An enigmatic pact under Thoth – the Draco-Mantis network

An enigmatic pact under Thoth – the Draco-Mantis network

Some readers may find this heavy going, but unfortunately deep secrets are never easy to convey. Traditional thinking framed by our modern system of science might be convenient to blame, but institutions measure and form opinions on what they see in the way they see it. Basis for humans, in general, gravitates around truths (or lies dressed as truths) supported by cast iron “material” data sets that mirror and theoretically validate perceptions. These stereotypical projections are loosely called reality, but many only “work” in our reality band. Change the frequency and brave new worlds await us.

Global Freedom Movement


Brendan D. Murphy author of “The Grand Illusion”, recently invited me to do a live interview for his internet broadcasting channel. Our talk ran for over two and a half hours and covered a variety of topics with the working theme of existence, origins and reptilian Draco. Content undulated rather than harnessing any motivated focal point. Though much interesting sentiment is conveyed, it is so complicated and muddled in places due to the lack of topology many viewers will struggle with content. I shall present the video as a separate entry sometime soon. More than occasional references were made to a strange volume called “The Terra Papers” and this gives a large clue as to why the Draco-Mantis network exists.

The Terra Papers

I have been fortunate to access the electronic version of a makeshift handmade book; first of the series called “The Terra Papers”. Robert Morning Sky, author, has fused science-speak, the ancient ways of the chronicler and star-talk as a puzzling uninterrupted dialog. Whilst the information contained within is startling (in its revelations) some sentiment is misleading and Robert’s attempt to science up his text only leads the knowledgeable reader to question its authenticity. His reliance on flawed Darwinist opinions on evolution and incorrect Newtonian appraisal of the rules of gravity highlights glowing inaccuracies. The author apparently recounts his grandfather’s memory of incantations revealed by a stranded star visitor decades’ back. However, I could not clearly separate (other than the science speak) out what belonged to Robert Morning Sky, his grandfather or the star visitor, they call Bek’Ti. In addition, a large part of the manuscript so closely resembles Sumerian myths, I wonder whether popular stone tablet translations have made their way into the volume.

A Brief History of Creation

No, I am not a creationist nor am I an evolutionist. To understand the dynamics that affect everything on modern Earth, our reality band, you must go back to the beginning and determine how things unravelled. The truth is so startlingly simple it is almost banal. First there was nothing (one thing). This was not a vacuum in our linear sense but, rather, a void emptiness; an absence with the potential to become a presence. Then nothing adapted to become something (two things), but it was still nothing as it had no experience of being. creation_redemption_carmichael-braun_cropAbsence and presence were inseparable halves of the same thing; in total either something or nothing. In order to personify itself, something needed somewhere. That caused the realms: sub-space, space and hyper-space (three things). Then, due to expressive requirement, domains were formed that enabled galaxies, universes, dimensions and densities (many things).

These were crafted by numerous scalable frequencies which were all coordinated and harmonised through a common exchange. Part of that exchange is the root system that causes the chemical effect we call DNA. It is naturally extraordinarily complex but the elements are very simple as, bizarrely, everything consists of nothing points (or zero-points) and light or dark. However, to make things even harder to understand, the committed researcher must also determine that darkness is a version of light set at different but connected frequencies (depending on the “reality band”).

I go to a great deal of trouble in my book “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” to stress that our bodies are not what they seem. Even to reduce our existence to the harmonisation of concepts “body, spirit and soul” would not do justice to truth. We are individual tentacles of a bulging hierarchy and our bodies are much, much more than science and spiritualists have identified. At all levels, our body, mind and spiritual self is made up of numerous parts that travel through different filters in preparation for manifestation as magnificent finished articles; our functional, thinking bodies. We are the fingertips of the Gods.

Dark and Light Realms

The term Annunaki is invariably misconstrued. Zechariah Sitchin depicts a gold thieving race of mega-beings with God-like abilities intent, ultimately, only on plundering Earth’s natural resources in exchange for cultural development of man. Yet, with true understanding of what Annunaki means, Sitchin’s sentiment could not be further from the truth and reason. “An” or “Ahn” is the creative will: the awe-inspiring combination of mother and father as all-consuming determination. “Nun” is the ancient word representing the primordial waters; swirling building blocks contained by space. “Aki” is the brilliant ever-present light. Our Earthly existence is a combination of all three: the will to be, darkness of night and light of day. In line with this mechanism, our fundamental bodies are a combination of dark, void soul (sometimes called the shadow), flesh (manifest form) and spirit (sometimes called the higher self). The body is the middle ground; a place between sub and hyper space. It is a living part of manifest space.

Mankind has almost lost understanding of the difference between the light and dark realms. Though the terms negative or positive and the states good or evil partially represent (cosmetic) differences between realms they have been deliberately miscategorised for different propaganda purposes. Man thinks he is the only one that cunningly drafts propaganda. We need a reality check. All intelligent life forms produce different grades of propaganda personifying objectives. illusionSome of these objectives do honour mankind; others do not. The roots of all opinions promulgated by marketing intent stem from either dark or light realms. Thus, to not formerly know the difference between the two renders the truth seeking detective impotent (i.e. if you understand the objectives of a marketing mission, erstwhile nonsense is transmuted into plausible reason). Dark realms, in truth, are fluid emotion. Light realms, conversely, are static logic. If there was a war between light and dark it would be between emotion and intellect. The divide between science and spirituality is a good example of an Earthly dark/light divide.

It is ironic that spirituality champions the dark, soul-based emotional realms, whereas science is governed by dispassionate, cold hard, logic. It is as though the Earth plane acts as a mirror that assures opposites reign. For outside earth, in the void, passionate deception rules an existence where nothing is as it seems. Light harbours truth, integrity and honesty. This does mean that light driven motives are better or dark deceptions are worse. It is what it is.

There is something else to observe. Dark realms (nun) have fluid qualities and light realms (aki) are static or gaseous in character. The very first things that liked to live in water were types of amoebic worms or “snakes”. They had flexible bodies that rippled with the tides. In the air, very light, winged insects appeared that flew so erratically they seemed destined for collision, just as gaseous, agitated particles. A haven was found on the land that promised an unthinkable pact between two poles; light and dark, a nether region offering the prospect for God to manifest as a complete being for the first time.

A Holy Truce


Our science calculates an event which, in part, is a theory called “Big Bang”. In line with a holistic agenda to deny the mind and contain free thought, scientists have pretended they have sufficient evidence to support atheism and a Godless universe. Big Bang is a big piece of that strategy. It is ironic that science, in many ways, is correct in its assessment of a critical energetic event “jump starting” creation. However, the grave error is to presume this was the start of manifest time. In fact, it was an end to begin anew. I discuss this in more detail in “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”.

Mammalian man did not appear until after the event. In fact there were no mammals at all prior to the cataclysm. The very first men looked like jelly fish, were invertebrate and floated in space. Original land settlements were exclusively faunas. Trees led as “men” and they were not necessarily fixed; i.e. could “walk” in a fashion. Plants adapted to do everything animals now do (or perhaps it is the other way round), but they were still plants so, compared with today’s life systems, God was incomplete (given his energy is expressed through all life systems). Clearly compared with carbon dioxide/nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere divisions, sustenance requirements would have been very different then and I have not been given any specifics on this by my sources yet.

Details on when, how and why the insects appeared are sketchy too, but it is likely connected with to the expressive energy of agitated particles. Even our (human) staccato moves compared to the flowing, expressive movements of apes’ puzzles me. Are we a mammalian insect combination? What is certain (as certain as can be) is, whether Prime Source (God) engineered other cosmic clear outs (like and prior to Big Bang) or not, flying insects were the first ones to be introduced to land. With them life was to become a symbiosis of nectar and pollination; the perfect parasitic alliance. At some point in the evolution of the new insect fauna cycles, land based crawling insects produced a new man – the ant. It has not been confirmed but I believe the Zeta Grey Beings are direct descendants of pre-Big Bang Ant Beings (albeit reengineered after Big Bang).

Faunas are something of a misnomer; they are neither from the “sea” (nun) nor “air” (aki), but do need light to grow. This coupled with growth aligned to positive emotions places an extraordinary case for their being the first attempt at bridging the divide between light and dark (later I give the German cockroach example). Though I categorise them as “light products” (as opposed to those that herald from the dark realms – i.e. maybe types of sea weed, algae or do, even, these require a light source for survival?), they are not clearly “rooted” in either category.

According to an eight year old boy (a pupil of Mary Rodwell), an aggressive “worm like” creature so overwhelmed the prior balance of life (prior to Big Bang), God activated an extreme electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) which created our existence plane. We also know (from the boy’s information) the “worms” were predominantly green coloured. xeno_quetzalcoatl_by_guthrieartwork-d653tz7The deep question, which, so far, remains unanswered, is did these pre-Big Bang worms breech land? If so was it a chaotic invasion or a divinely planned introduction that spiralled out of control? Either way, we know after Big Bang the new lead “species” was the snake.

The Terra Papers call this being SSS and SSS-T. RRR mammalian man’s creative manifestation appears to have been a holy truce between dark and light forces to engender entirely different land based life systems that needed both light and dark to survive. Nevertheless the writings do not explicitly identify whether mammals were the “creation” of SSS/SSS-T or a spontaneous product of the holistic desire of Prime Source determined by circumstances ordained by periods of universe expansion (the text explains new domains were formed in the “outer limits” of “Sector Nine”)

Controlling Energies

Given the normal interpretation of ancient esoteric revelations, we have been misled, in some cases, into assuming references to “physicality” are the extent of meaning. Therefore, drawing on the Zechariah Sitchin example once more, his now famous radical retranslation of Sumerian clay tablets presenting the Anunaki as very mortal “gold thieving” gods (small “g”) are revered by some followers as “gospel truth”.Gateway-to-The-Anunnaki Indeed it is generally assumed (following comparable sentiment of Lloyd Pye, Graham Hancock and a host of others) that the Anunaki were likely to be superior versions but looking pretty much like modern day humans. But, this could not be further from the truth. I explain the nature of existence in “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”. If anything we would be akin to “God’s fingertips”, but so is everything else on our planet. The idea of “living planets” is nothing new, but what about living galaxies or entire universes where each planet would be as comparatively important as, say, an atom in the human body.

If we think deeply about our own bodies (discussed in detail in “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”), do we have conscious control of them? Yes, I can move my skeleton any way I wish (physicality limiting), but I have no or very restricted direct control [mind to matter] over my organs, blood flow, cells, particles and so on. If an entire planet was merely the equivalent of a solitary atom of one of these ginormous energy beings, would surface life forms be viewed as irritants? Could these super-entities (Gods) be able to override our thoughts and actions to benefit from higher perspective objectives?

Given the sentiment implied by Bek’Ti, filtered through Robert Morning Sky and his grandfather, it seems clear [to me] that very, very large energy vortices are involved with affairs of manifestation. It is likely that material beings were created displaying forms that suited the expressive values of their energetic backers. Some were functional and others cosmetic, but all were purposeful. Spiritualists regularly refer to the Higher Self. Is this actually, ultimately, a representative of the prime energy source which, in our case, would be the Anunaki [theoretically speaking]. The SSS, SSS-T, RRR hierarchies are versions of the original snake beings per Bek’Ti’s account. It is no wonder, then, that ancient religions place the snake at the summit of the pinnacle of enlightenment.saurian_quetzalcoatlus_by_arvalis-d8bkr5s Quetzalcoatl is one of many serpentine entities representative of the magnificent all-consuming energy of God (“coiled splendour”). Incidentally Quetzalcoatlus is the largest known extinct flying mammal (akin to a Pterodactyl). Was that the manifest physical dragon and ancestor of the mythical Sirrush – harmonisation of snake, bat, bird and mammal?

Face of God

In my yet to be published “A New World Order”. I discuss a billions of years old split in the Anunaki hierarchy. At that time [I state] they [the Anunaki] were “sea monsters” and they broke into units with differing genetic objectives. These I call Anunaki and Annunaki. seeing_face_of_god_30Different spellings are used merely to distinguish different halves of the same gene pool. The Terra Papers also mention the split, but it is said that factions within the SSS/SSS-T group broke away and created Ari. Through my channelled sources, I have been informed that the split was over the desired change of body type. Ari is reputedly the visage most apt to express the overall will of Prime Source and that is why we have what is supposed to be the “face of God”. This is not to say ours is supMultidimensional being - energetic body - spirit and soul - meditation flower of lifeerior or others are inferior, but [once again, reputedly] it is the “best of breeds”.

Ari, of course, is the stem of Arian which is combined with “An” (God’s raw essence). Therefore, I deduce that new Arian man confidently assumed he was the complete manifestation of God. That is, partially, why our introduction almost led to a collapse of the universal fabric of matter, such was the response from existing order. Our arrogance held no bounds and Prime Source was forced to downgrade our DNA a number of times as consequential precautions. The modern human is “Version Seven” (I discuss this in “A New World order” and will create in depth analysis in “The Birth of Hu-man-ity).

Anunaki Bloodlines and the Rift That Created the Draco

I write about the Anunaki bloodline hierarchies in a prior post. To contextually summarise for the purposes of the article, the Anunaki created their own versions of proto-physical beings (located in dimension 5+) that go by the “group name” Ba’al. Ba’al, in turn, created a lower vibrational range of beings we call dragons (group name Drakkon) to develop and manage chemical genetics (amino acids representing DNA). Their premium species groups were the Pteroids, first and, then, the Ciakars. The former group has evolved to the fifth dimension and no longer exists along our physical plane. The latter, Ciakars, are also geneticists and have produced low vibrational versions of reptilian man which are advanced physical beings that can be in our reality space.

"Low vibrational" White Draco courtesy of adolescent channelling artist Ian R.

“Low vibrational” White Draco courtesy of adolescent channelling artist Ian R.

Numerous body types/designs are used and many are “between dimensions” so can appear to do real magic. In light of their advancement and ambition, as the Draco, they have executed a coup-d’état against their hierarchical masters, the Anunaki, over control of this planet. In muted liaison with the Zetas (via Mantis joint venture partnerships) they use the crystalline support struts supporting Earth as an all-consuming human thought monitoring, intercepting and filtering mechanism to rule by proxy. Of course, technological aids are involved making what is colloquially known as the “False Matrix”.

Attacking and Dark Insects

Whilst I have been given no information confirming it, I deduce that the original SSS, SSS-T and Ari energy beings thrived on darkness as they were soulful creations. Perhaps even the RRR mammalian catalogues were also lacking “spirit”. It would follow that for low vibrational physical creative formats (our reality band and below), ranges of insects were adapted and produced by the Anunaki and Annunaki from gene catalogues too. These, would logically, avoid light (such as modern cockroaches, mites and other creepy crawlies) maybe demonstrating negative behaviour traits (although emotions span a full spectrum from anger to love). In my opinion (contradicting Bek’Ti’s sentiment) the Anunaki masters were less motivated by conquest and possession than adoration. The Gods, it is clear, fed off the positive energies that worshipers expelled. I had a strange personal experience with German cockroaches that transmuted love and friendship, which suggests they are more than viable worshipers.

The Terra Papers mention nothing about what roles the forces of light played in billions of years’ old cosmic evolution. In fact, light is almost taken for granted. Yet, we know the reason for the end of the previous universal incarnation was an invasion of worms or snakes that must have encroached on light realms otherwise there would not have been a problem. Given the shock and lessons learned from those experiences, light, logically, would have rapidly regrouped and tried to establish plausible defences against further onslaughts. To presume light and dark forgot what had happened prior to Big Bang (Prime Source “laterally cleansed”) is wishful thinking. The same forces would have simply re-established old, bad habits.

For new order, insects of various types carried deadly poisons for attack or defence purposes and light loving blood sucking parasites were eventually introduced. Over time designs were so plagiarised by each side (dark or light) many became interchangeable, but in the early stages there would have been a marked separation between the two camps. It was at the crucial moment of corresponding form that a final truce was destined (as neither party could be separated by “form” alone) offering up the potential for fully integrated dark and light beings, which included modern man.

Mantis Beings and Thoth


The Mantis Being was one of the energy fields that survived Big Bang (it is ironic the original lead, Ant Man, had to be redesigned). The locust is a variety of grasshopper that can fly and this seems to be the connection with the range of insect types that include wasps, bees, flies and mosquitos and so on. Thoth was a version of the Mantis energy field that summarised this [integrated insect form] and looked something like a bipedal mosquito as a manifestation. It was Thoth that was used as the intermediary between light and dark. This is why the Egyptians connected him with death (their depiction of the Ibis bird approximated the strange not quite mosquito-like facial features).


The Mantis Beings are vital as emissaries of the Zeta Grey Beings and that is why they have joint bases with the reptilian Draco orders that try to control modern humans. Zetas are viewed as the deadly enemy (by the Draco), but even so joint venture charters occasionally offer promise for coordinated order. On today’s Earth we see a convergence of numerous different expressive interests that have been patched together to complete Mother Gaia. However, all the old divides; light/dark, emotion/logic, male/female, spirit/soul obstruct and will possibly, eventually, permanently limit or destroy paradise. Neither light nor dark nor, of course, Prime Source would find this a desirous outcome regardless of insane ramblings of certain nameless individuals.

Anunaki Symbolism Creates a Hallowed Union

It would be wrong to omit the symbolic point of Enki and Enlil as this emphasises the relationship between dark and light with respect to creation. Enlil is sometimes labelled “Lord of the Flies” (yes that translation could well be correct, but “Lord of that which flies” is apt too) as he presided over the aerial insect realms representing light. It would be reasonable to assume that Enlil became Thoth. His “brother”, Enki, was the ferocious sea monster known as “Ea” because he was the lord of Darkness.

Therefore, at some point which was right for the integration of dark and light, these two “Sons on God” (one of light and the other of darkness, of course) would determine a lead [power]. The grand council comprising all the manifest expressive interests of Prime Source needed to select a champion to direct and nurture order; a leader to which all others (everything else) would be subordinate. Light was selected and Enlil became God’s “Chosen One” under protest from Enki as he was the master geneticist.

It should be reassuring to know we are the legacy of that uneasy partnership. Now it is up to us to put things right again.

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    • Now i am totally lost. i need a guide. One major thing on physical Earth, th ebees are dying or numbers are dwindling or they are hiding. what does this mean from a mantid perspective? Also I still don’t know what i am and why I am blocked/protected and or cursed. my life has been almost complete turmoil. I have been told i have very powerful energy inside of me. I created my son out of pure love and my daughter out of my anger and contempt for the Lie. I am so confused with this new information and the fact This made up / controlled timeline is keeping us blinded and ignorant to the True one……Any help would be greatly appreciated….ty


      • I know what the bees dying means from the physical perspective. It means Monsanto must stop playing “God”. Its crops are foul. If the bees die out WE die out. Gradually work through every article on this blog and your sense of perspective will tune. After you have completed that task, then, please do not hesitate to respond with questions. My next release “The Mystery of Hu Gadam and Pantheism” will tell you who YOU are (in the physical sense).


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