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An introduction to the Draco

An introduction to the Draco

Almost nothing is known about the Draco. They have no history, heritage and would not exist but for a few enigmatic ancient texts that purport races of reptilian beings competed with man in the dark prehistoric ages. This was a time so far gone it predates the stone age and physical evidence would be rejected, “on principle”, by mainstream archaeology. Our corporate historical record has successfully conned an assuming audience that it can date stones to a precision of within a few hundred years and nothing, intelligent, preceded 7000BC (conforming to Alphonse X of Castile’s “creation” date). In reality, the Draco (genetic line) claims their descendants are middle Earth’s natural indigenous man. To validate this claim they call themselves Earthlings. This is a massive subject and the first post of many about it.


Draco ancestral heritage and bloodlines

Wrong physique but correct Draco character

Wrong physique but correct Draco character

Stiff "dummies" that capture the Draco regal nature

Stiff “dummies” that capture the Draco regal nature

Let me begin by clearing up misconceptions. The Draco is both the singular and plural name given to genetic outcomes that span a wide range of body types. For the purposes of this post, I will be discussing those dimensionally outside our reality band. Our materialist science programming makes it hard to seriously discuss extra-dimensional beings. Compared with our own existence, there are four types. There is a physical existence that can be touched and measured. Our science accepts anything physical, even if only supported by lower dimensions. Technologies and entities that appear solid and physical, but cannot be touched or measured are categorised as “paranormal” or ghosts. The next type gives a weak signal, so something is seen but the detail is so unclear it could be a “trick of the light”. The fourth type of existence is outside our resonance and light frequency band, so cannot be seen. Special individuals, using the so-called third eye (pineal gland) can “see” the fourth type in their minds.

The percentage of DNA activation determines the dimensional frequency setting of your reality. Generally speaking, many from the Draco family lines have a much higher percentage of DNA activated than humans do. Our DNA is actually highly cherished and prized by them as they were partially responsible for our existence. Conventional science has made an industry out of cataloguing strings of chemical code produced by amino and nucleic acids. Though these patterns are important, they are merely symptoms. Root DNA is made of synthetic light that looks almost metallic. It reminds me of Christmas decorations on a tree. The Draco entities were created from a vast catalogue that encompasses many well-known planetary types. To mention a few; our birds, bats, cats, dogs, sharks, rays are all likely to have been produced from a common source DNA block. Some reptiles, such as crocodiles and alligators, certain snakes are also products formed from the same Draco DNA block. Surprisingly, not all reptiles have this genetic ancestry or heritage.

The highest version of the Draco entities are closest related to the pterodactyl bird-bat. Fifth (and beyond) dimensional beings, sometimes called the Anunaki, managed the bloodline and had all the genetic keys, originally. A correct spelling of Anunaki is important as it is spelt in many different ways, but always heralds from the concept of an all-powerful God. Because they had no physical presence, a range of unique and special entities were created and called by the group name, Ba’al.

The real Ba'al is much more terrifying

The real Ba’al is much more terrifying

Unlike our “mould” reproduction, when Ba’al reproduces each progeny is made-to-measure. Two infamous manifestations of Ba’al were Enlil and Enki (of the Sumerian tablets). Ironically, neither could be experienced in our reality as they were located on the cusp of the fourth dimension. In order to manifest physically, they would have needed to create go between bodies. Some of these looked relatively human in appearance and perhaps these are the “Anunaki” ancient texts refer to. Compared to snarling sea monsters like Ba’al, I think we would all welcome the improvement. In order to manage the physical, Ba’al created third to fourth dimensional dragons, which should be called Drakkon. These could and did manifest physically (as per our science measurement) but were very shy and tended to live in almost inaccessible places.

Depiction of the mythical Sirrush

Depiction of the mythical Sirrush

The Babylonian Sirrush is an interesting hybrid (sometimes called “Griffon” in mythology). There were other far stranger ones. Ba’al guided the Drakkon in the creation of the dinosaurs, which was part of a great cosmic experiment. A giant war which shattered a planet called Maldek saw the end of the dinosaur age. At some time after this the Draco were created, but plausibly about 65 million years ago. However, it was only three or four million years ago that a reptilian “man” came into existence. After a giant war 2.3 million years ago he was forced inner Earth. Apache legends also site a time when the native clans journeyed from the inner Earth to the surface and fought the reptiles (man) into the regions they had left, so there may have been toing and froing over the ages. By 450,000 years ago, reptilian man was securely entrenched in the central Earth domains. That is the history. I would like to present a brief description of the various types. It is also worth noting that there are entire lineages that have no connection to another (similar to the numerous “unknown” human races scattered about the cosmos), genes separated either by physical space and/or dimension. Descriptions will be brief to be continued in future posts.

White Draco

"Low vibrational" White Draco courtesy of adolescent channelling artist Ian R.

“Low vibrational” White Draco courtesy of adolescent channelling artist Ian R.

White Draco entities are immensely proud, magnificent beings. They are supremely tall, some well over two metres. Possessing natural limbs, they have the added advantage of a giant wing span. However, I am informed by other internet sources, their wings (and neck region) are extremely sensitive and are used to stress emotion in the way we might, comparably, use our hands. Preferring a sedentary existence, they tend to live as family groups well away from the prying eyes of invaders. Dwellings remind me of oversized, gothic cathedrals or castles with endless ceilings. As with the dragons, lead householders sit on marble thrones. Some wear amulet chains around the neck and ranked individuals carry sceptres. They flit from place to place, silently, in the manor of owls, but look like giant ghostly bats. Adults have flaming ruby red eyes, white skin as soft as calf’s leather, nasty taloned hands and feet. Standing upright, they look remarkably sleek, considering their robust frame. I do not believe it is possible to see them with physical eyes.

There may be lime green and brownish red versions, but the White Draco is considered “pedigree”. Pteroids is a generalisation for all the Draco types.


The only picture simulating a Ciakar energy field I could find

The only picture simulating a Ciakar energy field I could find

Chameleons Ciakars were originally raptors that followed the extinction of Tyrannosaurus Rex. Both they and the mighty beast could talk (to a fashion). A number of films of sewer or cave bound raptors have been captured and are available publically but, compared to the wealth of Grey Being footage, are relatively uncommon. Reptilian in appearance, the Ciakars are renowned for trans-dimensional shape shifting and that is why they are named after our Madagascan colour changing lizard. Unlike the natural shape shifting of Mer people (occasional visitors to our seas via portal), they use technology. Thus, technically, all reptilian types (of which there are many) can shape shift. I discuss how this is done in my book “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons”. Reputedly, there is an active inner Earth colony of about 180,000 people that live in humble, small house-like dwellings. Significantly, large quantities of piled crystals personify these habitats as definitely “not human”. Reasons for crystal hoarding are also explained in my book.

Saurions, Altairians, Iguanoids are a few of Chameleon types.


As the Draco and some Chameleons are also geneticists, over time they have created large ranges of animals. A branch of these attack or defence creatures are best known as Phalzants.

Some very strange creatures live below ground

Some very strange creatures live below ground

One has an infamous reputation and is called the Chupacabra. Though descriptions vary depending on the folklore, a Chupacabra is a giant black rat ranging from greyhound size up to a large sheep. They are nocturnal creatures and have notable jet black eyes (no whites or iris). Voraciously aggressive, they have unlimited energy and no fear. A number of cattle mutilations have been blamed on them, though I know of no witnessed attacks. Nevertheless, a woman in Puerto Rico claims to have been savaged by one and was lucky to keep her life. There have been a number of other reported sightings in the Central Americas. Reputedly, over 300,000 live in inner Earth caverns a few miles from the surface. The sinkhole crisis in the United States could be a bigger problem than most realise. Descriptions of “feral pigs” called Razorbacks in Australia’s Outback are occasionally eerily similar to Chupacabra. An insect reptile colloquially called the “Saurian” is also occasional described as “Chupacabra” (particularly in Latin culture). This will be discussed in a separate post.

There is another group that are rather more advanced. Included are some genetic lines that originated from the Bootes star system, but all are generally known as Booteans. I read references to long snouted, reptilians with a taste for human flesh; though I am not sure whether that is yet more negative propaganda. This is not to say that Ciakars do not eat human flesh, but it is done in a committed ritualistic, perhaps spiritual, way that humans would not understand. Alex Colier (whose information is rarely “accurate” – a symptom of channelling) claims that intelligent (hydrogen breathing?) reptiles lines from Bootes are Ciakar genetic half breeds.

A particularly striking version of the Bootean range is a tall ape like being. With extended arms it towers well over two meters. Blackish brown wrinkled skin something like the texture of a gorilla’s nose gives the body a satin look. Its square on head is one of the most violent looking I have ever seen. Features are neither ape nor reptile; something unique. Ciakar dignitaries are sometimes accompanied by them, sentinels on each wing. They are intelligent, but I do not believe they talk. Energetically I sense they may be similar to some of the Neanderthal cousins. Intriguingly, Neanderthal researcher, Danny Vendramini’s book “Them and Us” has a small section of Night Stalkers (chapter 7) devoted to “snake eyes”. I must access a copy soon!

The Grey Beings

The Grey Beings

As the Greys are the best known, most iconic supposed extra-terrestrial, they seem the ideal choice for my first evaluation of exo-politic species. Exo-politic comes from the Greek and means “outside the affairs of the people”. Outside the affairs of the people has become entwined with our deep political systems mostly to a hidden agenda. Aspects of that agenda poke through the cracks guided by virulent propaganda, most notably by the so-called “disclosure movement” which, for the most part, is dedicated to the personification of fiction. Corporates now see themselves as age old explorers with the UFO, ET sector a stage big business. As commerce cannot conflict with political, religious, historical ideology, rules of engagement must mirror past untruths aggressively.


The mission of this blog is to set the record; to sift through the weight of garbage and expose those oh so limited truths in isolation, free from the clobber of idolatry.


Who or what are the Greys?


Very old photograph of a Zeta hybrid. Judging by the character of its eyes it is a variation of 'worker robot'

Very old photograph of a Zeta hybrid. Judging by the character of its eyes it is a variation of ‘worker robot’

Grey beings are not the product of one genus. However, the most regularly seen are an adaptation of Zeta genetics. At least 100 genuine video movies and many more photographs exist confirming the existence of an inner Earth hybrid. There is a small anomaly, before I give a more detailed background. Late Karla (Candice) Turner laid claim that these were the product of harvested human sperms. If this is true it would defy our understanding of “life” as all known life is created by a fertilised egg or seed, which the exception of systems that clone themselves by “spitting”. Turner’s claims are not the only ones of this type. Others have stated that “Robot Greys” are grown “like flowers”. If they are created from human sperms, then it contains Zeta DNA and we (or races of us) are part Zeta. These claims are discussed in detail with lengthy analysis of implications in the “Beyond the Draco – Connections to the other Players; an overview” segment of my book “Dimensions, Deceptions and Demons”.

Generally speaking, the term “Grey being” is given to those with off-white skin colour, frail and sometimes disproportionate bodies supporting oversized heads with notable large black eyes, normally of the character of an insect’s. In fact, deep understanding produces a kaleidoscope of colours, from pallid whites to metallic blues, greens, oranges and, of course, the customary grey colour. Different hybrid groups have different sized heads, shapes and eyes. Every one I have witnessed, though, has had the usual jet black eyes, no irises or whites, some being round in appearance. The head itself is invariably featureless. There is no nose to speak of; perhaps a couple of breathing holes or dents. The mouth is usually a small slit (sometimes used to ingest fluid foods). No ears are present other than occasional bumps. These, I am informed, are not always ears and may have different functions, such as expelling waste, reproductive glands, temperature regulation and so on. Indeed the most interesting characteristic of the Greys, in general, is the lack of anything that might equate to sex organs. By human standards, they cannot eat, defecate, reproduce, hear or smell very well (according to our understanding of their equipment). Jet black eyes suggest daylight would be a blur to them.

There are probably many 100’s of varieties if all hybrids were factored into the count, but it is the Zeta genus that is the only one worthy of discussion in connection to the exo-politics of Earth. Zeta beings have not been filmed for a long time. There are only three genuine archive films in the public arena (for my research). I am not entirely sure whether these are more “Zeta like” hybrids as purebreds have 30-40% DNA activation. That means it would place them well outside our vibrational frequency range and I do not believe they could manifest before us without deactivating aspects of their DNA (easiest way – create a hybrid).

Zeta Reticula Grey Beings


Possibly a computer generated image, but at least partially based on a real Zeta "energy body" (note the eyes)

Possibly a computer generated image, but at least partially based on a real Zeta “energy body” (note the eyes)


Zeta Reticula is a binary star system literally teaming with intelligent life. It is the genetic birth place of the feared Anunaki Draco and other so-called reptilian types. At least 30 types of Grey being live there, but the Zetas are set apart from the rest. They are renowned for angelic qualities (something the “worker robots”, mentioned earlier, are not). Much of the great wisdom, compassion and luminance found in Buddhism had origins from their magnificent charter for humanity. Unfortunately dark forces of commerce have dismantled all plausibility and that is why Buddhism is not much more than grovelling acceptance of their lot. With 30-40% DNA activation, Zetas live on the cusp of dimension four. This means they are almost dimension five beings and these have special properties in relation to the time space continuum. Those that have ascended to the fifth dimension can think themselves to any time or place. Arguably they have numbers of 18-21 billion, but as some Zetas have reached the highest dimension – cubed light form, populations may be in a state of flux as groups fade out of one dimensional existence to another.

Zetas are intrinsically attached to this planet, as their energy fields built it. Describing its character, the Zeta would be best identified with termites or ants (the very first “animal” being was a walking ant, prior to “Big Bang” which superseded Tree beings). Surprisingly, the current Earth manifestations are the sea born dolphin species. Their sonar is a version of Zeta’s cosmic language and they seem to have inherent understanding of it from birth. Edgar Cayce’s Arcturian Elders are fifth dimensional grey green, three fingered Zetas. These occupy a place on a panel that decides the cosmic affairs of the Earth (it is called something like “Theolusus” – my adaptation). Characteristically, decisions are fair but dispassionate (if not heartless). Zetas should not be judged as they simply oversee the greater good and administer outcomes thoroughly. If the greater good was exclusively Zeta, it would be angelic in character. Sadly, some humans and other entities have downgraded the compromise for eternal balance.

Our disclosure movement and other sources have misrepresented the Zetas. Most of the insect types regularly conduct mind scans of human abductees. Zetas, and perhaps others, can composes a detailed conversation using eye movement alone. It is quite extraordinary to experience, I suppose just as the power of mime and its concordant body language releases the need for conversation. Alternatively, they communicate telepathically. Telepathy is the transfer of knowledge, not in word form but by “experience”. Therefore, it needs no translation (unless a specific unknown name, device or so on is being exampled); only interpretation. Finally, the Zeta did partner with the Anunaki Draco (their ekders are also on the Theolusus Council of Elders) to create the Zeta-Draco (colloquially called Futczhi – footch-zee).


This is a real hybrid od the Zeta-Draco type. Film stock from the Roswell (?) autopsy was badly damaged and has been "enhanced"

This is a real hybrid od the Zeta-Draco type. Film stock from the Roswell (?) autopsy was badly damaged and has been “enhanced”

Hidden truth about Judaism, confused by Pharisaic accountants, is these presided over the original races designed to harmonise man. The Zeta-Draco are an important sub-topic that will be discussed in a future post. I hope this has been educational and informative. Constructive feedback is always welcome.

Debunking the debunkers

Latex model of a real extra-terrestrial

Latex model of a real extra-terrestrial

I have been writing an encyclopaedia called “A Brief History of Human Conscience” since 2004. Though I have always been mildly interested in exo-politics, “aliens” and so-called UFO’s, thorough attention began in late 2011. February 2013 saw my membership of a UFO society in Sydney. Shortly after my “discovery” I made a number of public presentations at the invitation of that and other societies.

Because this topic moves into the paranormal; something that is an effect of extra-dimensions, records can be bizarre or dreamlike. This had encouraged a core group of reductionist/materialist fundamentalists to react in order to covet their reality. That reality is founded on the tenet of atheism with no place for God and other aspects of spirituality. Their numerous and varied attacks on the spiritual elements determining existence are labelled debunks.

Scientists familiar with the Edwardian double slit experiment and later wave function collapse will shudder at the prospect of a physical universe. Aspects of current scientific thinking are grudgingly moving towards a generic holographic universe theory. This ironically supports ancient esoteric writings that suppose we, in this universe, have three interposed realities for the price of one. Holographic Universe One (HU1) is Earth; HU2 is Tara and HU3 is Gaia. Part of this revelation presents a mystery. According to these texts, for HU2 our sun becomes an oversized planet.

On record, there is another mystery of modern times. 1917 marked a period of global turmoil. Nevertheless a quaint setting in Portugal remained unaffected, unscathed by outer warring. It was there and then the Fatima miracle manifest. For a brief glimpse, our sun reverted into its HU2 state and turned into a shimmering rainbow coloured planet to the astonishment of numerous witnesses, most notably three celebrated children.

The debunkers come completely undone when discussing dimensions. Measurement of illusory reality may appease relative cretins but it does not support intelligence. Their one and two dimensions cannot exist by their very own rules. If any “side” of a one, two, three or more dimensional object is zero then it does not exist. Thus, everything is “three plus dimensional” or nothing.

In fact reality and dimensions are best deciphered at quantum level. There the first dimension would be limited to pulses. Rings of electrons and positrons create force fields (that form atoms that project an illusion of solidity). Frequency waves manufacture the “flavour” of perception. Given the right DNA code, anything is possible. Finally, densities (pulses, force fields and waves combined) determine which dimensional resonance the experiencer experiences. Researchers such as Pane Andov argue there are numerous simultaneous existences experienced consecutively using the same components. Miraculous!

This raw understanding of existence reduces everything to light (darkness being nothing). Reality, by this definition, becomes a symptom of programing. Therefore, every effect is experienced by the experiencer because he or she has the correct coding and not because effects exist per se. Over time, much interest has been devoted to sub space and the mysterious Spanish Ummo peoples “dimension ten”. This has time as a central repository of random expressions.