What happened to Atlantis?

What happened to Atlantis?

20130216142330 Visitors may have seen my other topical blog post “Wisdom versus Mysticism”. I also recently attended an event presenting Rosemary Klem and Jack Lord, who made elaborate claims that Atlantis had moved to dual locations on our sea floor. Though they did not give reasons or explain what had happened, according to their logic, the move took place 12,000 years ago.

In my other post I talked about a tragic event that possibly ended humanity 10,581BC (or 12,596 years ago). We seem to be close enough to be on the mark. Some time ago, once again on my other blog, I gave details concerning and informed readers that, at the time, the Earth’s crust had briefly detached from the core. Consequential it “slipped” maybe as much as 180 degrees in a few fleeting seconds. Think about the rush! How anything could have survived that (1000’s miles high tidal waves?) defies comprehension, but maybe legends such as Noah’s ark are credible. What was the “Northern Hemisphere” then became today’s Southern Hemisphere. But there is a catch. You see, the polar shift did not end Atlantis. Indeed it was in fact the end of Atlantis that caused the polar shift.

Prior to the century ending 13,800BC (15,815 years ago), there were no polar icecaps. Our Earth, at that time, was relatively temperate (as was Mars before). The “planet” that came down and appeared to connect with Earth (according to myths such as found in the Popol Vuh) was the tiny ice moon Falla. This event is briefly mentioned in the Vedic texts. It looked much larger than the other two Earth moons (prior to the millennium ending 102,000BC, when the largest moon was destroyed as the piece de resistance at the end of an 18,000 year long cosmic war) as it revolved around our globe every nine days. Referring once again to the Vedas, a long running battle had ensued (possibly over millions of years) between “dark forces” and the chroniclers (presumably friends of Atlantis?). At various points, detail is given as to who the dark forces are. Diligent researchers learn they are grey skinned and of bestial appearance, have habits that are unmistakably inhumane. Though they are described as hermaphrodites, they have (allegedly) been placed in positions of power, including kingship (or advisors of regal structures).

For me, there is still an enigma as to what the grey skinned dark forces are. They could not, for instance, be the Futczhi as these were created by the Draco to manage the replenishments of new man shortly after the 10,581BC tragedy. Zetas, according to Judy Caroll, have 30% DNA activation today so that would place them in the fourth to fifth dimension realms. Could have a much earlier hybrid (or multiple hybrid types) been created that did not resonate the traditional angelic qualities of these gracious beings? On the other hand, from the perception of an egalitarian, ambitious creed (perhaps similar to today’s “Zionists”) perhaps angelic protagonists might be described as “dark forces” as they obstructed rational progress. There are no simple answers and I am perplexed by this one. Hopefully the truth will be revealed in this lifetime.

Returning to discussions about the end of Atlantis, the end of the technological centre (which was a joint Atlantean/Ciakar project) coincided with Falla’s creation of our Arctic Circle. This was, as Graham Hancock so cleverly suggested, the “hammer” (trigger) that caused the 10,581BC event. Though the famous Rainbow City still remained  87748pb06intact after the Falla collision (today it is beneath the Antarctica ice fields) along with a few other important strategic centres, the might of Atlantis was broken. Remembering Rosemary Klem and Jack Lord’s assertion that colonies were re-established on the sea floor after 12,000 years ago chronologically is out-of-whack with the bigger picture. Even so, this calculation is still relatively compelling.

One of my gifts (if that is the right word) is my ability not only to read energy fields, but also plot cosmic positioning (free from space and time). A contact of mine has a distinct Atlantean energy field. Whether he is representative of all Atlanteans I cannot say, but his reading showed me an oddly shaped humanoid (I would like to say “dumpy”, but that is probably the wrong expression). Not taller than five foot two inches (1m60), the head was almost twice the size of an average human. His skin was a dark olive brown with a rather gorilla like quality. There is nothing comparable that I know of on this planet. Maybe he has hair but, if so, it is short cropped. Features are squashed in with noticeable eyebrows. Though these features on an average human might seem to belong to a retarded person, in this case he was noticeably vibrantly intelligent and ever so kind. He seemed to be dressed in some sort of single piece ceremonial gown with a square, colourfully embroidered collar. There is an unassuming quality about him that reminds me of Robin Hood’s “Friar Tuck”.

His energy field is connected to the real pyramids (I think the so-called Mayan, Chinese and other types were “copies” by different intelligent beings). He is a keeper of wisdom (the dregs of the Atlantis cosmic archives can be found in

Ancient Atlantean artefact

Ancient Atlantean artefact

Tibet, those that haven’t been plundered) and this is emphatically confirmed by my contact. Using him as the master template, I decided to locate the beings Rosemary Klem and Jack Lord were discussing. Firstly, and most importantly, I did find the sea based peoples they had a connection to. It was clear they bore no obvious relationship to the Atlanteans, gauging the energy field I have just described. What is more, and though both Rosemary and Jack contradict me, they had no connection to the “pyramids” (using construction as a reference). In fact, I find no reference to any monolithic structures.

There were some other problems. After their lengthy talk, a number of listeners met for recreational discussions after the event. If there was one thing that the Atlanteans could do that baffled their peers, it was to transmute ordinary matter. So, they, for instance, could turn a block of wood into an ingot of gold (given the correct dynamics) simply with mind power. In my book, “The Beauty of Decoded Existence”, I discuss the layer that connects atomic particles and “God”. Terminology was slightly different, but Rosemary and Jack, both affirmed their sea-bound beings could manipulate “sub particles” “reducing everything to raw code, if necessary”. That is very much what the Atlanteans could do, so how to decipher this contradiction?

We all agreed that reproducing pizza or fish and chips from sub-atomic code did not sound very enlightened. Talk about replacing new technologies over old problems. In their society, two million robots matched half a million people. All law and order was automated by automatons, which looked identically human, allegedly emotion free. Nevertheless, everyone needed to work and Jack humorously emphasised “there’s no such thing as a free meal”. We all considered the evidence, reflecting carefully. Laws produced by computers, we first concluded, were “draconian” and anti-human. Draconian is an interesting word, arguably originating from the Draco (from Alpha Draconis) as evidence of their obsessive behaviour. Point two bubbled up quickly. Commerce and money (Jack talked of “tokens”) is a reptilian concept inducing a requirement for “survival”. Then there was the overall sense of how that society functioned. It seemed like a Ciakar colony. We all reluctantly agreed the peoples under our seas were not Atlanteans, but belonged to the Draco extended networks. The deeper question is; how did they learn to manipulate the sub-atomic layer (be it using machines and not “mind alone”)?


Doubtlessly, not all Atlanteans were wiped out by the 13,800BC or prior event. In my other blog post I explained how they had lost most of the Atmosphere on Mars, 36-37,000 years ago, but did not fully relocate to Earth for a number of centuries. Rosemary and Jack hinted that their reptilian colony was between the fourth and fifth dimensions (by my calculations). DNA activation (in the bodily sense) dictates dimensional positioning, which suggests 20-30% activation in this case. In the fourth dimension realms the properties of matter expands exponentially which makes the “impossible” (by our simple perception) possible. They (Rosemary and Jack) talked of “travel at the speed of thought”. Well this is fifth dimensional positioning where the individual (or, presumably, group) can think themselves to any point in time. So, as with the reptilian sea colony, did the Atlanteans merely “evolve” out of lateral existence just as mythical prehistoric dragons had done before?

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    • I suggest we discuss this face to face https://disqus.com/by/alysdexia/. They say intelligence and ignorance are opposite ends of the IQ scale. As for science classes, I some follow the Russian schools of thought, carefully. Materialist fantasy regularly served up as hogwash to impress “sceptics” neither impresses nor interests me. If you have something else to add, do not generalise, be specific and say SOMETHING. Otherwise you will be treated as a spammer. Oh, and no expletives (I forgot – your IQ – that’s “swear words”), thank you.


      • What is the IQ of a censor? Misrepresentation is a tort. I did not use the words you wrote of me.

        “I some”? Did these Russians teach you how to write too?

        I don’t know anything about “materialist fantasy”. If a borderline personality such as you would qualify your pronouns and accusations, that would speed up the conversation.

        You can’t say what I will (= like to), only what I shall, if you can what I shall.

        My IQ is over 170; I went to college at 11 and 12 and qualified for every entry level class.

        You made up nearly every first-party explanation in this story, and you repeated fabricated third-party stories. You may as well claim the earth and moon are flat or hollow or made of cheese. Your pole shift can’t happen; it’d boil the earth and there’s no cause. You take events in comic books like religions’ Scriptures as if they were real. Let’s talk about the merits of DC versus Marvel, why not?


      • Ah, I see the problem here.

        Yes you do have puny IQ, but that is not it.

        Perhaps you would kindly read a post on my other blog https://ozziethinker.wordpress.com/2015/05/12/denial-and-apathy-will-restrict-and-ultimately-halt-human-ascension/ as I hate repeating myself.

        Everything should be clear after reading that. Your IQ is probably just big enough to comprehend (unless you have exaggerated it).

        Thank you for your comment as I am glad we cleared that up!


      • My IQ was after-18 rather than yester-18 so it’s not as puny as the other scale’s reported IQs may make it seem.

        Define divine.

        Support your accusation that Dawkins ignores contradictory findings.

        You presupposed your dice were balanced but did not prove it.

        Don’t presume I agree with the status quo. I’v spent about 15 years online opponent it: http://www.quora.com/Have-the-known-true-laws-of-physics-ever-been-broken/answer/Autymn-Castleton; http://google.com/search?q=site:quora.com+saiwol; http://forums.about.com/dir-app/bbCard/profile_center.asp?webtag=ab-physics&cType=1&uName=lysdexia (replace 1 with 2, 3, and 4). As a kid, teen, and college student I was precognitive and clairaudient.

        But I do not merely make shit up or believe hearsay without sound explanation.

        You believe in the Annunaki, when Sitchin’s work in it was full of mistranslations… like “rocket” instead of “furnace”, and a planèt instead of a town or some such. What did it predict? The Sumerians believed, like the Abrahamic founders, that the sky was a literal bowl of stone that held up the weather and stars; later cultures believed the bowl was of tin or sapfire. Those cultures still believed the earth was flat: Dn 4:11; Mt 4:8; http://quran.com/search?q=earth+carpet; http://google.com/search?q=%22ancient+cosmology%22. And the Sumerian word for planèt was literally “loose sheep”. The fairy telling on History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” only worsend the concept. Whereas a relief with knobs and hoses could be a primitive underwatter breathing apparatus, as the sea was considered by ancient cultures to be the underworld and afterlife, these clowns claim it represents a space suit. And they claim ancient cultures could craft what we couldn’t. Google “geopolymer concrete”; that is a good, known explanation of how monoliths like the pýramids and Hs were built, as on-site castings. It doesn’t require mýthicly strong sonic levitation.

        You don’t know how to use ‘.

        Can you tell who is mentally ill (borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, antisocial, defiant, paranoid) or a liar? When someone tells you a wild story you like that agrees with other wild stories, do you readily believe it and build a new story upon that? Did you know that Phil Schneider, the suicidal who had long claimed contact and battle with Greys underground in his disclosure, as recorded on YouTube, took alleged alien mineral samples and gave them names and properties he took out the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual’s periodic table?

        Agenda is plural of agendum; agendas isn’t a word. Sacrifice is failure.

        Which of these channelled aliens can predict anything we can’t already come up with? Nancy Leider is a big flop.

        None of your other blog post dealt with this one on Atlantis and pole shifts.


      • My final reply.

        Your words illustrate you are a moron. Present any IQ statistic you wish.

        Divine is everything in complete form, sub-form and super-form (the combination of all factor that “is”).

        Dawkins supressing evidence – http://members.iimetro.com.au/~hubbca/archaeology.htm. There are many, MANY more.

        You are an archetypal atheist, sceptic and materialist embroiled into one. Your words affirm it. That is why you cannot comprehend the divine nor ever will.

        You have no precognitive abilities affirmed by your lack of structured comprehension. It is you that “makes it up”. You exist in linear space and will be nothing more – genetic sputum.

        Sitchin was a “political spokesman” for Israel attempting to affirm modern historic myths by “contradicting” them. Similar to Basiago’s ambiguity on Mars, the establishment have traded “facts” (fictions) in order to create erstwhile supplementary narratives. The rest is waffle. You know not what the Sumerians “believed”. Biblical texts are written in a way not understood by modern culture. Unless you comprehend the code, you may as well relate to gibberish.

        Incidentally, I know what An-Nun-Aki MEANS. Once revealed a child would realise the entities that visited are “not as described”. Careful analysis of Zoroastrianism should illuminate the worthy.

        Phil Schneider with the son of an important NAZI engineer that was transferred to America in support of Operation Paperclip. This gave him “privileges” normal people do not have. Being a passionate, true patriot (not one of the synthetic slaves that are cultured by the establishment under the guise of patriotism) he made giant waves and for that he was eventually eliminated. His famous interaction with an “alien” was whilst mining the foundations for an underground base (some suppose “Dulce”, though he never mentioned it). The being was a well-known hybrid of the type colloquially called the “mother race”. You are ignorant and deserve no more detail.

        “Agendas” has been long incorporated into “common use” in everyday language. If you consider sacrifice to be “failure” that explains your arrogance. Believe, dear fool.

        You haven’t come up with anything because you have been deluded by your unbreakable belief system. Ironically this is a very strong Ciakar characteristic. In their society order rules absolutely and that is, partially, why they are known as Draco (from draconian).

        There are a number of posts on my other blog that touch on the destruction of Atlantis. Ironically, praise be, Graham Hancock (a “hardly known” [sic] author) also favours the possibility that the Earth’s crust somehow detached from its core and “slipped”. I suggest a big “brain box” like you invests in a few of his books – you might learn something (sarcasm)

        Now, wander into the darkness where you belong, gremlin….!


      • Your words tell you are a deranged cretin.

        OOParts and other evolution criticisms are addressed plenty in sites like TalkOrigins. Hardly any scientist addresses evolution as “Darwin’s theory of evolution”; it’s been over 150 years. Your linked essay is full of shit. Scientists are not beyond reproach; their work is attacked all of the time if anything substantive is discovered. Your speculative make-believe couldn’t make it in their journals, true.

        Stratum age and artefact age may disagree. This does not mean you should ignore the artefact age and believe a settlement was as old as the layer. When the layer was recently dug up and tools put in, does that mean that 30 years ago = 250,000 years ago?

        I had to address another misbelief in antedating of dig sites on WikiAnswers which I copied to Quora: http://www.quora.com/What-is-the-oldest-city-in-the-world/answer/Autymn-Castleton.

        Nobody but you has called me a sceptic. I argue with and rebut sceptics and scientists when it comes to interpretations or the “paranormal” (a barbarism for paranomad or juxtanormal). You don’t even know what materialism is for you to dismiss it, which was why there was no need to introduce a spiritualism in the late 1800s (where spiritus is Latin for breath or booze, a mistranslation of pneýma for Latin vis or English wit). The saiwol link leads to the afterlife.

        If you look at my Twitter profile I don’t call myself atheist but antitheist as I’m deeply familiar with religions and their Scriptures, somewhat with their histories and frauds, and can confute theists in one post and settle threads whereas the run-of-the-mill atheist newbie gets frustrated and leaves:

        99.97% of prisoners are theist. 93% of scientists are atheist. Lack of orbitofrontal cortical grey matter depth leads to the kneejerk flihts of fancy and bad judgement that theists and mýstics like you can’t help but show off.

        You couldn’t define or show the divine, nor do you understand or know it, nor can you show anything wrong with my comprehension.

        Scriptures were written for the general reader, for kids and governors alike. When few were literate, it was the governors who determined what went into them. Sometimes a smear tale in veiled terms got in. None of which allows you to dismiss my understanding. The 1000s of mistakes in Scriptures betray their lack of understanding of earth and heaven. And you still could not show what channelled aliens could tell the world it didn’t already know.

        The Abrahamic religions plagiarized the Avesta and Atra-Xasis (http://bibleorigins.net), where pagan gods were disguised as anghels or emanations (yazata, Amesha Spenta). These gods are no different to the superheros in comic books today. Why don’t you let these cultures their entertainment?

        I’m not ignorant of anything important. All you did was repeat what Phil Schneider and his friends reported. You’re a deluded crackpot who can’t tell between reality and fantasy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absorption_%28psychology%29. You didn’t prove anything he said, nor anything you said. If you tried to, you’d likely repeat what someone said.

        Everyday language is corrupt, deafly and blindly a’parroting and a’stealing words without analýsis. Recognize that agenda is not English but Latin. Why I’m arrogant non sequitur to why I think sacrifice is failure.

        “You haven’t come up with anything because you have been deluded by your unbreakable belief system. Ironically this is a very strong Ciakar characteristic. In their society order rules absolutely and that is, partially, why they are known as Draco (from draconian).”

        You don’t know me; you’d inject your own reality upon me like Adam Savage. The root of draco is look or stare; that has nothing to do with reptilian aliens; much often abduction reporters say it’s the Greys who stare.

        The earth’s crust was never /attached/ to the core, you dingbat. All [true] pole shifts as fantasized are silly. Sometimes the magnètic poles wander, recorded in strata; sometimes the continents wander, also recorded in strata; both of which take 100s of millions of years.

        Your date for Atlantis’s destruction disagrees with another researcher’s date into the Younger Dryas when Lake Agassiz broke. This is also the date that the first cities were founded.


      • Cretinism – “a congenital disease due to absence or deficiency of normal thyroid secretion, characterized by physical deformity, dwarfism, and mental retardation, and often by goiter.” (implies a NATURAL absence of INTELLECT)

        Deranged – “to disturb the condition, action, or function of.” (implies a DELIBERATE distortion of INTELLECT).

        You are an oxy-moron. I rest my case & final comment.


  1. I now understand what the “Sower” (a parable attributed to Jesus) truly means. Talking to a materialist about matters that go beyond the body would be like arguing the merits of lust as separate from a procreative function to resurrected St Paul. How little these fools know. Hebrew as a cut-down cosmic script and the placement of every letter, word, sentence, block of writing implies a different “contextual” message {if delivered by a crafty poet). Taking a linear, chronological approach to the Bible, for instance, is a fool’s quest as the origins of material surpasses history. That’s why so many “references” to Babylonian, Sumerian and other traditions are contained within.

    “Fools, stick to chasing gold for riches and leave the airwaves free for educated minds”


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