators of) the mysterious crop circles (day to day direct broadcast) testing the human group’s ability to translate logic into reasoned responses, saving humanity seems to be a possible symptom of something bigger rather than a determined cause. Whereas readiness may need a catalytic event (or catalytic events) to wake up the flock in order to stimulate ascension, perhaps all those anticipated dramas won’t be necessary if the result is the same. Rereading this on edit, my point is not absolutely clear, so I will try and rephrase. If the Zetas are playing (or enabling) God by presenting a sink or swim approach to the human survival mindset, to present their charade as absolutely real would be the only way to encourage essential changes of attitude. In this specific case, attitudes [per assumed Zeta reasoning] need to change from self-reliance to group support. Thus, and remembering how the New Orleans disaster panned out, untenable “look after number one for survival of the fittest” reasoning must somehow morph into communism.

To discuss Zamolxis, in particular, with discernment, we must both understand and become able to transfer logic that appreciates transcendentalism. zamolxis grim reaperIn effect, the Zeta Grey Beings (as are other unseen entities) are playing time as if it was a roulette wheel. In doing so, they are hedging bets. The end always trumps the means, but the means are more vital than the end. Zamolxis was a transcendental being that was present a long time ago. Yes, Greek philosophers (such as Herodotus) paint the character as one possibly “in recent memory” or a known king, but the grim reaper ideology was a preparation for the end of mankind (if that was to happen) 10,583BC. Formally, he was the supreme God for the Gatae (or Dacians), peoples of the ancient Balkan region of Thrace. Though, conceivably, legends about him could have even heralded from Romania’s Transylvania.

Caduceus-10Plato’s account (taken from Charmides) is rather more poignant and revealing. He describes the king, Zamolxis (also a God) as one with distinct paranormal abilities. An explicit reference to “soul healing” (temperance) gave him extraordinary powers over life and death “ordinary physicians” did not have. Whereas the Caduceus is a Draco symbol heralding magnificent dragon geneticists’ medicinal prowess, Zamolxis was the transcendental embodiment of one of the archangels. I lean towards Michael, but it may have been any of the others. Insomuch he may have been a transplanted Lemurian originating from the Earth’s nether regions. Several channels insist Lemurian populations were not entirely wiped out by the destruction of Mu (26,000 years ago) and today at least one inner world continent is subject to their governance.

Though I haven’t thoroughly considered the idea, it is possible some of the miracles attributed to Jesus might herald back prior to 10,583BC. Although, I know of a Babylonian region urban legend ceded in 196BC that involved a rather strict miracle healer. He has all the characteristics of a Viracocha (cone headed Zeta hybrid) and I had assumed that was the extent of the mythology contained by Biblical New Testament and Apocryphal texts. Gnostic writings of the Nag Hammadi scrolls fail to note a single healing miracle of Jesus which also casts doubt on the physical aspect of supposed events.

Twisters from God

Jesus is also colloquially known as Hosanna, yet that character was a militant that wandered what was an African island continent, I estimate, 18,850 years ago (or, at least, sometime late in the 17th millennia BC). iXossana (I write it as I see the script) was my ancient incarnation and I was a black man. Africa, at the time, had been cut off from today’s Middle East (which was also submerged) after the deluge caused by the Annunaki circa 35,000BC. Ironically, some of the recent US multiple “twister” events demonstrate eerie energetic hallmarks of Ba’al (manifest form on our reality plane). These beings can cause “natural” weather of ferocity of an unimaginable scale so (thinking of Suzy Hansen’s book) perhaps that is the catalyst of doom the Zeta Grey Beings are referring to. It could also be a possible negative consequence of ascension communion. Dialling into their frequency might encourage them to finish the job they started 120,000 years ago after they determined our creation was illegitimate. What remains of the Atlanteans (quite a lot of misinformation from this source also includes wisdom about the power of crystals and some of their trappings of civilisation) seem to be in no position to step in and save us again. Besides, why would they?

FAKE mars-mohave-ground-squirrelThe Annunaki left (35,000BC) and then global Lemurian dominance spectacularly ended with the destruction of Mu (24,000BC). It is likely the Atlanteans returned (with humanity) from Mars circa 33,000BC (after their own disaster that wiped most of the breathable atmosphere off the planet. Ignore reports from the fake Mars rover), although the exodus may have been staged over a couple of thousand years. Lumerians appear to have joined the Lemurian big settlements sometime after 77,000BC but maintained the relationship with the Atlanteans on Mars until the bitter end. This meant that after the end of Mu, global control was shared between the Atlanteans and the Lumerians. It did not take too long for the news to permeate the nether regions and by about 20,000BC the Draco started to make moves to claim Africa. The Annunaki would have decimated them if they returned so it took a number of millennia for the Draco to build enough confidence to stamp their authority on the surface. Africa, at the time, was a no man’s land so this would not have impinged on occupied territory or conflicted with the Lumerians or Atlanteans.

Futczhi in BrazilVery much later, after the 10,583BC flood and possible end of humanity, the Draco made a treaty with the Zeta Grey Beings who helped them set up the False Light Matrix which backed off extremely ancient natural technologies (stretching back at least 575 million years). For their part, the Zetas were given control of new humans (the Hebrews) in the creation of Zeta-Draco hybrids (sometimes called Futczhi). Reviewing mythical accounts of rainbow serpents (such as Shesha from the Bhagavad Gita), the Annunaki presided over an all-consuming positive energy field, so agendas are by no means clear. Indeed it was Zeta’s meddling in the affairs of the Atlanteans that led to the act of sheer stupidity that ended the technological centre of Atlantis the best part of 15,000 years ago. Before, under instruction of the Annunaki, they acted as consul to the Lemurian kings.

reptilianBy the late 17th millennia BC, the Draco had almost “converted” Africa. We see evidence of that in the methods and beliefs of modern Negro witch doctors (or shamans). Anointed individuals allow themselves to be possessed by foreign entities. These, sometime malicious, spirits communicate through their incarnate host bodies. Spirits are sometimes called Chitahuri (one line in Wikipedia!) and these are rather low level Draco energetic presences that resound to the base emotions. Power is manifest as betrayal, shifting to a fear that transmutes into terror which ultimately leads to immortalisation of the harmonic resonance after the prolonged death of each victim. Healing and other gifts are used to bribe or convert group belief systems over to a state of worship. Voodoo has an enormous hold over the African peoples even today. That’s what iXossana was up against and he tackled the problem with reason and zeal. Much of the “communist” sentiment attributed to Jesus has origins with iXossana or prior. That is why Jesus, the figurehead, is also called Hosanna.

Modern InuitsThere is a Lemurian connection to the other type of shaman. Origins of shamanism can be charted back to Lapland and the Inuit Eskimos. It is fitting that these peoples are the best evidence for extra-terrestrial humans, demonstrated by their unique teeth systems. According to ancient folklore, they originated from a planet near the Dog Star. All other aborigine Indian cultures use related shamanic traditions. Anointed individuals each adopt a spirit guide (usually of the opposite sex through some sort of matrimonial alliance) to undertake journeys of discovery. Lemurians [of a particular type] that used to roam Earth rather remind me of gangly legged Apache braves. A familiar bunched knot would sit conspicuously on an otherwise shaved bare head. Dangling from the clump was always a thin tightly woven plat. Naked, but for large white loincloth nappies, they were a sight to behold. In character, they are a fusion of the noblest native Indian and the most considered regal aristocrat.

Woodcut print of JosephusI have a special section devoted to the Gnostic Jesus on Ozzie Thinker. There is no doubt that Jesus, as the Gnostic, was Josephus (whose name is a clever Latin anagram meaning “bring forth Jesus”). In this capacity, he was a political figure and a normal man. Born thirty seven years after the birth of Christ (0AD), his ministry, predictably and rightly, directly corresponded with the 66-69AD Siege of Jerusalem. The emergence of Christianity (a branch of Judaism) was a consequence of the siege and not an incidental. Taking aside the politics around real Josephus, New Testament and Apocryphal texts pose too many questions supporting multiple character sets/timelines, objectives and agendas to be overlooked. The Synoptic Problem is an enigma studied up to university level and beyond. Jesus, the mystery, has all the hallmarks of something more than natural and whether evidence of iXossana or Zamolxis can be found in holy texts is open to debate. It is a mystery that will surely stand the test of time, immortalised by superstitious beliefs and the conditional ignorance of the masses.

The Power of Communion-ism

The Power of Communion-ism

new-atlantisHuman civilisation has progressively evolved to an age of totalitarian science-atheism. The fact standards are based on philosophies that embrace so-called materialism is no accident. Indeed, rather, it has been a prerequisite for the planners. Is_God_DeadThey knew, once atheism was formalised, God was dead and humanity could not experience magic associated with ascension.

A background to breeding

Even today the importance of bloodlines or “breeding” is ever-present, particularly in the higher echelons of societies. Doubtlessly, this is as much about protecting “hereditary” fiscal interests as genetics, but would it really matter if a commoner entered the fold to become rich beyond his or her wildest dreams? Fiscally no, except possibly in terms of behavioural management. Those that research the rich and famous, royalty in particular, regularly find marriages are engaged for genetic reasons, so this cannot be entirely coincidental.

liquid_designs_19102008_232842png_2Given the mountain of propaganda that passes as “history”, I have a dilemma. Surely, the elite bloodlines must be impressed by some of it? But equally, surely, they must be a little bit common too? According to the mainstream account, bloodlines uphold breeding which ensures the correct measure of responsibility for management of fiscal affairs. This is routinely supported by special education. In other words, commoners are taught differently to the elites. There are many dedicated schools and colleges. Some impose an entrance exam, but as elites are not necessarily any more intelligent than commoners, there is always the option of buying into credentials.

The perplexing question, for me, is; are the elites taught an entirely different version of the historic development of the universe and ancestry of man?

A deep history and interconnecting past

Robert Morning SkyMy long awaited and unfinished book, “A New World Order”, discusses precisely this. The deep history of man long predates the Earth’s own creation. Indeed, Robert Morning Sky’s enigmatic work, “The Terra Papers” points out that, originally only two planets orbited our sun. A very, very large Earth competed with Mercury for solar space. That was it! An original sun preceded and overlapped the current one so, for a long time, explained later, we had two suns until one burnt out.

The Terra Papers barely mentions origins in the Orion’s Belt. There “Earth” was at least 40, but maybe up to 100 times its current size. It deposited most of the materials that were used to create today’s solar system. Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus are all pieces of “old Earth”, although it had a different name then. In fact, modern day Earth is the remnants of reconstructed Tiamat. According to the Ganymede (Jupiter’s moon) based Lemurians, Earth doesn’t exist as a new timeline was created after the destruction of Tiamat. Yeah, crazy stuff!

To think of an individual planetary land area, a continent, that is so expansive it would equate to the entire surface area of Earth or more, blows my mind. Giants on EarthMonstrous domains of this type might well have supported the kilometres high gargantuan “men” Enoch describes in his pseudepigraphical texts. If everything is based on scales, then the size of men might directly correspond with the geometric volume of each planet.

Mankind is spiralling out of control

I talk about the six versions of human preceding us, each respectively downgraded for abuses of power. To be brutally frank we, “Version Seven”, appear to have learnt nothing. This is why I wonder whether the elites have been taught real history or if the illusion is projected like a veil designed to consume every “thinking being”. Do even the three sorry individuals at the very top of the pyramid know the truth?

Fortunately, a few with all eyes open do turn up to guide mankind periodically (though God only knows if their messages have any impact at all). If we take the destruction of Tiamat, recreating Earth, well, that event collapsed the solar system. Suns don’t die instantly and ours took 1.3 billion years to finally disappear. The problem with the existing one, the sun we know and love, is it distributes black light. zeta_reticuli_grey_alien_by_firmino17-d4mqaprThe Zeta Grey Beings were so concerned on how negatively this was affecting the psyche of man; they attempted to disconnect our electro-magnetic field in 1943. Their hi-tech procedure went completely and disastrously wrong. Historically, it was recorded as the Philadelphia Experiment.

Why disconnect the sun’s energy field?

As I explain in my e-book (which is now being distributed in a printable version), “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”, the sun is a lot more than a light source. Put in the simplest terms, its electro-magnetic field manages our DNA. Want more details? Get the book. Thus, if the negative spectrum is being accentuated in the build-up to ascension it would mean a greater tendency towards individualism and personal sovereignty than communion.

3661301-mateAgreed, mankind is broken into complex social herds, but individuals merely manipulate each group’s goodwill for their own parasitic ends. If there was a clear antipathy to communion it would be sexual abstinence. That is why successive attempts at global supremacy have seen sex as the greatest threat. Sex is not an individual pursuit, but promotion of systems recommending unions of any more than two would see the death of individualism.

Imagine a world where the normal friendly ways of greeting were all varieties of sexual intercourse (look up the meaning of the word “intercourse”). Take away our age restrictions (incidentally, most are in place as “control mechanisms”) and society would be unrecognisable. 20130420_IRD003_0Children, while we are on the subject, should be equal parts of society. Social responsibility would mean they are everyone’s shared obligation. Gone are the maternal/paternal slave masters, though parental bonding would continue to flourish. Also, a lot of people overlook the power of sex, but more importantly, the implications of prohibition. That is why the hippie sexual movement of the 1960’s was so damaging to globalist framework. Indeed, they were forced to rewrite plans between 1971 and 1975 as a consequence.

Real Communism versus faux Capitalism

The modern day version of Secularism has followed the lines of Zionist inspired anti-defamation, although, unlike the Israelite instrument for control, members are passionate about eradicating interference (here is the British Society). High Victorian versions blossomed into, what is now tritely termed, Anarchism. Anarchists, surprisingly (for those that bother to inspect the detail), pushed the idea of total liberty for humankind. What dreadful thugs? (being sarcastic)


You see how the Medias play with your minds?

Back in the 1870’s, because these weak minded terrorists (sarcasm again) saw value in sharing things; elevated communities, Anarchism attracted the new stigma – Communism. This, in its current form, had been invented by the bored industrialist economist, Karl Marx, published as a manifesto in 1848-49 as a churlish fantasy determining council (presidium) administration of just about every facet of life. pic_2011-02-13_032204Later forms in Russia and China were used to test the effectiveness of Globalism (i.e. the control of all peoples using one arbitrary body).

Louisa Sarah Bevington and James Tochatti, to name a couple of notable commoner thinkers of the 1880’s (though much of their sentiment is labelled pseudo-science now), were libertarians. But if the term communism is to be taken seriously, it would emphasise communion for the goodness of the group. Globalists, empowered by the traitor Marx, made sure that communist people were starved of liberties to benefit them.

Jose Arguelles communion telepathy experiment

artist-jose-arguelles-valum-votanJose Arguelles is a character shrouded in synchronistic mystery. His life and works, perhaps, deserve a separate post or posts. Largely most famous for his interpretations of Mayan wisdom (notably partially deciphering their enigmatic calendar), he is said to have believed he was the reincarnation of the 7th century great sageBLOG-haei91y9, Pacal Votan.

For this entry, I would like to focus on his participation with the Noosphere II Project which is devoted to triggering/managing a global shift of consciousness (particularly after the, though erroneous, 2012 “catalyst”). Driven by Arguelles (who, sadly, died mid-stream in 2011)Telepathy in conjunction with the Russian Academy of Science (its branch ISRICA) was a global telepathy component.

There is more to this than immediately meets the eye. Telepathic communion is the only way humanity can break free from the hold of the False [light] Matrix. Next to me (sorry for the idle boast, but I can’t resist it) that made Arguelles the most enlightened (human) being on the planet. Once we, as a unit, can achieve connection at that level we will not only be given unimaginable powers, but will be ready to ascend. The problem is; it’s all or nothing because “God” is not a Racist. I quietly laugh at all those “powers” with their tinker-toys. If only they knew all they had to do is let go and they would receive riches and rewards that would surpass the imagination.

False [light] Matrix for other-worldly controllers


Following on from my earlier example of negative influences directing progress of our DNA, there is another important facet of man’s development. Version Seven human (us) was a critical branch from Annunaki order as we are a combination of Ciakar and Atlantean (Version Six) human. DracoBecause we (humans) were created by them [and are consequential subordinates], the Draco (Ciakar/Pteroid cooperative) have taken a keen interest in our development, most specifically, as “stock”.

It would be unfair to say they view us in the same way we treat livestock, for instance. RR_The_Antichrist_Dajjal_Reptilian_Shapeshifter_P5__42946But, as their “order” augments slave/master social/family status to the letter, conflict over sovereign rights would quickly meet deadlock if their governance of us was even slightly transparent. Spiritually, contrary to popular tittle-tattle dressed as wisdom, they are vastly superior to us. Nevertheless, we want our sovereignty.

To control flows of human thoughts (and sometimes intercept and disrupt threatening developments), a very ancient (maybe 600 Million years old) methodology leveraging the Earth’s crystalline support struts was adapted. Not-of-this-world technologies monitor every single human mental exchange. Consequentially, the Draco have constantly manned surveillance systems that work in a vaguely similar way to our backward HAARP technologies.

A battle over stock ownership

reptilian human

The embryo of our initial hybridisation (there have been various waves that have not been successfully deciphered by the Genome Project, thus far) 125 thousand years ago led to an almost immediate violent war between the Draco and Annunaki (who, theoretically at least, own all Draco genetics too). Were we not saved by the Atlanteans (who shipped us off to Mars out of harm’s way) there would be no “human race”. I discuss this in greater detail in “A New World Order”.

Due to an earlier conflict, the Draco had been banished (or restricted) to inner realms and only ventured to the surface when the Annunaki were away for significant periods (often thousands of years). After we were created at times of absence they appointed Lemurian Kings (who were of the Zeta Grey Being genus) to mind the fort, in light of Draco interference.

Not a Lemurian but looks coolHowever, 35,000 years ago, the Annunaki famously (according to the Sumerian mythology) caused a great flood and left Earth for good. That “great flood”, incidentally, submerged North Africa and went all the way up to the Caspian Sea. 24,000 years ago Lemurian control ended with the catastrophic meteorite impact that turned the continent of Mu into the Pacific Ocean (what is on sea bed?).

Reconnecting with the “Gods” to bring on the magic

star-that-you-areThe Annunaki, in many ways, never left. They are energetic beings that are not able to manifest in our dimensional plane other than through us. Telepathic communion will awaken the God within us and activate magical properties of the Annunaki.

An Aladdin’s Cave waits for the brave, sincere generation ready to embrace meekness. Did not Flavius Josephus say “The meek shall inherit the Earth”? He was referring to a communion that accentuates the Annunaki.

Big Trouble in Little Earth

Big Trouble in Little Earth


Though I have not investigated source information, I have been given a vital key to some of the mysteries behind the political framing of humanity. The enslavement of “children” via “God complex” of parental oversight is no accident. This has become the template for unrealistic and oppressive behavioural boundaries instilled into societies at large. Whereas different races and cultures live by different sets of guidelines, other than shamanic tribes that work off alien custom/rule based paradigms, all systemically oppress.

An unknown author

I am more attracted to unknowns than the famous. Regrettably, a once considered “pure” information source, Simon Parkes, has also gathered the moss of corruption. As with David Icke, he balances some questionable practices and vague sentiment with a Machiavellian onslaught for general injustice against humanity. Unlike Icke, he is not a populist. Being unique in his own right still makes Parkes brilliant and special; but, “buyer beware”.

The Orion Project - Real Or Imaginary - Eva Draconis - eBook Cover smMy latest discovery is the author, researcher and star seed, Eva Draconis (See I would like, initially, only to give a brief introduction but, as she is a very special talent, the plan is to write a feature post about some of her experiences and research work. She, rightly, has turned many of my prior opinions on their head and because of it I have drawn updated conclusions that “body types” are not necessarily evidence of energetic status. By this I mean, and as I describe in great detail in “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” (See, the logic that the filtered energetic body must match the precise form of the [prepared] body [note – some bodies are produced impaired] is not cast in stone. Thus, she talks of a highly emotional, “reptilian”, Mantis type that was genetically modified by one of the reptile hierarchies. Her website offers an abundance of writings (some quite disturbing) and I recommend her extensive collection of notes recording inter-terrestrial experiences. Details on her wonderful book “The Orion Project – Real or Imaginary?” can be found here (See

An accidental meeting

My local exo-politics society, SYDUFOR (See, held an event recently. Usually there is a key note speaker or two but, other than Doug Moffett (See analysing his latest mainstream media bulletin (lasting a couple of seconds), there was only a screening of a private questions session with and the movie about Travis Walton (See The singular reason I turned up was because I had promised to hook up with someone there and, to be honest, if I had read the brief prior, I would not have arranged to meet. Indeed, the movie appeared that unappealing to a time challenged author, it took an enormous effort not to pass and let down my contact.

Travis-Walton1-500x625I am glad I did not as Travis was, it can only be said, majestic in every sense of the word. He was the spirit of everything humble, positive and profound. The “country bumpkin” or “redneck” label is neither warranted or in any way fair. This is a man that can not only speak intelligently, he offers an uncorrupted heart. Short of persuading humanity to empower regimes driven by selfless devotion to contribution-ism, he covered just about all positive bases that gnarl the mainstreamers. The larger part of sentiment, by Walton and others, was apportioned to heading the debunkers and sceptics off at the pass. Nevertheless, and ignoring the lustrous graphics supposedly depicting extra-terrestrial visitors of the time, very little of the content was devoted to the actual experience [beyond reflections on trauma and so on].

The Zeta Grey Being Connection

The little that was revealed was extremely interesting indeed. Precisely in the same way Suzy Hansen explores technological “multi-purpose” spacecraft control chairs in her excellent book, “The Dual Soul Connection” (see about the Zeta Grey Beings, so too, did Walton. They both also talk of interactive holographic map guidance systems. Though the movie pictures gave a different message, his memory, we learnt, was of small, non-human creatures with jet black piercing eyes. Not a particularly flattering description but, perhaps, an apt one. It turns out, though, the Zetas came back to resurrect him after he was struck by a violent power beam from their intergalactic craft. All eye witnesses felt certain “nothing could have survived that”.

Possibly a computer generated image, but at least partially based on a real Zeta "energy body" (note the eyes)

Have the Americans resurrected the millions innocently killed in Iraq in “friendly fire” or even compensated families correctly? Our angelic Zeta Grey Beings were so aggravated by the accidental death of Travis, they came back to fix him up. And I’ll tell you what; he’s really pleased they did! In fact, in my opinion, he was more that “fixed up”. An early film shows him displaying a “normal” humanoid energy field as one would expect, but later moving images see an intermittent secondary field of great power that seems to guide him. The wooded area that the spacecraft visited has grown faster and lusher than anywhere else in the forest, substantially defying science-reason. As the Zeta Grey Beings have abilities that transcend space, motion and are renowned in their understanding of [and ability to manipulate] timelines, was this an accident? The Travis Walton murder inquiry made US national “news”. His abduction revelations saw that catapult to international banner headlines. The establishment’s blue book strategy had collapsed with one tragic event; the event to herald the awakening of humanity.

Sceptics and Debunkers acting in the Interests of Zionism

From sold "KGB" archives

From sold “KGB” archives

The timing (1975) of the Travis Walton case also coincided with a peak in interest in Erich von Daniken (See, particularly amongst the sceptics who had found irrefutable evidence to debunk his sentiment – a number of Mayan artefacts had been faked. They [our irrepressible sceptics] failed to relay these were [believed to be] copies of originals but, also, to his plight, von Daniken had been less than zealous with his research discipline, taking the view that such bountiful hoards would ultimately trump festering detracting truths hidden in the detail. His energy field, incidentally, shows distinct reptilian qualities (perhaps picked up in old age) and that would explain the “political correctness” of more recent interviews. Nevertheless, I am relishing Saturday’s presentation with David Hatcher Childress.

Readers are doubtlessly aware I run two websites. Work I do as Ozzie Thinker (See addresses issues or information that includes items that focus on political conscience (is that an oxymoron?). One of the working areas of interest that impacts exo-politics is the ever more brutal and self-serving agendas of those that call themselves “Zionists”. Years ago, I occasionally communicated with a fraudulent Israelite “dissident” called Roy or Roi Tov (See His role, it is clear, is to translate the mindless sentiment of the Israelite bureaucracy for the wider understanding of “ignorant” English speakers unversed in the poetic implications of Hebrew idiom. My final e-mail to Roy touched a nerve. I expressed great concern with the “extra-terrestrial” creatures “constantly mining the Earth’s core” and asked of his knowledge of their relationship with Israel. Not only did he not respond, but swiftly reclassified all further correspondence as “spam”. From that I ascertained two things were certain. There was a relationship and he knew about it.

Zeta Grey Being Doppelgangers Have Confused Experts and Sceptics

This is the earliest stage of my investigations into the genetically modified Andromedan humans (Note: Original Star Trek series 2 episode 22 is entertaining and mildly relevant, but some way off the mark). It is interesting self-proclaimed “Andromedan”, Alfred Lambremont Webre (See, has one of the most profound Ciakar (reptilian) energetic signatures I have witnessed. His ramblings about a phony war with the Draco and other pointers (which suggest he is on the Zionist “payroll”) have swayed my early conclusions. The “Andomedans”, according to Webre, unsurprisingly, are “winning” and represent everything “virtuous”. Double negatives and positives lure trivial minds into “believing” up is down and down is up.

a-grey-alien-dark-skies-29955417-400-300There is that other enigmatic pseudo-truth presented by the late Karla Turner. Though she was, in my opinion, an agent of the CIA (witting or unwittingly – as are so many clairvoyants), her information on the inner world Grey Beings was pure [energetically]. Up to this juncture, I have been baffled by the truth. How could these beings have been “grown like flowers” very quickly (to keep them in near foetal state) from “human” sperms? Primarily, other than organisms that “split” to reproduce, everything else requires a “male” and “female” joining for active conception. To produce “life” as we know it, a seed or egg is the prerequisite. Sperm and pollen “activate” the mechanism.

Of course, I access the worlds of strange technologies and in these larger than life domains anything is possible. Like other grounded humans, I do not expect to encounter it in the flesh here. Living automatons (of other fantastic worlds) are reproduced from genetic offcuts. These are called “rebrids” and are significant because they are “soulless”. A human egg hosts the shadow body which is our magnetic soul. Thus, deduction tells me that rebrids are egg-free.

But why do the Andomendan “humans” look identical to the Zetas? Might not the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” adage figure here?

Who or What Controls the Inner Domains of our Planet?

Mainstreamers instinctively believe the 1950’s theory (adapted from Inge Lehmann’s 1936 observations. See that the Earth has a molten iron core is sacred. I am not going to devote any time to the pointless circular arguments “justifying” belief systems concerning the inner realms. Readers may choose to ignore the truth and remain blind or not, as the case may be. For the progressives, here is the unverifiable certainty. There are five layers or “strata” to inner Earth. Three to four are inhabited with life systems similar to our own; with some notable variations. One section is very hot and has oceans of plasma. This is inhabited by entities which are beyond our dimensional density.

Shambala Inner EarthThere are many theories and explorers tales about the inner realms. Sir Isaac Newton’s backer, Edmond Halley (See, is attributed as the first to present the mid-world model, which included a celestial sun. It is odd, given this information, that Newton deciphered and calculated gravity the way he did. I discuss this in my soon-to-be-published “A New World Order”. Other than strange zoological humanoids and miniature people reputedly witnessed on uncharted journeys, there is little to challenge the mainstream mind. Although, interestingly 200 year old Nordic accounts of mischievous “imps” (devils) are described very similar to the Grey’s. Esoteric writers, on the other hand, talk of shape-shifting reptilian strongholds, including the notorious golden city of Shambala. Others suggest the Lemurians may have moved to the centre of the Earth after a c. 24,000 BC comet disaster wrecked the surface regions (now under our Pacific Ocean).

Ignoring the repugnant dying “Tall Grey” Mother Race (which live in caverns close to the surface but number less than 1000 in total now), at least one source states “Grey Beings” control the inner Earth realms. These could surely be none other than the regularly filmed so-called “robot” Greys.

The Robot Greys

There are reports of hostile abductions and mistreatment of captives by the Zeta Grey Beings. However, experts Judy Carroll (See and Suzy Hansen both insist that some people undergoing the traumatic experience clam up and are so frightened of their hosts; they give no feedback on state of mind, discomfort, pain and so on. Most of these entities do not intrinsically understand the needs/whims of humans because they are not human! Thus, “misunderstandings” are now relayed as ill-treatment.

Caged grey

According to Simon Parkes, his experience with the robot Greys (not Zetas) revealed they could be deliberately deceptive and did not seem to possess any sort of conscience. He gave an example of one ignoring a dying man waiting to be transported from a hallway. It was a simple case of moving him to surgical rooms, but the Grey would not take the initiative. He gave another illustration which showed they knew damned well what was “right” from “wrong”, but traded ignorance for political point scoring.

It is not all bad as there are accounts of miracle surgeries being performed by these little guys and other acts of unconditional benevolence. Overall, nevertheless, they are cast as having an unassuming arrogance.

The Draco and the Grey Beings

Many individuals have presented accounts of reptilian Grey Being partnerships. Mostly, though not always, opinions are negative, but none more so, in my view, than the “evidence” revealed by Karla Turner (See

Her accounts, however, are so unrepresentative of Ciakar (colloquially known as Draco) ethos; I think the objective [of communications] was to sensationally attract weak minded people in the same way that mainstream “news” bulletins activate robust mindlessness. We feel we have the absolute, God given, right to sovereignty over our own lives but the Draco know this is nonsense. That is where the “conflict” regularly rears as the way they “open up” a “closed” human is via conquest. In their opinion, for instance, women are “raped” for their own good.

Added to that their societies very much work off the slave/master principle and, under those terms, the master literally owns the life of each slave. That does not sit well with fiercely independent human beings.

A Paedophile Conspiracy

Regularly Grey Beings accompany “chameleons” [shape shifting Ciakars] on abduction outings. Without genitalia, they can’t partake of the sexual antics, but have been known to bark telepathic “orders” to would-be recruits.

Brazilian GreyRegularly, it is [human] children that are selected for sexual tests; some very young. Satisfying wild imaginations, just about every desperate combination of “perversion” has allegedly been covered by these titillating accounts. For at least one case, unusual human behaviours that would be erstwhile “normal” were it not for the current over-zealous “anti-pedo” climate in the mainstream, would, it seems to me, perhaps “cover up” what might be judged as a “crimes” by offended parties. From the reptilian perspective many of these supposed attacks make no sense whatsoever.

Sexual energy goes inwards in [normal] children. This, at the right time (perhaps triggered by hormones), reverses direction. Introvert purity is converted to extrovert sexuality. There may be instances where the relationship between sexual energy, manifestation and its scope and range are tested by Draco authorities. Let’s suppose they enjoy “uncorking the bottle”.

A 6000 Years Old Control of Humanity

By way of conclusion, in the early stages of investigation, I understand [indirectly] that a new source is claiming a genetically modified human from the Andromeda star system visited and conquered Earth. Calculating a fundamental interpretation of the datelines of the origins of man using the Biblical Genesis chronology, everything started 6,013 years ago. This was about (or precisely) the alleged time the Andromedans colonised the Earth.

bush grey alienThere is a very strong Draco energetic presence around the Knesset in Israel and I believe the robot Greys have some kind of relationship. A distinctive (possibly “energetic”) “Small Grey” was filmed viewing a George W Bush “speech” (sic) from inside the Whitehouse. Eisenhower brokered a deal with the robot Greys (who are usually chaperoned by tall ephemeral mantis-like beings) and this prompted an intervention from Venus (Valiant Thor).

Even so, documents presented by Ed Snowdon (leaked by Iran. See as part of the stolen CIA files cache, state [Charles Hall’s] Tall Whites (See ultimately control America. These are Version Eight human (we are Version Seven) and I believe they do have a cosmic judicial role here in relation to management of Draco affairs.

So it is only right, with so many unanswered questions, to leave conclusions open. A much more detailed, compelling treatise will find a place in my book “A New World Order”. The release date is scheduled for September and there may be a printed version to compensate the large volume of readers that claim they cannot adapt to e-books.

Authentic Videos of Andromedan Grey Aliens

Thepolishedknob Youtube channel is particularly relevant as it records numerous real-time video encounters (possibly located in Adelaide, South Australia?) with both “small greys” and the “tall, pale mantis types”. Footage is regularly “debunked” by ignorant wheelchair “experts”. For the three selected, no characteristic “alarmed cat” sounds are heard, though, I must confess, there are plenty of expletives of the worst kind which “set the scene”. Of the several hundred video documents that used to be available only a few dozen remain, sadly. Attempted contact with the uploader has not encouraged a reply.

Original noteworthy video (clip with sound) of a grey hybrid captured in Brazil

An enigmatic pact under Thoth – the Draco-Mantis network

An enigmatic pact under Thoth – the Draco-Mantis network

Some readers may find this heavy going, but unfortunately deep secrets are never easy to convey. Traditional thinking framed by our modern system of science might be convenient to blame, but institutions measure and form opinions on what they see in the way they see it. Basis for humans, in general, gravitates around truths (or lies dressed as truths) supported by cast iron “material” data sets that mirror and theoretically validate perceptions. These stereotypical projections are loosely called reality, but many only “work” in our reality band. Change the frequency and brave new worlds await us.

Global Freedom Movement


Brendan D. Murphy author of “The Grand Illusion”, recently invited me to do a live interview for his internet broadcasting channel. Our talk ran for over two and a half hours and covered a variety of topics with the working theme of existence, origins and reptilian Draco. Content undulated rather than harnessing any motivated focal point. Though much interesting sentiment is conveyed, it is so complicated and muddled in places due to the lack of topology many viewers will struggle with content. I shall present the video as a separate entry sometime soon. More than occasional references were made to a strange volume called “The Terra Papers” and this gives a large clue as to why the Draco-Mantis network exists.

The Terra Papers

I have been fortunate to access the electronic version of a makeshift handmade book; first of the series called “The Terra Papers”. Robert Morning Sky, author, has fused science-speak, the ancient ways of the chronicler and star-talk as a puzzling uninterrupted dialog. Whilst the information contained within is startling (in its revelations) some sentiment is misleading and Robert’s attempt to science up his text only leads the knowledgeable reader to question its authenticity. His reliance on flawed Darwinist opinions on evolution and incorrect Newtonian appraisal of the rules of gravity highlights glowing inaccuracies. The author apparently recounts his grandfather’s memory of incantations revealed by a stranded star visitor decades’ back. However, I could not clearly separate (other than the science speak) out what belonged to Robert Morning Sky, his grandfather or the star visitor, they call Bek’Ti. In addition, a large part of the manuscript so closely resembles Sumerian myths, I wonder whether popular stone tablet translations have made their way into the volume.

A Brief History of Creation

No, I am not a creationist nor am I an evolutionist. To understand the dynamics that affect everything on modern Earth, our reality band, you must go back to the beginning and determine how things unravelled. The truth is so startlingly simple it is almost banal. First there was nothing (one thing). This was not a vacuum in our linear sense but, rather, a void emptiness; an absence with the potential to become a presence. Then nothing adapted to become something (two things), but it was still nothing as it had no experience of being. creation_redemption_carmichael-braun_cropAbsence and presence were inseparable halves of the same thing; in total either something or nothing. In order to personify itself, something needed somewhere. That caused the realms: sub-space, space and hyper-space (three things). Then, due to expressive requirement, domains were formed that enabled galaxies, universes, dimensions and densities (many things).

These were crafted by numerous scalable frequencies which were all coordinated and harmonised through a common exchange. Part of that exchange is the root system that causes the chemical effect we call DNA. It is naturally extraordinarily complex but the elements are very simple as, bizarrely, everything consists of nothing points (or zero-points) and light or dark. However, to make things even harder to understand, the committed researcher must also determine that darkness is a version of light set at different but connected frequencies (depending on the “reality band”).

I go to a great deal of trouble in my book “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” to stress that our bodies are not what they seem. Even to reduce our existence to the harmonisation of concepts “body, spirit and soul” would not do justice to truth. We are individual tentacles of a bulging hierarchy and our bodies are much, much more than science and spiritualists have identified. At all levels, our body, mind and spiritual self is made up of numerous parts that travel through different filters in preparation for manifestation as magnificent finished articles; our functional, thinking bodies. We are the fingertips of the Gods.

Dark and Light Realms

The term Annunaki is invariably misconstrued. Zechariah Sitchin depicts a gold thieving race of mega-beings with God-like abilities intent, ultimately, only on plundering Earth’s natural resources in exchange for cultural development of man. Yet, with true understanding of what Annunaki means, Sitchin’s sentiment could not be further from the truth and reason. “An” or “Ahn” is the creative will: the awe-inspiring combination of mother and father as all-consuming determination. “Nun” is the ancient word representing the primordial waters; swirling building blocks contained by space. “Aki” is the brilliant ever-present light. Our Earthly existence is a combination of all three: the will to be, darkness of night and light of day. In line with this mechanism, our fundamental bodies are a combination of dark, void soul (sometimes called the shadow), flesh (manifest form) and spirit (sometimes called the higher self). The body is the middle ground; a place between sub and hyper space. It is a living part of manifest space.

Mankind has almost lost understanding of the difference between the light and dark realms. Though the terms negative or positive and the states good or evil partially represent (cosmetic) differences between realms they have been deliberately miscategorised for different propaganda purposes. Man thinks he is the only one that cunningly drafts propaganda. We need a reality check. All intelligent life forms produce different grades of propaganda personifying objectives. illusionSome of these objectives do honour mankind; others do not. The roots of all opinions promulgated by marketing intent stem from either dark or light realms. Thus, to not formerly know the difference between the two renders the truth seeking detective impotent (i.e. if you understand the objectives of a marketing mission, erstwhile nonsense is transmuted into plausible reason). Dark realms, in truth, are fluid emotion. Light realms, conversely, are static logic. If there was a war between light and dark it would be between emotion and intellect. The divide between science and spirituality is a good example of an Earthly dark/light divide.

It is ironic that spirituality champions the dark, soul-based emotional realms, whereas science is governed by dispassionate, cold hard, logic. It is as though the Earth plane acts as a mirror that assures opposites reign. For outside earth, in the void, passionate deception rules an existence where nothing is as it seems. Light harbours truth, integrity and honesty. This does mean that light driven motives are better or dark deceptions are worse. It is what it is.

There is something else to observe. Dark realms (nun) have fluid qualities and light realms (aki) are static or gaseous in character. The very first things that liked to live in water were types of amoebic worms or “snakes”. They had flexible bodies that rippled with the tides. In the air, very light, winged insects appeared that flew so erratically they seemed destined for collision, just as gaseous, agitated particles. A haven was found on the land that promised an unthinkable pact between two poles; light and dark, a nether region offering the prospect for God to manifest as a complete being for the first time.

A Holy Truce


Our science calculates an event which, in part, is a theory called “Big Bang”. In line with a holistic agenda to deny the mind and contain free thought, scientists have pretended they have sufficient evidence to support atheism and a Godless universe. Big Bang is a big piece of that strategy. It is ironic that science, in many ways, is correct in its assessment of a critical energetic event “jump starting” creation. However, the grave error is to presume this was the start of manifest time. In fact, it was an end to begin anew. I discuss this in more detail in “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”.

Mammalian man did not appear until after the event. In fact there were no mammals at all prior to the cataclysm. The very first men looked like jelly fish, were invertebrate and floated in space. Original land settlements were exclusively faunas. Trees led as “men” and they were not necessarily fixed; i.e. could “walk” in a fashion. Plants adapted to do everything animals now do (or perhaps it is the other way round), but they were still plants so, compared with today’s life systems, God was incomplete (given his energy is expressed through all life systems). Clearly compared with carbon dioxide/nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere divisions, sustenance requirements would have been very different then and I have not been given any specifics on this by my sources yet.

Details on when, how and why the insects appeared are sketchy too, but it is likely connected with to the expressive energy of agitated particles. Even our (human) staccato moves compared to the flowing, expressive movements of apes’ puzzles me. Are we a mammalian insect combination? What is certain (as certain as can be) is, whether Prime Source (God) engineered other cosmic clear outs (like and prior to Big Bang) or not, flying insects were the first ones to be introduced to land. With them life was to become a symbiosis of nectar and pollination; the perfect parasitic alliance. At some point in the evolution of the new insect fauna cycles, land based crawling insects produced a new man – the ant. It has not been confirmed but I believe the Zeta Grey Beings are direct descendants of pre-Big Bang Ant Beings (albeit reengineered after Big Bang).

Faunas are something of a misnomer; they are neither from the “sea” (nun) nor “air” (aki), but do need light to grow. This coupled with growth aligned to positive emotions places an extraordinary case for their being the first attempt at bridging the divide between light and dark (later I give the German cockroach example). Though I categorise them as “light products” (as opposed to those that herald from the dark realms – i.e. maybe types of sea weed, algae or do, even, these require a light source for survival?), they are not clearly “rooted” in either category.

According to an eight year old boy (a pupil of Mary Rodwell), an aggressive “worm like” creature so overwhelmed the prior balance of life (prior to Big Bang), God activated an extreme electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) which created our existence plane. We also know (from the boy’s information) the “worms” were predominantly green coloured. xeno_quetzalcoatl_by_guthrieartwork-d653tz7The deep question, which, so far, remains unanswered, is did these pre-Big Bang worms breech land? If so was it a chaotic invasion or a divinely planned introduction that spiralled out of control? Either way, we know after Big Bang the new lead “species” was the snake.

The Terra Papers call this being SSS and SSS-T. RRR mammalian man’s creative manifestation appears to have been a holy truce between dark and light forces to engender entirely different land based life systems that needed both light and dark to survive. Nevertheless the writings do not explicitly identify whether mammals were the “creation” of SSS/SSS-T or a spontaneous product of the holistic desire of Prime Source determined by circumstances ordained by periods of universe expansion (the text explains new domains were formed in the “outer limits” of “Sector Nine”)

Controlling Energies

Given the normal interpretation of ancient esoteric revelations, we have been misled, in some cases, into assuming references to “physicality” are the extent of meaning. Therefore, drawing on the Zechariah Sitchin example once more, his now famous radical retranslation of Sumerian clay tablets presenting the Anunaki as very mortal “gold thieving” gods (small “g”) are revered by some followers as “gospel truth”.Gateway-to-The-Anunnaki Indeed it is generally assumed (following comparable sentiment of Lloyd Pye, Graham Hancock and a host of others) that the Anunaki were likely to be superior versions but looking pretty much like modern day humans. But, this could not be further from the truth. I explain the nature of existence in “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”. If anything we would be akin to “God’s fingertips”, but so is everything else on our planet. The idea of “living planets” is nothing new, but what about living galaxies or entire universes where each planet would be as comparatively important as, say, an atom in the human body.

If we think deeply about our own bodies (discussed in detail in “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”), do we have conscious control of them? Yes, I can move my skeleton any way I wish (physicality limiting), but I have no or very restricted direct control [mind to matter] over my organs, blood flow, cells, particles and so on. If an entire planet was merely the equivalent of a solitary atom of one of these ginormous energy beings, would surface life forms be viewed as irritants? Could these super-entities (Gods) be able to override our thoughts and actions to benefit from higher perspective objectives?

Given the sentiment implied by Bek’Ti, filtered through Robert Morning Sky and his grandfather, it seems clear [to me] that very, very large energy vortices are involved with affairs of manifestation. It is likely that material beings were created displaying forms that suited the expressive values of their energetic backers. Some were functional and others cosmetic, but all were purposeful. Spiritualists regularly refer to the Higher Self. Is this actually, ultimately, a representative of the prime energy source which, in our case, would be the Anunaki [theoretically speaking]. The SSS, SSS-T, RRR hierarchies are versions of the original snake beings per Bek’Ti’s account. It is no wonder, then, that ancient religions place the snake at the summit of the pinnacle of enlightenment.saurian_quetzalcoatlus_by_arvalis-d8bkr5s Quetzalcoatl is one of many serpentine entities representative of the magnificent all-consuming energy of God (“coiled splendour”). Incidentally Quetzalcoatlus is the largest known extinct flying mammal (akin to a Pterodactyl). Was that the manifest physical dragon and ancestor of the mythical Sirrush – harmonisation of snake, bat, bird and mammal?

Face of God

In my yet to be published “A New World Order”. I discuss a billions of years old split in the Anunaki hierarchy. At that time [I state] they [the Anunaki] were “sea monsters” and they broke into units with differing genetic objectives. These I call Anunaki and Annunaki. seeing_face_of_god_30Different spellings are used merely to distinguish different halves of the same gene pool. The Terra Papers also mention the split, but it is said that factions within the SSS/SSS-T group broke away and created Ari. Through my channelled sources, I have been informed that the split was over the desired change of body type. Ari is reputedly the visage most apt to express the overall will of Prime Source and that is why we have what is supposed to be the “face of God”. This is not to say ours is supMultidimensional being - energetic body - spirit and soul - meditation flower of lifeerior or others are inferior, but [once again, reputedly] it is the “best of breeds”.

Ari, of course, is the stem of Arian which is combined with “An” (God’s raw essence). Therefore, I deduce that new Arian man confidently assumed he was the complete manifestation of God. That is, partially, why our introduction almost led to a collapse of the universal fabric of matter, such was the response from existing order. Our arrogance held no bounds and Prime Source was forced to downgrade our DNA a number of times as consequential precautions. The modern human is “Version Seven” (I discuss this in “A New World order” and will create in depth analysis in “The Birth of Hu-man-ity).

Anunaki Bloodlines and the Rift That Created the Draco

I write about the Anunaki bloodline hierarchies in a prior post. To contextually summarise for the purposes of the article, the Anunaki created their own versions of proto-physical beings (located in dimension 5+) that go by the “group name” Ba’al. Ba’al, in turn, created a lower vibrational range of beings we call dragons (group name Drakkon) to develop and manage chemical genetics (amino acids representing DNA). Their premium species groups were the Pteroids, first and, then, the Ciakars. The former group has evolved to the fifth dimension and no longer exists along our physical plane. The latter, Ciakars, are also geneticists and have produced low vibrational versions of reptilian man which are advanced physical beings that can be in our reality space.

"Low vibrational" White Draco courtesy of adolescent channelling artist Ian R.

“Low vibrational” White Draco courtesy of adolescent channelling artist Ian R.

Numerous body types/designs are used and many are “between dimensions” so can appear to do real magic. In light of their advancement and ambition, as the Draco, they have executed a coup-d’état against their hierarchical masters, the Anunaki, over control of this planet. In muted liaison with the Zetas (via Mantis joint venture partnerships) they use the crystalline support struts supporting Earth as an all-consuming human thought monitoring, intercepting and filtering mechanism to rule by proxy. Of course, technological aids are involved making what is colloquially known as the “False Matrix”.

Attacking and Dark Insects

Whilst I have been given no information confirming it, I deduce that the original SSS, SSS-T and Ari energy beings thrived on darkness as they were soulful creations. Perhaps even the RRR mammalian catalogues were also lacking “spirit”. It would follow that for low vibrational physical creative formats (our reality band and below), ranges of insects were adapted and produced by the Anunaki and Annunaki from gene catalogues too. These, would logically, avoid light (such as modern cockroaches, mites and other creepy crawlies) maybe demonstrating negative behaviour traits (although emotions span a full spectrum from anger to love). In my opinion (contradicting Bek’Ti’s sentiment) the Anunaki masters were less motivated by conquest and possession than adoration. The Gods, it is clear, fed off the positive energies that worshipers expelled. I had a strange personal experience with German cockroaches that transmuted love and friendship, which suggests they are more than viable worshipers.

The Terra Papers mention nothing about what roles the forces of light played in billions of years’ old cosmic evolution. In fact, light is almost taken for granted. Yet, we know the reason for the end of the previous universal incarnation was an invasion of worms or snakes that must have encroached on light realms otherwise there would not have been a problem. Given the shock and lessons learned from those experiences, light, logically, would have rapidly regrouped and tried to establish plausible defences against further onslaughts. To presume light and dark forgot what had happened prior to Big Bang (Prime Source “laterally cleansed”) is wishful thinking. The same forces would have simply re-established old, bad habits.

For new order, insects of various types carried deadly poisons for attack or defence purposes and light loving blood sucking parasites were eventually introduced. Over time designs were so plagiarised by each side (dark or light) many became interchangeable, but in the early stages there would have been a marked separation between the two camps. It was at the crucial moment of corresponding form that a final truce was destined (as neither party could be separated by “form” alone) offering up the potential for fully integrated dark and light beings, which included modern man.

Mantis Beings and Thoth


The Mantis Being was one of the energy fields that survived Big Bang (it is ironic the original lead, Ant Man, had to be redesigned). The locust is a variety of grasshopper that can fly and this seems to be the connection with the range of insect types that include wasps, bees, flies and mosquitos and so on. Thoth was a version of the Mantis energy field that summarised this [integrated insect form] and looked something like a bipedal mosquito as a manifestation. It was Thoth that was used as the intermediary between light and dark. This is why the Egyptians connected him with death (their depiction of the Ibis bird approximated the strange not quite mosquito-like facial features).


The Mantis Beings are vital as emissaries of the Zeta Grey Beings and that is why they have joint bases with the reptilian Draco orders that try to control modern humans. Zetas are viewed as the deadly enemy (by the Draco), but even so joint venture charters occasionally offer promise for coordinated order. On today’s Earth we see a convergence of numerous different expressive interests that have been patched together to complete Mother Gaia. However, all the old divides; light/dark, emotion/logic, male/female, spirit/soul obstruct and will possibly, eventually, permanently limit or destroy paradise. Neither light nor dark nor, of course, Prime Source would find this a desirous outcome regardless of insane ramblings of certain nameless individuals.

Anunaki Symbolism Creates a Hallowed Union

It would be wrong to omit the symbolic point of Enki and Enlil as this emphasises the relationship between dark and light with respect to creation. Enlil is sometimes labelled “Lord of the Flies” (yes that translation could well be correct, but “Lord of that which flies” is apt too) as he presided over the aerial insect realms representing light. It would be reasonable to assume that Enlil became Thoth. His “brother”, Enki, was the ferocious sea monster known as “Ea” because he was the lord of Darkness.

Therefore, at some point which was right for the integration of dark and light, these two “Sons on God” (one of light and the other of darkness, of course) would determine a lead [power]. The grand council comprising all the manifest expressive interests of Prime Source needed to select a champion to direct and nurture order; a leader to which all others (everything else) would be subordinate. Light was selected and Enlil became God’s “Chosen One” under protest from Enki as he was the master geneticist.

It should be reassuring to know we are the legacy of that uneasy partnership. Now it is up to us to put things right again.

Do Aliens Poo?

Do Aliens Poo?

Eben2I recently attended a very fine talk by the author and public speaker, Suzy Hansen (See For those not in-the-know, Suzy is an “experiencer” (someone that has had direct contact with aliens). New Zealand has them too, yay! With a growing reputation as an authority on the Zeta beings, I can vouch she is the real McCoy. Instead of spouting the usual crap, you know, talking about meditation and stuff humans need to do to improve per “exalted wisdom” of the Zeta, she got straight to the point. Somewhere about the middle of her recantations, she broached the uncomfortable subject of “human bobbly bits” (her words). We all know what they are and those strange mating rituals they are used for, but what of “aliens”? Aren’t they all “smooth” down there?

“Check under the left armpit”, Suzy chirped stridently. Only joking! The void that began her sensitive investigation remained unruffled, but it got me thinking. As readers of my other blog (See know; when I think things start to get hairy.


Before I forget, I do recommend you seek out and purchase Suzy’s excellent book “The Dual Soul Connection: The Alien Agenda for Human Advancement” (a project of many years from inception). I paid (yes, I did BUY a copy) for mine at the event and, on balance, it’s a cracker.

Where was I?

Ah yes, thinking of strange quixotic methods of reproduction (or do some of these beings, God forbid, have sex for fun?), I then thought, but what about poo? Imagine it. tumblr_n6qgc2xf1u1sv18l9o1_1280A Light Being discretely makes himself known to you – drum roll, grand entrance, missing time, you know the full deal. So, he’s there in front of you and…..Hang on? He’s looking a bit queasy. Well this is a bit embarrassing. Telepathically he says, “Do you have a rest room?” You see these Light Beings are polite and most of them can’t talk as far as I am aware. They wouldn’t say, “I’ve been on the road for a thousand years and I need to take a giant dump”, telepathically, of course.

We all know the Queen’s doesn’t smellkeep-calm-and-poo-with-pride. That’s a well-publicised fact, but what about the Nicolathesian worm Ambassador of Gradui Ilflampi?

Another thought came to me, largely inspired by my other blog. Humans, for instance, produce invisible poo that comes out of their mouths and this is the worst smelling of all types. The inquisitive mind would wonder whether alien hierarchies have the same issue.

The whole “poo” thing goes both ways. Let’s imagine for a second that I am about to be abducted by the strange Terigal beings from Alpha Banga. They smother me with love and are about to click the magic switch when I exclaim, “I just need a pee first”.

Let’s face it I am not going to go up to a craft with a full bladder at 2am. I might be there for hours.

“Hold that order, Festu, the guy needs to pee”


“It’s something those human’s do”

“Oh, ok, but we’re running a tight schedule today. How long will it take?”

Or do I say I’ll just hold it in?

Sorry to inconvenience you and all that, I must master these “lower vibrational” body functions. Shush, some people, hey?


I am on the ship now. Do they have loos? And if they do, are they like regular loos? I remember reading about Rosemary Klem’s (See & Jack Lord’s [supposed] Atlantis civilisation underwater. manure-pile-location-unknownAfter dinner, all the plates, utensils and so on just disintegrate. Is that what happen to a toilet after use? Poof – it’s gone? Well if that’s case; what if there’s a miscue and the toilet disintegrates before the business is done? What then, eh? Is there a “back up” plan? How many times does our infallible technology go wrong? And I don’t know what it is, but it always seems to break down just at the wrong time – like, when you’re crouched over the John! Ah well, who says “God” doesn’t have a good sense of humour?

Back to those aliens again and my special guest Light Being – the one with the dicky tummy; let’s say he does discretely have a poo. For us, could it be used as a magic cure, or food? Luwak-Katze_in_KepahiangYou see there is a South American bat (ok, for the brainboxes, it an Asiatic cat. See that produces guano (poo) which is collected, dried and used to serve a very special cup of coffee with a distinctive “nutty flavour” (See At a $100 a cup it better be good for you!

We tend to think about poo negatively, but all the good stuff grows in it: veggies, plants, pigs. One of the things I have observed over the years is, maybe, all these aliens have recognised just how uptight we humans, in general, are. We all need to take a chill pill and laugh a little (at ourselves). Mind you, I have never been abducted by aliens of any persuasion and that’s perhaps because they know the first thing that I would ask is,

Do aliens poo?

A New World Order

A New World Order

Recently, I completed the second rewrite of my second book of the Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons series. If readers felt the title of the first book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” was a bit pithy, you will surely be pleased with “A New World Order”. Taken from a cosmic perspective this explores a deep past excised from mainstream accounts and much is not to be found anywhere. Here is a preview of the extended chronological summary. Information is guaranteed to contradict standard belief systems.


As we are nearing the end of this account, I would like to construct a simplified summary of the historic dates for important events that have shaped the evolution of this planet and us. Possibly as far back as 7 billion years ago, the Earth was at least forty times its current size and located somewhere in Orion’s Belt. A major war, caused by Version One (Aryan) man led to the destabilisation of an entire star system. The debris, in part, formed our current solar system. Earth, at that time, was called Tiamat. Version One man lost hereditary privileges, but had the same power, so the expected consequence was the destruction of Tiamat 1.5 billion years ago. According to Lemurian channelled information, a special timeline was created for the development of new Earth. One of the energetic creators of new Earth was the Zeta being and up until 575 million years ago only higher dimensional, wraith-like, entities (Elohim and others) lived on the planet.

Contradicting science diktat, physical bodies of intelligent creatures appeared after 575 million years ago. Included was downgraded, Version Two, Aryan man. At this time we had much higher frequencies than modern humans (Version Seven) and showed abilities similar or greater than the Lemurian Nephilim (genetic cousins). Man appears to have left the Earth (surface) by 400 million years ago as, at this time, dragons (under instruction of Ba’al) began populating and colonising the planet. This process ensured Lucifer’s (a thought being contextually akin to any archangel) dinosaur experiment was given the green light 275 million years ago. Or, should I say, Lucifer gave the experiment the green light to the confused dismay of some of the white light influences, such as Pleiadian Annunaki (the ancient post Big Bang genetic split of “Ahnnunaki” – manifest God). For the first time in existence, slaughter had been legitimised so, understandably, that offended white light harmony. “Slaughter was independent of murder and was good”. It is important that readers appreciate the monument of this. It is bigger than Ben Hur!

An entirely unique and new type of life system was manufactured and due to Earth’s super climate in relation to her proximity to the sun, giants could be and were produced. The planet was closer than Venus is today and, for part of the time, there were two suns but one died about 180-190 million years ago. Due to the way the cosmos is constructed, our sun [from the macro perspective] is replicated five times and perhaps it acts as a gateway link and that is why there is so much spaceship activity since its portal opened in 2008. As far as I can ascertain, things ticked along pretty smoothly and violently, but there was order from balance in a manner that had never manifest before. The Drakkon geneticists would have had a physical existence on then Earth (even if they could dimension hop), and the Draco must have been created after the implosion of Maldek.


Around 100 million years ago Version Two Aryan man (St George) returned to colonise Mars. However, after building enormous populations (peaking 13-14 billions) on the surface, scouts visited Earth and set up laboratories. No dateline has been issued (from my sources) but I think the escalation with the Drakkon owners would have been rapid, so I suspect hostilities began shortly after the first excursion (maybe 80 million years ago). Hostilities escalated into a full scale cosmic war. At the time, our solar system had another planet between Venus and Jupiter called Maldek. This was a rest and recreation stop with a reputation for “immorality” and was used as a reinforcement station by the Drakkon. It is unlikely “St George” colonised there as it was a very craggy, dark planet. Escalations and attacks built and built until, finally, maldekSt George drew on old tricks shattering Maldek almost rendering man obsolete in the process. This event took place 78-79 million years ago. Earth was blasted out of orbit and possibly collided with Mars to create the current orbital patterns of our solar system. Even with the change, it took at least 12 million long years for the dinosaurs to die out or transform.

As far as the Drakkon were concerned, Tyrannosaurus Rex was their great version of indigenous man. The Hollywood movie Jurassic Park hints that T-Rex could talk and they did communicate using structured language. I am led to believe they also had some telepathic and telekinetic powers. Smaller versions also ran civilised social models. Nevertheless, after the demise of the dinosaurs, the Drakkon created a new man from Pterodactyl DNA (the closest to dragon stock). These were enhanced beings of greater capability than modern humans. The Pteroids first occupied the surface between 65 and 50 million years ago. Being wolf, bird bat and man combined the face is not dissimilar to that of a baboon. I hypothesise that these strange creatures evolved out of our dimensional reference frame as they were more advanced of us from the start. Some are currently located in the fifth dimension. A new man was devised and produced over an extended period (perhaps in excess of a million years) between 5 and 3 million years ago. This type has also evolved well into the fourth dimension so cannot be seen (or experienced by the five senses in a natural way), though some subordinate hybrids do currently live in our inner Earth domains. Ciakar man, modelled on the great Tyrannosaurus Rex, is a combination of Pleiadian, Tyrannosaur, another “cat like” genetic element and something else I have not isolated.


2.3 million years ago there was a big cosmic war over the possession of the surface which included one of the advanced versions of man. Were they the celebrated Lyrans? These people are described as “Nordic” by some sources and “lion faced felines” by others. Perhaps they are a combination of the two. Their involvement with the Earth preceded an active Anunaki presence, so they are good candidates as parties to the great cosmic war over our planet. It must be assumed that the reptiles defended the surface bravely. Cosmic_man Nevertheless, Apache ancestors fought their way to the surface of the planet due to internal circumstances at least a million years ago. Legends say they successfully vanquished the Ciakars who retreated to the inner domains from whence they came, but by 500,000BC they were so firmly entrenched that they were too strong for Apache man when he tried to regain his territory. The reptiles are revered in ancient American culture as great sages (and healers). Anunaki visitations began after the Ciakars had barricaded themselves inside Earth, as partial attested by the 387,000 year strong history annotated by Gilgamesh. My sources inform me that regular visitation began about 450,000 years ago. A notch down from “thought beings”, but more divine than the Elohim (light beings), they could not manifest in the physical sense so produced individual sea monsters that go by the group name of Ba’al. These were able to reproduce minor genetic elements and some formed matrimonial partnership with inner Earth Draco.

It was their combination that proved too strong for Enki’s granddaughter Innana. Metaphorical dismemberment suggests Draco forces stole her genetic potential. The fall out was the Anunaki ruled the surface with vigour from 385,000BC to around 35,000BC. While on lengthy (multi-millennial) off planet excursions they appointed regents. It appears humanoid Pleiadian-Lemurians were the acting kings and some sought advice from Zetas (renowned for universal wisdom and an angelic nature). Occasionally a Zeta would be appointed king. There have been enough anomalies that contradict politically manufactured “history”, a small mountain of evidence supporting man’s presence on Earth’s surface several million years ago exists in hidden crevices around the globe. Readers must accept that rigged anthropology is determined to uphold Scripture and other political measures used to “control” humanity in our general state of apathy. Their agenda naturally includes an acceptable course of evolution. The reality is that a version that preceded what we call Negro man was created by Anunaki geneticists over a window of 100.000 years around 300,000BC. It had no “conscience”, but was not an animal.

Gauging the number of human genetic lines, there are likely to have been fairly turbulent periods of surface occupation. Many factions, interests, types and warring interests have not been revealed in this work as that would take more than one man and several encyclopaedias to complete. It is unlikely any version of ancient Aryan man or Homo erectus looked quite like our modern human brands. Nevertheless a civilised version of Neanderthal man had peaked around, say, 160.000-150,000BC. By this stage the Ciakar reptilians were regularly visiting and colonising the planet surface at times of extended Anunaki absence. Some provision was implemented to avoid conflict with the Neanderthals around 140,000BC. neanderthal-exhibitMaybe offenders were moved to an isolated continent. By 125,000BC the Draco Ciakars had created a new “sensitive” version of quasi-Negro man; a fusion of Pleiadian man, Olmec man and Ciakar. “Version Seven” man is the ancestor of Caucasian man (details will be revealed in my next book, “The Birth of Hu-man-ity”). However, they (Draco) had acted arbitrarily and not by permission of the Anunaki, so a giant war broke out between 120,000-102,000BC. For the first time in my research, the Atlanteans appear. Where “Version Six” man resided prior to the involvement in the war is unclear, but they appear on Earth around 105,000BC and enable an exodus of Caucasian man to Mars in 102,000BC.

The Zetas or some other grey skinned being is blamed as the prevaricator by the Vedas. They had apparently relocated to an ancient remote Earth moon to avoid conflict, but it was brought to them. The final resounding altercation saw their moon location shattered into pieces. The consequences were not desperate for any of the planets this time, but it ended the war in 102,000BC. Problematic Neanderthal man suffered many deaths and their population reduction was viewed as a blessing. I have not mentioned it before, but Paradisian civilisations preceded Lemurian control and I have no information, dates and other data to work with. Perhaps information will come for a future volume. It is possible that they were also Sumerian proxy Kings. However, lifespans of over 10,000 years by our chronologies denote fifth dimensional beings. These would have had the same issue as Ba’al as they would not have been visible to beings of comparable dimensional density to us (even using strong drugs). Therefore, it is more likely that society was run using a tribal system with many chieftains for the most part. Perhaps the Redskins ancestors were the Paradisians? Did they have a historic relationship with the Atlanteans? Or were they the “Asian” Lumerians? I have outlined that the Lemurians reigned between 79,000 and 24,000BC until they destroyed themselves almost along with the planet with their failed meteor grab stunt. St Germaine recounted this as the “demise of Atlantis” incorrectly. It was the end of Mu, which now rests, prominently, at the bottom of our Pacific Ocean.

We know the Ants (of Atlantis) gradually filtered in from around 37,000 years ago after the meteor catastrophe that sucked 90% of the atmosphere off Mars. Late scientist and author Nikolai Levashov postulates star gates were an effective method of population transference. Prior, on Mars, there were open Lumerian, Atlantean and human civilisations. There were also Grey Beings, a placid reptilian type (that appears not to be related to the Draco) and a hairy, copper skinned creature that was neither man nor ape. Its root DNA may have been used to create Olmec Negro man. The Atlantean return to Earth coincided with the Anunaki’s violent exit around 35,000BC, when they created a new seaway that swallowed up Northern Africa and extended to the Russian Caspian region. The southern part of Africa became a giant island (larger than modern Australia) surrounded by water. There was relative peace overseen by the Lemurians until their collapse around 24,000BC. Followed was an aggressive surface colonisation by the Draco Ciakars with a particular focus on the African island continent. Events reached boiling point in the 17th millennium BC when IXosana created a front to protect the indigenous peoples from the Draco. Viracocha agents of the Anunaki may have transplanted some of the Olmec genetic stock to the lands of southern America.


Perhaps in conjunction with this or maybe for other reasons, the respected Atlanteans set up a technological heartland north of Russia which had easy inner Earth access. This became a joint venture Ciakar, Atlantean genetic management project. Relative order ensued, though the ongoing conflict between the Zetas and reptilians over their indoctrination program continued. Things came to a head with, once again, the Zetas seeking sanctity on Earth’s second moon, Falla. It was relatively small compared to other astral bodies, but orbited Earth every nine days. So close did it come to our energy field at certain points in the cycle, poets imagined they could reach out and touch it! Using my basic maths, but mostly logic, I have determined that the moon was at its closest to Earth when hovering over Atlantis City. At the critical point of one cycle Atlantean (and not Ciakar, except “under command”) forces launched an energy weapon aimed at vaporising the body along with its Zeta residents. sunThe attack was partially successful, but failed to vaporise the satellite. Instead, half of the moon shattered and sprayed much of the Southern (now Northern) Hemisphere, snap freezing [what is now] Europe. The remaining moon block rapidly (perhaps in seconds or a few minutes) connected with Earth and flattened Atlantis City blocking the corridor to the inner Earth in the creation of our Arctic Circle. This dateline was between 12,800 and 12,900BC.

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest


There are many myths about dragons that all contain elements of truth or wisdom. Nevertheless, it is generally agreed that they are shy and extremely hard to find. Many of our ancient ancestors devoted entire lives never to find one. But, please don’t fret as it is the discovery tour that makes an interesting and fulfilled life. Any prize is a happy bonus. Indeed, there always is more joy associated with the quest than completing it.







What are Dragons?

Dragon is a version of an older word: Drakkon. In earlier articles I have mentioned the Draco. There is a Draco or “the Draco” (group). Though Drakkon is not widely known or used, there is a dragon and “the Drakkon” (group). When undertaking serious considerations about these beings (not creatures, as they are significantly spiritually mightier than man), it must be from a position of comprehension, particular concerning matters of DNA, God or Gods. Our rudimentary science, as hard as it tries, does not understand DNA at all. Genetic enlightenment cannot be found in the chemical compounds viewed as signatures in nucleic acids and so on. That would be like trying to determine what motivates the weather from the rudimentary analysis of raindrop patterns. Yes, certain clues can be assumed; however, reason and truth are but alien concepts. That is because real DNA cannot be viewed (in the physical sense) as it is stored in a dimension adrift of conscious reality.

When man discovers (or, perhaps better put, if man is allowed to discover) real DNA the secret of our genetic history will be revealed in plain sight. I do not think the brotherhood that manipulates to lead the global “flock” will be around if this happens. My readers do not need them for I can tell you DNA is manufactured in blocks defining vast catalogues of scenarios designed to attribute the infinitely detailed requirements of expressive forces required for all life and the stages beyond. Our DNA allows God to breathe, or perhaps I am giving too much away.

The Drakkon were given control of a particular DNA block under license of Ba’al.

“Wh..what?” I hear a few readers exclaiming, “DNA blocks, Drakkon, Ba’al, eh?”

The Anunaki, Ba’al, Drakkon hierarchy was discussed in an earlier post, but I shall provide summary and some additional information for those that have not read it yet. Contrary to popularised wisdom expounding the observations of Zechariah Sitchin’s interpretation of information housed in a selection of Sumerian stone tablets, the Anunaki cannot be physical. As beings, they exist in a dimensional frequency too far removed from our primitive senses. They are so far removed that even “higher beings” (from man) cannot experience them either. So in order to create a bridge, specific (spectral) character traits of the whole or group manifested as unique beings. The group name of these subordinate Gods is “Ba’al”. Individuals are sometimes described in the Sumerian tablets. Revolting, drooling, sea creatures the likes of “Sassu-wunnu” seem to fit the profile.

Ba’al manifestations are still too far adrift of our conscious reality space to be directly experienced, but in dream state (sub-conscious) it is a different matter. Therefore, some of our distant ancestors made unwise choices of taking strong mind influencing drugs and then engaging in rituals of a violent sexual nature to awaken apparitions of various descriptions. The ceremonies were so dangerous, some died as a result. Ba’al was, rightly, perceived as the closest link to God that could be experienced by man. Of course, they created the Drakkon to manage the Anunaki DNA block amongst other reasons. At a later time, much more recently, they also made a humanoid being which was near enough to our frequency to be experienced (by us), but far enough away (dimensionally) that they could summon Ba’al in their conscious reality. These are recorded in Mayan legends as Viracocha. Some variations became Pharaohs in Egypt and so on.

When the dragons existed in great numbers and of numerous types, the Earth was very different. Thinking about the prospect that “God breathes through hierarchical DNA”, the creation of the dinosaurs make absolute sense when factoring the attributes of the Anunaki (in essence, sea monsters very like H P Lovecraft’s “Satanic” Cthulhu). 3910634-cthulhuReaders may be aware that my first published book in the Dimensions, Deceptions Demons’ (DDD) series “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” (donation or book tango) deals with bottom up creation. “A New World Order” (book two of the DDD series should be released in June this year) discusses Drakkon evolution in detail. Background information begins with a lengthy explanation as to the objectives of top down branched hierarchical approaches to creation (and how these, in some ways, conflict with the bottom up philosophies).

The tragic background to the destruction of Maldek prior to 78 million BC is also explored and I draw conclusions that this event was the origin of the “St George and the dragon” myths. It took over 12 million years for the dinosaurs to die out or transform which, in light of the dramatic changes to the topology of Earth, was a miracle in itself. Few know or realise that this planet has downsized more than once and occupied a number of positions in the cosmos. Setting aside the complex differences as to how individual Holographic Universes function; I focus on explaining how forces of the Holographic Universe One should be interpreted in “A New World Order”. Newton’s calculations may well work, but he did not understand gravity or the dynamic forces holding this planet in its universal orbit. So-called black holes, for instance, may be responsible for Rosine Lallement’s cosmic pulse (EMP) theories (I am advised were made after consideration of ancient Mayan texts). Indeed, one particular black hole, none less than the blocked (congested) Satan Star (euphemistically known as the Black Sun) is a plausible culprit (for intermittent extreme EMP events).

Undoubtedly dragons still existed and were possibly on the Earth (in the physical sense) long after the many transitions beyond the dinosaur age. Then, sometime between 3 and 5 million BC a new man appeared. This version was remodelled from Tyrannosaurus DNA, in part, by the Drakkon. yutyrannus-large2The Earth bound creature closest to the Tyrannosaurus [Rex] today is the sea shark, so cunning, reflexes, power, and patience are all associated character traits. A very, very long time ago (let us say billions of years) there was a shared source of DNA. This split into what is known as the Anunaki and the Annunaki (both are based on the same concept, which is explained in A New World Order). Annunaki genetic lines preside over Pleiadian man DNA. The Drakkon were able to borrow, steal or given license to use Pleiadian DNA. It may have been the result of reparation against the prior war. I discussed the Atlanteans last article. These are “version six” man (hu-man is “version seven” and theoretically a sub-species of Ciakar). St George, aggressor against Maldek, was “version four” man. Therefore the Drakkon used either version four, five or six Pleiadian DNA to create a physical Ciakar (which looked similar to a small, raptor like dinosaur). In higher dimensions some of them look something like the “Incredible Hulk” character.

Tradition has it that a giant cosmic war was centred around Earth about 2.3 million years ago and the Draco Ciakars were forced underground. However, prior to Anunaki governance from 385,000BC, they regularly visited and colonised the surface for extended periods. TianyulongAfter 125,000BC their relationship with Earth’s surface would have been limited to only the wilderness of the time. That is why African Shamans visit the desert regions to connect with the spirits (usually the equivalent of Ciakar extra-dimensional Chitahuri). I have explained Ciakar origins in prior articles, but I will recapitulate here for consistency’s sake.

The Draco were formed from the Anunaki DNA block, under management of the Drakkon. Two branches were created. The earliest one (and probably made just after the demise of the dinosaurs) were the Pteroids. These are now so evolved, senior gene bearers manifest in the fifth dimension. Ciakars are relative late comers, although genetic cousins on other planets have much more distant origins. There is an old wives tale (created by some unknown blabber mouth) that the Draco were so-named because they originated from Alpha Draconis. This is not true. However, their “root” Anunaki>Ba’al>Drakkon did relocate from there to settle Earth after 400 million BC. Many intelligent life forms populate the Alpha Draconis star system, including twenty three different species of Grey Beings, three prominent “Reptilian” branches and other types that are either little or not known.

I would like to finish by explaining some of the legendary characteristics attributed to dragons. There are four basic body types, but so, so many different varieties. One is the traditional “monster”, winged and with long, snarling snout. Another is a rather odd looking creature, being combination of bat, bird, cat and dog. The next is most strange indeed and I have nothing like it illustrated in any esoteric source. Standing upright or man-like, it always features a prominent proboscis either in the style of a horse or, alternatively, an occasional elephant trunk can be seen. Some varieties have a striking hair-do (or what seems like hair) or elaborate, flapping ears. Finally, students will encounter a great variety of serpentine lines.

Stone or snake?

Stone or snake?

The snakes, in particular, shape shift. Some are giant and I have witnessed one (in dream state) cleverly disguised as a railway tunnel, its mouth the entrance. The Australian Aboriginal tales of the Rainbow Serpent refer to a splinter of the Anunaki “light being” Shesha (referenced in the Bhagavad Gita as a giant Cobra possessing a thousand heads). In addition to the snake beings, I have also witnessed other dragons, including a creature with two heads on extended necks. Rather Llama like, displaying brilliant crimsons and oranges inter-spliced by pale greens, to say it was striking would be to understate. In addition, its behaviour was unlike anything I have ever witnessed. Two_headed_dragon_by_NightmareHoundPulsating in a deliberate, aggressive manner as one would imagine could have been the effect of an overdose of steroids; its animation was as contrived as purposelessly illogical.

Dragons, in general, have an exceptional eye for detail and extremely poor temperament. Thus, the expression “dragon like behaviour” is surprisingly apt. Their traditional fire breathing might be misconstrued and, if not, I would say was more likely to be illusory than real. To demonstrate, beings with the ability to switch dimensions create blinding flashes of light when changing realms. grumpy_dragon_by_goldenmurals-d6wu830Could have those “abruptly discovered” dragons made quick, flashing exits to avoid capture from avid St Georges?

Much of the lore built around dragons is found in the spirit realms; magick, rites, incantations, special potions and so on. The extensive properties of dragons’ blood deserve a separate post. Many of those that pursue dragon studies are deeply committed and sincere in their endeavours. They absolutely believe, through extra-dimensional intermediaries, real-time (can this be said of the nether realms?) connection can be made with these powerful, mystifying entities.


In light of the fact there are no physical Pteroids per our perception reasoned existence, it would be fair to assume that there are no dragons either, Polish legends of “Smok Wawelski” (Wawel Dragon) and so on notwithstanding. Earlier versions of man resided in higher dimensional realms, so they could “see” and experience things we cannot today. Even creatures like the mythical Babylonian Sirrush and Griffons may have simply evolved out of existence. All that remains of our forlorn quest are distant legends and questionable tales which highlight the extraordinary past shaping our ancestry. That is the beauty of the discovery tour. Objectives are met by the simple will to know.

What happened to Atlantis?

What happened to Atlantis?

20130216142330 Visitors may have seen my other topical blog post “Wisdom versus Mysticism”. I also recently attended an event presenting Rosemary Klem and Jack Lord, who made elaborate claims that Atlantis had moved to dual locations on our sea floor. Though they did not give reasons or explain what had happened, according to their logic, the move took place 12,000 years ago.

In my other post I talked about a tragic event that possibly ended humanity 10,581BC (or 12,596 years ago). We seem to be close enough to be on the mark. Some time ago, once again on my other blog, I gave details concerning and informed readers that, at the time, the Earth’s crust had briefly detached from the core. Consequential it “slipped” maybe as much as 180 degrees in a few fleeting seconds. Think about the rush! How anything could have survived that (1000’s miles high tidal waves?) defies comprehension, but maybe legends such as Noah’s ark are credible. What was the “Northern Hemisphere” then became today’s Southern Hemisphere. But there is a catch. You see, the polar shift did not end Atlantis. Indeed it was in fact the end of Atlantis that caused the polar shift.

Prior to the century ending 13,800BC (15,815 years ago), there were no polar icecaps. Our Earth, at that time, was relatively temperate (as was Mars before). The “planet” that came down and appeared to connect with Earth (according to myths such as found in the Popol Vuh) was the tiny ice moon Falla. This event is briefly mentioned in the Vedic texts. It looked much larger than the other two Earth moons (prior to the millennium ending 102,000BC, when the largest moon was destroyed as the piece de resistance at the end of an 18,000 year long cosmic war) as it revolved around our globe every nine days. Referring once again to the Vedas, a long running battle had ensued (possibly over millions of years) between “dark forces” and the chroniclers (presumably friends of Atlantis?). At various points, detail is given as to who the dark forces are. Diligent researchers learn they are grey skinned and of bestial appearance, have habits that are unmistakably inhumane. Though they are described as hermaphrodites, they have (allegedly) been placed in positions of power, including kingship (or advisors of regal structures).

For me, there is still an enigma as to what the grey skinned dark forces are. They could not, for instance, be the Futczhi as these were created by the Draco to manage the replenishments of new man shortly after the 10,581BC tragedy. Zetas, according to Judy Caroll, have 30% DNA activation today so that would place them in the fourth to fifth dimension realms. Could have a much earlier hybrid (or multiple hybrid types) been created that did not resonate the traditional angelic qualities of these gracious beings? On the other hand, from the perception of an egalitarian, ambitious creed (perhaps similar to today’s “Zionists”) perhaps angelic protagonists might be described as “dark forces” as they obstructed rational progress. There are no simple answers and I am perplexed by this one. Hopefully the truth will be revealed in this lifetime.

Returning to discussions about the end of Atlantis, the end of the technological centre (which was a joint Atlantean/Ciakar project) coincided with Falla’s creation of our Arctic Circle. This was, as Graham Hancock so cleverly suggested, the “hammer” (trigger) that caused the 10,581BC event. Though the famous Rainbow City still remained  87748pb06intact after the Falla collision (today it is beneath the Antarctica ice fields) along with a few other important strategic centres, the might of Atlantis was broken. Remembering Rosemary Klem and Jack Lord’s assertion that colonies were re-established on the sea floor after 12,000 years ago chronologically is out-of-whack with the bigger picture. Even so, this calculation is still relatively compelling.

One of my gifts (if that is the right word) is my ability not only to read energy fields, but also plot cosmic positioning (free from space and time). A contact of mine has a distinct Atlantean energy field. Whether he is representative of all Atlanteans I cannot say, but his reading showed me an oddly shaped humanoid (I would like to say “dumpy”, but that is probably the wrong expression). Not taller than five foot two inches (1m60), the head was almost twice the size of an average human. His skin was a dark olive brown with a rather gorilla like quality. There is nothing comparable that I know of on this planet. Maybe he has hair but, if so, it is short cropped. Features are squashed in with noticeable eyebrows. Though these features on an average human might seem to belong to a retarded person, in this case he was noticeably vibrantly intelligent and ever so kind. He seemed to be dressed in some sort of single piece ceremonial gown with a square, colourfully embroidered collar. There is an unassuming quality about him that reminds me of Robin Hood’s “Friar Tuck”.

His energy field is connected to the real pyramids (I think the so-called Mayan, Chinese and other types were “copies” by different intelligent beings). He is a keeper of wisdom (the dregs of the Atlantis cosmic archives can be found in

Ancient Atlantean artefact

Ancient Atlantean artefact

Tibet, those that haven’t been plundered) and this is emphatically confirmed by my contact. Using him as the master template, I decided to locate the beings Rosemary Klem and Jack Lord were discussing. Firstly, and most importantly, I did find the sea based peoples they had a connection to. It was clear they bore no obvious relationship to the Atlanteans, gauging the energy field I have just described. What is more, and though both Rosemary and Jack contradict me, they had no connection to the “pyramids” (using construction as a reference). In fact, I find no reference to any monolithic structures.

There were some other problems. After their lengthy talk, a number of listeners met for recreational discussions after the event. If there was one thing that the Atlanteans could do that baffled their peers, it was to transmute ordinary matter. So, they, for instance, could turn a block of wood into an ingot of gold (given the correct dynamics) simply with mind power. In my book, “The Beauty of Decoded Existence”, I discuss the layer that connects atomic particles and “God”. Terminology was slightly different, but Rosemary and Jack, both affirmed their sea-bound beings could manipulate “sub particles” “reducing everything to raw code, if necessary”. That is very much what the Atlanteans could do, so how to decipher this contradiction?

We all agreed that reproducing pizza or fish and chips from sub-atomic code did not sound very enlightened. Talk about replacing new technologies over old problems. In their society, two million robots matched half a million people. All law and order was automated by automatons, which looked identically human, allegedly emotion free. Nevertheless, everyone needed to work and Jack humorously emphasised “there’s no such thing as a free meal”. We all considered the evidence, reflecting carefully. Laws produced by computers, we first concluded, were “draconian” and anti-human. Draconian is an interesting word, arguably originating from the Draco (from Alpha Draconis) as evidence of their obsessive behaviour. Point two bubbled up quickly. Commerce and money (Jack talked of “tokens”) is a reptilian concept inducing a requirement for “survival”. Then there was the overall sense of how that society functioned. It seemed like a Ciakar colony. We all reluctantly agreed the peoples under our seas were not Atlanteans, but belonged to the Draco extended networks. The deeper question is; how did they learn to manipulate the sub-atomic layer (be it using machines and not “mind alone”)?


Doubtlessly, not all Atlanteans were wiped out by the 13,800BC or prior event. In my other blog post I explained how they had lost most of the Atmosphere on Mars, 36-37,000 years ago, but did not fully relocate to Earth for a number of centuries. Rosemary and Jack hinted that their reptilian colony was between the fourth and fifth dimensions (by my calculations). DNA activation (in the bodily sense) dictates dimensional positioning, which suggests 20-30% activation in this case. In the fourth dimension realms the properties of matter expands exponentially which makes the “impossible” (by our simple perception) possible. They (Rosemary and Jack) talked of “travel at the speed of thought”. Well this is fifth dimensional positioning where the individual (or, presumably, group) can think themselves to any point in time. So, as with the reptilian sea colony, did the Atlanteans merely “evolve” out of lateral existence just as mythical prehistoric dragons had done before?

Genes, Technologies and Lost Arts

Genes, Technologies and Lost Arts
Strange looking "artefact"

Strange looking “artefact”

Another alleged artefact. Looks plain enough to be real

Another alleged artefact. Looks plain enough to be real

At various times different individuals have revealed a partial scope of alien technologies, genetic capability and training programs that incorporate lost arts and disciplines. The great revolution for man has not so much been the invention of the computer. Without internet technologies we would have remained seated in the dark ages. Alien technologies push things to the next level. However, genes, technologies and lost arts are intrinsically linked. Some readers, for instance, may have studied the pyramids and other ancient stone artefacts. Doubtlessly a few will have formed conclusions or be aware of the evidence supporting a giant Neolithic power network

Dinosaur age "fossil technology"

Dinosaur age “fossil technology”

. Whilst “Moses” may have smashed the alabaster sarcophagus located in the Great Pyramid of Giza to remove its technological content, it was, potentially, a late addition. This “power switch” is now part of the lost Ark of the Covenant. To switch on a wireless power network requires only correct gene activation, communion spirit and some training in hermetic meditation. The Draco manipulated (by authorisation of the Zeta keepers) ancient so-called (crystalline) False Matrix has fractured any hope of true communion for it splinters and redirects our thoughts, shredding harmonic potency. That is why we have lost our telepathic powers, even if some advanced individuals can receive communications from afar.

Good stylisation of a Mantid head

Good stylisation of a Mantid head

Simon Parkes is not the only one that has revealed some of the technologies used by the Thuban Alliance (under guidance of Thoth and other grand council architects). Standard issue equipment includes whippy one or two man Vimanas. I see these as distinctly black and egg shaped, but with lots of rectangular components giving the effect of giant Lego blocks. A machine’s activation appears to be tuned to genetics and the way their “doors” open defies our reality.

The Tardis

The Tardis

Not dissimilar to Doctor Who’s “Tardis”, the inside has too great a volume when considering its quaint external dimensions. Another very strange observation I noticed is they look very easy to dismantle, using my Lego analogy again. They often travel between timelines so would appear to the casual onlooker as orbs. When an entity or device hides in, presumably, sub-space it gives off an energy signature. An orb is the visual statement. In effect this is an illusion and that gives an added layer of safety for travellers. Technologically, the standard issue Vimanas have all features required for operational missions. Our infamous “stealth bomber” is a child’s toy by comparison.

There are two types of device that are regularly encountered. An innocuous “laser pen” is carried by many subordinate species. One was salvaged from a 1950’s New Mexico crash. Charles Hall described how a Tall White almost killed him with the device. Varghina’s 1996 incident coincided with precision mutilation of twenty four cats and dogs. Saurian visitors appear to have access to this technology.

Looks "real", but is it Saurian?

Looks “real”, but is it Saurian?

The point is it can be used as a medical tool or a weapon. Perhaps there are other uses. However, the standard issue wand and back pack appears to be much more versatile. Whereas Ken Bakeman’s informative illustration presents the unit as a one piece all white, in my mind I see a silver wand which detaches from the

power unit. According to one report, the power pack weighs no more than a bag of sugar. It’s made of a very strange material that is metallic but looks and feels like plastic.

Ken Bakeman's realistic illustration of alien backpack and wand

Ken Bakeman’s realistic illustration of alien backpack and wand

I have also never seen the tip of the wand inactive (as in the illustration). In all my visions, there is a blue light which acts a little a gel and has a pulsating magnetic quality. Others report orange and multi-coloured lights, but functionality is mostly the same. One writer was threatened with a demonstration of the destructive properties of the wand.

I sense it may be a super weapon. Intriguing accounts of cattle mutilations describe beasts with horrific injuries that would defy survival being kept alive in some sort of radiant blue or orange traction field. There is also the memory of the 1950’s so-called Dylatov Pass incident, when a Russian tour group were all found dead with their internal systems pulverised by tonnes of force.

Movie poster says it all

Movie poster says it all

Witnesses claimed to have seen mysterious orange lights from afar. A few ancient Indian tales suggest a simple wand may be capable of great turmoil far in excess of one hundred Hiroshima style nuclear bombs. Nevertheless, the majority of reports are upbeat and focus on the healing powers of the device. Zetas and Thuban Mantids have been identified performing healing procedures. This, for me, nullifies the supposed “rift” between the Zetas and Draco. However, I do confirm that they work by very different standards. The gelatine light ball at a wand’s tip is quite big – perhaps the size of a squashed down tennis ball, so already disconcerted “abductee” patients have been known to become hysterical at the prospect of the “solid” light entering their bodies. To make matters worse, at the wrong setting, entry can be very painful, but this can be quickly rectified.

Allegedly the "real" Varghina Saurian

Allegedly the “real” Varghina Saurian

Commonly found in Draco culture extending to other networks of “negative entities” (many have no association with man) are amulets and chains. Late Phil Schneider’s memorable account of being “hit” by a tall grey while deep underground, illustrates a variation of this technology. Tall Greys are the mother race and were an experiment to unify dragon Tyrannosaur and Zeta DNA. Unfortunately the Zeta’s angelic qualities did nothing to dint the sheer aggressive force of the Tyrannosaur and the horrific “Mother Race” was born. More positively, apparently there are only about a thousand of these left, but they do live for an extraordinarily long time.

Captures the "character" but not the likeness of the Mother Race

Captures the “character” but not the likeness of the Mother Race

The one Schneider had encountered possessed a metallic device grafted onto its breast plate, so an instant arm-to-chest reaction produced a deadly blue energy ray. Some of the bat types have gem encrusted wings (for unknown reasons the ruby is popular). White Draco will wear good luck amulet chains of glittering chains not dissimilar ones worn by our Lord Mayors, though possibly rather less ostentatious.

I only recently learnt about some of the extraordinary powers of the Atlanteans on Mars. I discuss the episode in detail in my yet to be published book two of the Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons series – A New World Order. Not only could the Atlanteans change their body’s cellular structure, shape shifting in a way the Ciakars can do only aided by technology, but they could also transmute matter. Those that have read my first book, An Introduction to Dimension, Deceptions & Demons will know how they did this. For the rest of you, just be amazed that certain privileged Atlanteans of the most senior status could turn a wooden table into a block of gold using mind only.

Atlantis certainly is not under water. That is a different civilisation

Atlantis certainly is not under water. That is a different civilisation

Naturally, this required special gene activation and, theoretically, they would have existed outside our third dimension plane (and may, from the perspective of perception, not have existed). Other strange things can be achieved by the correct genetic makeup, such as the activation and use of portals. Venusian Valiant Thor reputedly could make himself invisible, according to President Eisenhower’s aides.

It is debatable, in many cases, whether understanding of the lost hermetic arts or genetic potency has devalued the potential of man. I learned of one off world reptilian species that train for forty years in all the special arts. One segment, by example, focuses on lust management. These creatures go beyond levitation. They suspend themselves in the air capturing a Samurai pose and dart down on their opponents. They can create multiple versions of themselves in the mind of an adversary left franticly flailing at thin air.

Cartoon, maybe. Express the Ciakar attitude well

Cartoon, maybe. Express the Ciakar attitude well

It is not all geared to war and defence. Appreciation of the body, spirit and mind are at the forefront of routines. Unlike our feeble excuse for “education”, their people become masters of everything. Needlepoint, archery, wood working, poetry, music artistry of so many types are all rehearsed to perfection. Life, in their worlds, transcends survival. Indeed, should humanity wish to join their ranks, survival must be an aside.

One of the few genuine downed UFO photos

One of the few genuine downed UFO photos

Is this a real UFO or a "stunt"?

Is this a real UFO or a “stunt”?