I have a vision. I dream about writing the best book that has ever been written. It is not going to be any old best book or the best simply because it captivates academic acclaim. Neither is it going to be greatly received because it corrals the corrupt heart of populism. It will be the finest of fine because it is your book written for you. Per course, no one else will ever need to read it. It will be your personal heirloom instead. The great act you cultivated in your lifetime; aided by me.

My literary contributions in the form of (often very large scale) articles on this website and other places apply refinement to a journey in motion that has precariously undulated for more than two decades. Let us remember, fine wine is rarely pressed overnight. Along the lonely path, it has come to my attention that some of my more avid followers feel compelled that accrued content potentially delivers a blueprint for their and others’ universal deliverance. Therefore, as such, in these terms, I have cast a written legacy that transcends crude, unforgiving “commercial value” (invariably populism’s pariah prostitute). Let us be honest most publishers, obsessed by riches, don’t appreciate that majorities are barely literate or imagination lacking, certainly when progress is involved.

Admirable philosophy perhaps, but those in the know know truth and spiritual prestige are alienated by long standing “control systems” as well. These have been geared to manipulate the manner people think and reflect to such degrees they cannot distinguish the sordid from the soulful. Thus, pertaining information is instinctively rendered commercially unviable. Likewise, any associated “business project” of mine is almost guaranteed to fall prey to the elements and fail financially. So what I am proposing here is wholehearted investment with little or no prospect of or desire for return.

Now, in terms of the project cost, taking physical writing in isolation, time is going to be the main resource drain. A beautifully written and edited “considered” manuscript may well need anywhere between eighteen months to two years to complete diligently. So, here’s the catch. Excepting poets, writers need to be secure, safe and stress free to produce quality output sufficient for a veritable magnum opus. We need to be realistic about this right from the off. Healthy incomes tend to be the key to happiness and, for me, there is no exception to this rule of thumb. Thus, was my project to attract a sole backer, he would need to possess deep pockets, because costs are destined to be prohibitive. Particularly when factoring in that “writing” is only part of the equation.

The artistic requirement might be considerable for a work dedicated to illustrating otherwise unknown entities. Depictions would likely provide an essential tool to sufficiently bolster vision to enhance memorable reading experiences. These images might well need to be many and numerous. Was the volume conceived as a limited edition, then doubtlessly justification would press for production of the highest quality permitting usage of finest paper, print, inks and bindings, maybe securing a magnificent jewel encrusted hard cover tastefully highlighted by gold braiding echoes? Put in perspective, when seriously considering cost of all parts, accrued expenses would surely amass sufficiently enough to mimic any standard king’s ransom.

Traffic to this website is moderate so, as most people are of relatively humble means, short of a miracle of fate or bank error in our favour, there is almost no chance that a sole dedicate would have access to sufficient funds to throw away (but not squander) at something like this. Conceivably, therefore, were we to consider guardianship models as a provisional progressive solution, well, careful research demonstrates desired results probity accumulate so much easier when under tenure of administrative gangs. In other words, in the footsteps of Moses, might many project guardians clubbing together engage a force field of determined will powerful enough to collectively raise oceans of cash?

In the same manner I envisage things moving forward, any or all financiers could equally provide recommendations as to the direction and type of content. After inspirational brainstorming sessions, it would be up to me, the draftsman, to balance ideas, gems for prosperity to cultivate an elegant rising phoenix. Perhaps, to save on costs, numbers of book copies would be restricted to equal quantities of financiers. There is an advantage. Extremely limited “limited editions” (such as single or double figure production runs) can make serious heirloom prospects. Forgive me. Here I do not succumb under yolk of vulgar capitalism for one instant. No, let us imagine we could resurrect but a solitary extinct dinosaur. Any type will do, but perhaps a docile vegetarian may cause us the least entertainment risk. Think of the rarity, the priceless opportunity to view such a beast in the flesh. Would that expectation not summon the chance of a lifetime? The next best thing to seeing in life is witnessing in the mind, so that must suffice until present day creators of an authentic Jurassic Park emerge. Nevertheless, given those “ultra” financial constraints, the more contributing raised hands the better, I think. Let us not fool ourselves, for even when the mighty burden is shared amongst five, ten, twenty or more enthralled dedicates, contributor parcels would still each amount to hefty sums. But, in this case, I concede the more is indeed the merrier. Significant investment is deserving for “once in a lifetime” opportunities. Understandably, those with heart, courage and determination who have sufficient liquidity are very welcome to pull up a chair and indicate sincere interest via the comments section below. Alternatively, my personal line is always open for such discussions at quick2learn.steve@y7mail.com.