Energy Fields and Grand Politics Beyond the Comprehension of Mere Mortals

Energy Fields and Grand Politics Beyond the Comprehension of Mere Mortals

cosmos-stars-wallpaper-4Those that have been fortunate enough to access a copy of my book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”, will have noticed sections promoting our bodies as structures. To elaborate, we are comprised of cells and these cluster to create the fabrication, organs and systems that are the body. Some cells are specialists and others are generic. All are important, but some are less vital than others, so, as in the course of a normal period, if we lose a few, it doesn’t matter to the body. Contrary to popular claims, I have never met anyone (myself included) that can communicate with any individual cell; one on one. I have yet to locate anyone that can determine the mindset of any cell. There are theorists, of course, but these usually end up being proved wrong, eventually. Though our bodies are exclusively comprised of cells, we are completely reliant on the integrity of the systems that make us work. Professor Stephen Hawking is no different. Indeed, he is an excellent example. His mind maybe magnificent, but it has no control over his body. He is powerless and his physique is the testament.

Stephen HawkingI write a lot about those that assert they are powerful on my other blog, but, cosmically, as I shall explain, they are ignorant hooligans and, as such, are more akin to poison algae that cling to a ship’s hull. Any human, compared against our giant universe, is far less significant than, say, how individual cells might compare to us. “The Beauty of Existence Decoded” goes farther and reveals the exalted prestige of atoms, which are not only excessively more abundant than cells but hardly understood by material sciences. Unlike everything that is branded living by these evolutionists, atoms are immortal and, as such, become more potent than life itself. rene-descartes-and-isaac-newtonFor instance, for those with the keys, each atom can become a gateway to paradise. Those radiant holograms, individually small and insignificant, are nothing short of the essence of existence, for without them there would be no material plane. Without them, nothing would be. Contrary to the bluster and lies of nuclear physicists, our scientists cannot touch these holy structures. Their atomic bombs are caused by disruptions of polarity and it is these that trigger sub-space reactive implosions as cosmic effects (yeah, every nuclear ripple continues to the edge of the universe). Much is not understood by our mainstream science, but when the truth is in range, invariably it has such a negative effect on current material [Newton-Cartesian] paradigms, deceitful falsification habitually satisfies the best way of avoiding the pain and inconvenience of rebuttals caused by transparency. I expose some of these errors in “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”, but others, such as the true properties of electro-magnetism, are discussed in the next instalment of my book series, the yet to be published, “A New World Order”.

Dragon Eye of the universeMoving away from traditional science thinking, I would like to present the concept (at this stage it is nothing more than that) that the entire cosmos is a living organism. Of course, this would mean we would have to redefine what it is to live, because vital signs would have to be measured in different ways. We must transcend the troglodyte notion that puny bags of water, called human beings, are the closest third party observers might come to accessing God.  Think how easy we are to destroy, compared to immortal atoms, for instance. So science found the backdoor to paradise with its weapons of mass destruction, but they didn’t affect the atoms. They only affected puny human beings and other organic life systems. I’ll be honest, my book (“The Beauty of Existence Decoded”) is so committed to divulging universal permanence it almost loses sight of the functional transience of what we know as “life systems”. If there was any single thing that separated organic from inorganic, I have to say I would select metabolism. Therefore, as I stress on my other blog, non-metabolic viruses are inorganic. Instead of obviously determining the causes as organic responses to different forms of pollution, populations parrot that dogmatic slumber called “science”.

499d3546314dfc5b6e42d8a6f57a62d9By its own standards, science would not recognise life without evidence. Therefore, when everything that lives today is long gone, buried under tonnes of debris, the only justification for life would be those living things of future times. If everything then only ever breathed hydrogen, fundamentalist science would ideally claim that nothing could survive without hydrogen and the notion that there might be oxygen breathers is sheer fantasy. Yet, on our own dear old planet Earth today, no one breathes oxygen. Instead we need a complex gaseous oxygen heavy compound for survival; too complex for the parrots to parrot. But this was not always the case. The compound has changed, unbeknown to today’s science. Not only that. There are many other natural factors this analogy is representative of. In past writings I questioned the efficacy of science for opposite reasons. How can the enormous predictions of radio carbon dating be relied on when all evidence is theoretical?

06cb5f44b2f9ad03821eda3734b2945eCharles Hall is famous for his work as a government weatherman stationed in the Nevada desert. His meteorological breakthroughs, if there were any, are not known. Famously, it was his long standing relationship with extra-terrestrial visitors, colloquially known simply as Tall Whites that attracted the eyes of the world. His experiences with, what he calls, the Greys, are not publicised (to my knowledge) and not widely known. These creatures, by his description, are hairless beings without hearts. Prolific miners with extremely domineering personalities would best summarise their being-ness. Their body systems appear to mimic some Earth bound amphibians (such as the salamander, which have regenerative hearts) though they, I presume, are not amphibious. Whilst I cannot be entirely sure, I think Charles is referring to the “Grey Being” type known as Futczhi (named after the prosthetic crash dummy), which are a blue-grey colour, around a metre in height, hairless, plump with oversized heads and very strange glassine human-like eyes. Created as genetic hybrids by the Draco from Zeta (Grey Being) DNA, they were the “YHWH” used to lead disparate human races after the Earth’s crust detached from its core (causing a giant polar reversal) in 10,583BC.

Blue grey moon resident travelled to Brazil via light portalThings went wrong, of course, and roughly 6,500 years ago most were moved off planet onto our moon, which became their new home. Being of the Earth, at the time, they needed our atmosphere to survive. However as, over the ages, Earth’s atmosphere has changed so much, modern day visiting adults (usually by light portal) need breathing apparatus to survive. Their young, ironically, can live here unassisted (which is oddly corroborated by Andrew Basiago’s Project Pegasus theory which espouses human children travelled through a Hawaiian star gate to work inside Mars as adults could not survive the atmospheric conditions). Interestingly enough, and God only knows how this is achieved, there are shared atmosphere systems on/in the moon (under giant holographic domes) which means chlorine breathers can function in the same environment as humans without segregation. The atmosphere somehow simply converts to the breather’s requirement automatically. There is so much we do not understand. For instance, according to Suzy Hansen, the (Zeta) Grey Beings have the technique (or technology) to deactivate (switch off) and reactivate the electrical particles of atoms at will. Draco reptilians use intelligent microbes for internal repairs of living bodies. The Martians of Atlantis reputedly could change atomic values of matter (i.e. carbon to gold) using mind alone. It is no wonder I view our knowledge with such scepticism.

1414773132055508295Recently, on the mathematical crop-circle decoder Red Collie’s channel, I entered into a vigorous debate with star seed and talk show presenter, Niki Reinert. Thanks to our cosmic physics, there is a void where understanding of the so-called Annunaki should be present. Because quantum physicists, quite frankly, for the most part have no idea as to core identity of existence, rationalists and pragmatists cannot understand energy. Truth can be discerned from Robert Morning Sky’s ignorant corruption of a beautiful cosmic history relayed to his father (as a youth) by a [supposed] star being he calls Bek-Ti in the volume titled “The Terra Papers – A Hidden History of Planet Earth (part one)”. So potent is the content, chunks of wisdom are incorporated in “A New World Order”. Due to Morning Sky’s pretence, many of the symbols have been misplaced so parts of the document are almost impossible to understand. So much so he appears to have copied great tracts of Sumerian malice to give his book “popular appeal”. I will not criticise any more as I am eternally grateful for what shines through the confusion.

nasa-cosmos-4Bek-Ti talks about empty sectors of the universe as real estate available for the creation of planets, precious mineral and ore deposits and creatures that can mine. The most important thing, above everything else, to the creators, according to this view, is they are truly (from the heart) worshiped (or loved) by their creations. That’s it! No super power politics. No grand schemes of manipulation; just honest to goodness love. Bek-Ti also stresses that the creator Gods were, initially, serpentine warriors that smote everything that stood in their paths with unrequited zeal. The problem with this approach was, they discovered, after a while you run out of things to smite. Besides, individually, defenders of realms were usually pretty decent sorts, when differences were put to one side. So, after a long while of inner searching, the Gods contended conquest through partnership was the best way to create win win situations. doloresbarriosdThus, the Gods eventually disappeared into the ether and controlled the energy chain right the way down to physical existence (and as hard as our material science tries to determine otherwise; energy is all we are and all we will ever be).

Right at the top of this energetic hierarchy is, yes, you’ve guessed it, the Annunaki. Any connection with Nibiru is coincidental other than a possible “pooling” of energy on the manifest plane. mantisglowI am talking about beings the size of universes; conveying unimaginably large, awe summoning power. As feeble little creatures with big egos, humans find it very hard to transcend to the point of understanding that translates perception defying relevance (that, I guess, is why the word “awe” came into being). Another description for this, which has become rather unfashionable in modern times, is “faith”. Faith, in the true version, is a belief in something that cannot be experienced but must be known. There was a place that the Annunaki resided when they left Earth and that was the planet Venus. So, I believe, all this time, with talk of strange interloping precessional cycles and mysterious heavenly bodies, “Nibiru” may have been right under our noses. Whether there is some magical cyclic orbital irregularity every 3600 years or so remains to be seen (by us). I can say that Niki Reinert has innocently revealed a huge piece of the cosmic puzzle via her revelations of Venusian Mantids.

o-PLANET-VENUS-facebookThough I refrain from the use of the term unique, my ability to indiscriminately access the DNA of anyone or anything, no matter where they are or whether I have even witnessed their physicality, has never been compared. Specifically, I have built a small reputation as one who can decipher the extra-terrestrial origins of any human user. If pressed I can offer a service to reveal genetic heritage (inquisitives can seek me out here). Giving the example as Venusian Mantids, I accessed them via her DNA as Niki Reinert was the source. Initially that route presented me her perception of them and, forgive the churlish simile, I spied little sugar plum fairies dancing on an idyllic pond. Perhaps she sees them differently, but that is how I related to her perception of them. They were the epitome of grace and everything delicate.  sugar plum fairyBut when I detached from Niki’s DNA, a rather different scope emerged. What I saw was of a bottomless well of universal intelligence which was as frightening as it was confronting. These were, confirmed by the experience, to coin the vernacular, the real McCoy. The Mantids are one of the few independent energy fields to have survived the cosmic event physics calls “Big Bang” (periodic and unwelcome phases culminating in God contesting imbalance and rehashing all universal components almost instantly). As [presumably] part of my development, years back I was shown energetic and rock versions of the Mantis master soul. I did not know “why” at the time. I do now.

dracula-58-peter-cushing-van-helsing1As a youth, television offered a peculiar fascination (I don’t possess one any more). Cheesy Hammer Horror movies were popular and often presented an over-zealous Peter Cushing either partnering with or conquering evil Christopher Lee. Evil is expected to ooze, usually as an eerie mist, from the realms of darkness. Valiant crusaders, crucifixes in hand, come brandishing light forcing terrorising influences to retract back to nothingness. This view is complimented by endless propaganda images of evil shrinking from good. Yet, if the truth be known, darkness is far more powerful than light. Indeed, light, in the very first instance, was created by darkness.  Our dear old sun the Babylonians and others revered as the great life generator issues only black light (our perception rationalises it as dazzling brightness) and is a “fake” (per se). The real sun died out around 200 million years ago as a consequence of the fallout of Tiamat. When reviewing other forms of propaganda investigators often find the truth is the diametrical opposite of what is being presented. Good fears evil because evil is far stronger and that has always been so and that is why war has wreaked havoc on this wonderful planet from the beginnings of man. There is a cosmic version of propaganda and I call this White light influences.

trump_14_artWhilst those that come from dark realms can look truth in the eye, light realm observers can only perceive in their terms. Because she originates from the light realms, even as a manifest human (dark and light combined), Niki Reinert (star seed and this important) cannot see things as they are and she filters out the parts of her experiences that are too hard to process (face). To rationalise her extraordinary visions, she has to resort to her earth plane body (devoid of star seed influence) and relies on hallowed (but corrupt through omissions, misinterpretations and errors) ancient texts for inspiration/guidance. Wayward interpretations of reality are her predictable outcomes. That is why she could not see the Venusian Mantids as they are. Truth (as far as I can gather) is affirmed when analysing Mantids of the “Order of Thoth” that Simon Parkes so accurately describes as in league with the Draco. Niki remembers the ordinance as “abductions” when (per her filtered perception) the Draco terrified, captured and ripped the wings off the beautiful Venusian Mantids. In fact, due to character flaws, the Draco cannot directly interact with Venusian Mantids, so hybrids were created and these lack wings and certain aspects of the originals character set. Her “white light” decoded this as a terrifying abduction attack metaphor rather than the creation of hybrids missing essential elements of the whole Mantid identity.

termite moundThough they are arguably the most senior “type” in the universe, the Zeta Grey Beings (of the ant or termite genus) were a new creative manifestation after Big Bang. Thus, they have an almost umbilical relationship with the Mantis (confirmed by Suzy Hansen and others), which are fountains of eternal secrets. It is presumed by material science that the cosmos accidentally or spontaneously materialised in line with globalist indoctrination favouring an absence of spirituality (God). As described in my book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”, the truth is very different. For instance, planets are created by loving energy fields and though Robert Morning Sky doesn’t specifically highlight the fact in “The Terra Papers, Book One”, Bek-Ti’s account of the creation of Tiamat implies it. Tiamat was formed as the ideal environment for life systems. Ironically, as all real planets are giant air-conditioning systems, only wayward life systems (such as modern humans) would live on the surface. Occupation is meant to be internal and the proponents for internal land systems (complete “with sun”) are as correct as correct can be. We can check out Earth surface natural air conditioning systems by observing the extraordinary African termite mounds. Their energetic superiors, the Zeta Grey Beings (remember ant/termite genus), built this planet and that is why they have a vested interest in all surface and internal life forms, of which man is the greatest pest, by far.

human-crop-circle1xThe form Zeta Grey Beings took to undertake the task would have been purely energetic (i.e. close to complete DNA strand activation) which would have been vastly superior to the DNA of the licensees of the crop circles. Remembering the earlier atom/cell relationship with the body analogy, one major solar flare from our sun would be far more destructive than if all nuclear weapons that ever existed were triggered in unison. A significant volcanic eruption can push more pollution into the atmosphere than centuries’ worth of affiliated industrial activity. A magnetic belch from a “so-called” black hole (explained in “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”) could absorb an entire galaxy within Nano-seconds. According to material science, these examples are all random and incongruous, but what if that wasn’t the case in truth? What if every single natural event happened for an energetic reason predetermined by holy stakeholders? If the same deified parties not only controlled the environment but also were the “higher-self” [light] bodies of [relative] cells called humans, perhaps the evolution of the Zeta Grey Beings as a “Borg” (shared minds) begins to make sense. b5d9e50c288fd4ef21ca9882c04826cfWhen these individual cells became so finely tuned to each other, why would they need individual secrets? Wouldn’t a pooled mental resource be more productive? Of course man, the great peril on Earth would not dare comprehend it for that would deny the sovereignty that has been the basis for every single war that has been fought since time immemorial. What do you think would happen if our cells (beyond communication), in the spirit of autonomy, decided they were no longer going to be slaves of our bodies?

There were a number of points of confusion that came out of my discussions with Niki Reinert and others on Red Collie’s enlightening Facebook thread. Though it wasn’t phrased as such, I guess we were generally talking about how “God manifests” in so much as what is really behind the motives that have been personified by debate. In a sense, all other voices pointed to causal reasons. 285656_10151723664085278_1356853511_nThe creators of crop circles are our “friends” so they must be created by humans. Venusian Mantids are delicate and graceful because they represent peace and love. So, when I espouse hierarchical energy frequencies and cross manifestations highlighting a complex matrix that personifies impetus (the collective wishes of “God”), I am as popular as moss on the bathtub. Yet, the Annunaki do absorb entire universes or giant tracts of cosmic real estate. They are literally universal beings. We, relatively, as individuals, are akin to something smaller and less significant than atoms. Other subordinate, but related energies, might merely consume a solar system or a planet or specialist aspects of weather systems or two of a planet. Nothing, not a thing happens by accident, May well the globalists screech contradiction. May they profess atheistic randomness as “the answer”! Answer to what, is the question?

The creators of this planet, dear old Earth, were the Zeta Grey Beings who are the reincarnation of man prior to “Big Bang”. That is why they were entrusted to build the jewel of our galaxy and that is why they are the educators of man (in part via crop circle messaging). See the hidden beingThe Futczhi were created as homage to the union between Zetas and Draco and this union was blessed by God (Annunaki). It was the Zetas that disastrously tried to disconnect Earth’s electromagnetic field from our black sun with blessing from Draco angels (yes, they have them too!). They attempted this in order to decelerate the “negativisation” (new word, yay!) of man. It is a negativisation that points to fatal consequences and the complete collapse of harmony. Even the viperous Ciakar lower echelons know this. They know their heydays will blow up in their faces, but temptation is too great for the manipulative ones. Fortunately we are destined to shift to Tara and this will eliminate the problem with the sun. Humanity will become the new infants of a much bigger stage occupied by supremely more powerful beings. When we join their playground, standards and attitudes will be forced to change. Though they have a vested interest in our development as, ultimately, we are junior versions of them; we must be bound to accept we are not only mere mortals, but the grand politics of energy fields will always be beyond our comprehension and control.

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    • I can call them what I like. If you don’t understand what I mean, ask, cretin.

      But cretins are robots that follow formula brands, so if I explained what I meant you wouldn’t understand. Bugger off, cretin. This place isn’t for you. Try “Wikipedia”. Your “belief systems” will be validated there.

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      • *ROTFLMFAO*, *ROTFLMFAO*…. Where do you get your LSD, dude?….
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        LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL, and another *ROTFLMFAO*, thrown in, for good measure….
        (BTW, yur website is very well constructed, informative, and visually appealing….&all I did was ask a simple question. Why U gotta B such a *dick**head*, bro?


  1. What is your point, cretin? You seem to be sayings lack of “typos” or “grammatical errors” is far more congruous than content or truth. That is why you are a CRETIN. It is evidence of your robot-ism. Now, of course, you have failed to cite a single typo or grammatical error in your cacophony of zeal (the “holier than thou” brand). Were you afraid I was being “symbolic” and each “jibe” might be met with a vulgar retort showing you ever more foolish in your sloppy attempt at mimicking “Don Quixote”? No further comments will be accepted from you as intellectual morons are not welcome here. .

    Oh, as for your LSD snipe, I take no stimulants and am extremely anti the recreational use of drugs, Iowaska included.

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    • The majority are so adrift from the core being they could not function without the mainstream. These prisoners of propaganda are a dangerous asset “in the wrong hands” and that is why those that care witness the attrocious script play out to an unknown plan as crafted by Reuters. Lights, camera….action.

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      • YO!, Ozzie Thinker, I’m here to call you back to *REALITY* again…. If, as you claim, it’s an “unknown plan as crafted by Reuters”, then *how* do *YOU* *KNOW*? In other words, if the plan is truly “unknown”, how do you *know* it? And, *who* is “Reuters”? Isn’t Reuters simply a news & mass media organization? Sure, Reuters puts out a lot of propaganda, but isn’t it the propaganda of the Global Banksters, and Global Ruling Elite? Has your low-self-esteem-based arrogance, and obvious intelligence, made you clinically delusional? I, for one, would like to see *ANY* objective, actual, physical evidence of all these “beings” and “creatures” that you profess belief in. I can see some value in your fantasies, and even in entertaining them as fantastical stimulants and enjoyments for Modern American English speaking peoples. But, you’re gonna have to deal with intellects like *MINE*, if you ever want to be taken seriously. Tread lightly, “Sha-Tara”. “Ozzie Thinker” is more the little man cowering behind the curtain, than the awe-inspiring wizard of the BIG SCREEN, which he self- deludes himself into believing that he is….
        (ps: The plan IS total global control, but it’s very human banksters, politicos, and the super-rich, – narcissists & psychopaths all, who are the puppet-masters. So-called “aliens”, and “superior races/intelligences” are just more puppets in the show….And, yes, “Ozzie Thinker”, your website is very entertaining, and even somewhat informative. Perhaps if you’d tone down the tinfoil hat stuff, you’d get wider media exposure, and a larger, more lucrative audience….
        (C)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction


      • Mr. Clancy, what’s eating you? I am responding to you because you need to be told something. Even if your were entirely correct in what you say – and you are most certainly way off-base by brushing off other people’s experiences with the so-called “supernatural” or “alien” – your approach is typical of all fundamentalists, be they religious or Darwinist evolutionists. You sneer, mock and stomp on your little stage because you are afraid. Afraid you may be shown wrong and you believe, like the ponerologists you mention, that if you can force people to not dare express their personal “truth” then yours remains safe in its little rusting tin box. By using put-downs instead of being polite, whatever you say loses all validity in my view. I’ve known many people like yourself, so certain that their little corner in the structured Matrix library; of classical belief; is the only valid one. Ozzie Thinker I would read and listen to. You – well you’ve just lost me – completely. Just go back to Donald Trump rallies, I think that is more your style.

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      • Indeed! By the way I need to re-read the part about atoms and nuclear explosions. It’s really that “simple”? I never knew. Mind, I’ve a grade 12 ed bolstered by a lot of reading, but no “classical” education in any of the sciences. Much I don’t know or understand. Your approach is quite enlightening for me, very welcome. You seem to have an uncanny (or natural?) ability to express the complex in ways my mind can begin to grasp. I do marvel at your knowledge. Thank you for sharing it.

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  3. Aphids are naturally attracted to plants. Whether the plant is beautiful or ugly, if enough of them visit, they will destroy it. I deny the opportunity of being “opened up” to heathens by a heathen for very good reason. Those that do not accept me for what I am are not welcome. Go as peaceably as you may and don’t rue the secrets you will miss. Inoperable blindness prohibits your perception.

    Sha’Tara, thank you for your support. I always saw myself as a destined loser in a crumbling world. You have energised my confidence. In their arrognance nuclear pysicists (such as Einstein) decided what atoms were going to be. Per their paradigm, they “knew” the first atomic test would “colapse all matter”. But, of course, we now know they were wrong because matter didn’t colapse. An atom is a very special centrafuge which protects the gateway to bliss. Thus, those that tamper will prompt reactions from bliss. The nuclear physicists were right in so much as all matter is connected and that is why ergonomic waves proliferate from each epicentre indefinitely. Though miniscule (think about the size of an atom), the intensity of a nuclear reaction (and its vibrational “kick”) can be felt at the edge of the universe.

    You will notice I regularly use words that “don’t belong” or “make no sense” in context. These are analogical devices with best expresses what needs to be said when no word exists for correct expression.

    Also, the modern nuclear physicists mostly see the same atoms that Openheimer saw. That’s why (beyond the renegades contributions) there has been zero progress in science….Clancy and his crumbling earthers!

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    • If I was just a troll, wouldn’t I be on facebook, or at least youtube, or Yahoo!….????….
      The strongest theories – and stronger realities – withstand the strongest attacks. Weak minds, and false doctrine, both crumble and wilt at the slightest puff of blowhard wind, or aphid nip.
      Sha’Tara shall not be my queen, but she may be yours. She shall search for me in vein at the venal “Trump Rallies” which she so obviously disdains. I took the red pill *AND* the blue pill.
      But, Sha’Tara, I do want to thank you. I’d never heard of “ponerologists” before, and I spent some time ed-u-ma-cating meself on wiki…. Very apropos for EASTER. (Are you in England, Ozzie Thinker? Your post’s time stamp is 4 hours – and a day, ahead! DUDE!, you’re already posting *TOMMORROW*….. Why U guyz gotta take ever-thin’ so SRSLY?….And, is that your art in yur gravatar, Sha’Tara?….
      (c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction


      • Hi Tom… glad to be of help re: more education. We all need it and that’s why I read this blog. Yes, the “Avatar” is my drawing, an approximate representation of “me” as an Altarian in earth body format. Best I could do. You ask why do “we” take things so seriously. Well, this, for me, happens to be a serious place of serious study, and it fits in with much of the life-long “Teachings” I have also received from non-terran entities, some from outside this universe. When someone saves your life, then offers to show you possibilities beyond anything I could learn from experience, higher education or books on this world, it’s something a grateful person would listen to. My “Teachers” are very real entities – to me; the main three being YLea, El Issa and Phaelon. They were with me for many years and they changed my life, from an average Earthian, stuck in limited and limiting beliefs in the material being the be-all and end-all and life being some crap-shoot you went through in a one-birth, one-death period to return to nothing. It made no sense but apart from organized religion which I learned to despise, I had nothing else… until “it” happened and as Robert Frost would say, that made all the difference.

        It’s not what you say I objected to, Tom, it’s how you say it. Ozzie T, and I in some ways, we tend to rather denigrate Earthian teachings and accomplishments, but as far as I can see, it’s a generic sort of put down, not deliberate attacks on personalities (unless the set themselves up for it, like the Donald for example), just on their claims and the results of those claims. There is no need to attack a person verbally when disagreeing with her/his stance, especially in these written formats.

        Of course I have no trouble accepting what OT says because I happen to know, at a visceral level, that there is/are realms of powers and control that exist far beyond earth borders, far even beyond universal borders. Earth “science” is a joke to my people. They see Earthians as primitive pseudo-humans parading in their pride as the real thing. It’s sad and serious because a true human never kills – never sheds blood, not even in self-defense – they have no need of such clumsy and counter-productive methods. First clue. I don’t need more than that, but there are plenty more. True humans operate from their minds, and in total compassion. They do not “educate” themselves, or their children, they absorb knowledge and become that knowledge, endlessly, for a true human is infinite in scope.

        I am glad you’re not seeking me as your queen, I’m much too independent and detached to make a good consort. Glad also I was wrong about you hanging out at Trump rallies! 🙂

        My turn to ask questions, only two: are you “THE”


  4. Oops, the comment filed itself in the middle of my diatribe ***Connect to the above: Questions #1: are the THE Tom Clancy Jr. of authorship lore and movies? #2 What are you seeking for on this blog? That I’m really curious about because when I come across a blog I do not agree with, I just “unfollow.”
    Before I sign off, here’s a quote the Teachers asked me to pay particular attention to, and it comes from a very popular book, one that was central to my Christian upbringing: “…Our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” It was their way of saying, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.
    (Sincere apologies to Ozzie Thinker for using up so much comment space.)


  5. By your commentary, Sha’Tara, you are what you say. You are certainly an Atlantis “reincarnate”. The other one (what does he call himself? Clancy) may as well be a fraud. He can’t recognise one end of the globe from t’other.

    Of the upmost priority in my preparation, my mentor used to tell me over and over, was those that aren’t prepared to think (investigate) are the most ignorant, no matter how “intelligent” they [think they] are. And here we see both sides of that coin:

    Sha’Tara – the cautious, wisened open mind


    “Clancy” – the cautious, twisted bigot

    Comment away to your heart’s desire. That’s what comments are for….but, of course, rudeness (for the sake of it) won’t be tolerated.


    • I fully understand about rudeness, and before I’d resort to that, I would withdraw. The entire point of being here is to learn, not to promote ego, though sadly many I have encountered who think of people such as myself, and certainly yourself, because we are open about our knowledge, consider us self-absorbed egotists. That cannot be helped, and to deny what we are, or what we know; what we’ve been made aware of, that would be a crime of total cowardice.


      • Well, *I* certainly don’t consider either one of you “self-absorbed egotists”. Challenging your beliefs is healthy, when It’s done respectfully, and I respect you both. After all, I spend my time replying, don’t I? Maybe I’m not so closed-minded as you perceive me to be….????….


      • Hey… good response, and maybe not after all. Say, you didn’t sign this one with your usual
        (c)2016, Tom Clancy, Jr., *NON-fiction
        You didn’t answer my question on that one: are you the Tom Clancy of “Hunt for Red October” fame? Just curious why you would sign your comments thus if not.


      • “Hunt For Red October” IS one of my favorite movies, Sean Connery was very entertaining in that. The book was written by “Tom Clancy”, and he’s dead. I’m “Tom Clancy, Jr.”, and prefer to write NOT under my Father’s wing. Also, that signature is so the bot will recognize the comment, and I can get credited/paid for writing it. Sometimes I do a “freebie”. Can you see how talk of “aliens” scares the pants of the “military-industrial-complex”? Just sayin’, and all. Look how much headache Roswell, New Mexico was for the Air Force! Those were the Zeta Reticulans, or so-called “short grays”, if I’m remembering correctly….


      • Or maybe they just want the sheeple to think it was a headache while they reaped the technology, if they had to sacrifice a few heads of cattle from the Earthian corral in the exchange – no sweat off their asses, they don’t have to pay for anything: the MIC (military industrial complex), the ultimate free riders. Thanks for answering the other question, now I understand and… cool.


  6. Well, here we have some agreement.

    To TCJ

    Firstly, I never disputed the fact you “might be” Tom Clancy Jr. The energetic signature suggested you were telling the truth in a round about way. It also suggested you were not a “world famous” author, but, maybe, you, the son of Thomas Clancy Jr have fame in your own right? My use of the word “fraud” attempted to flush out more information…your “rebuttal” but you didn’t take the bate. You were a bigot but have gradually “changed tune” and deserve commendation. If you were going to “pretend” to be a famous author, I would have expected you to select JK Rowling in light of my Harry Potter novel.

    I haven’t read the book, but I agree Hunt For Red October is an excellent movie and one of Sean Connery’s most convincing roles. I have watched it a number of times. In the course of my research as “Ozzie Thinker” I have touched on the actual events which inspired the book/film. Gauging the film’s account, it was a typical Hollywood production that did not question the exaggerated plot. Maybe your father was discredited, but I haven’t read the book. Rather spookily, a commenter on my other blog suggested I give up an ambition as a professional writer and CREATE VIDEO GAMES instead. Thus, there was a higher reason for you commenting on my blog.

    Returning to Red October, outside the standard meme: breakdown of Soviet order, US invasion by the backdoor, etc. the implications of the actual event are very, very far reaching particular considering “unknown technologies”; a “rabbit hole” Hollywood did not want to investigate.

    To S’T

    I would like to know more about your guides. I have been told it is “important”. You will find the next blog entry an interesting and challenging read. It is to be titled “The Mystery of Hu Gadam and Pantheism”.


    • Finally, a moment of sanity here. About my “guides” well, first of all, they were insistent that I never consider them as “guides” but only as teachers. Their emphasis was (note the past tense, I “graduated”!) always on self-empowerment and guides didn’t fit their paradigm. They wanted me to figure it out as they gave me information I could comprehend, or work with and figure out. Their teaching was “naturally” blended with every bit of previous information I’d already picked up, either in this life or other lives, which they helped me remember.

      I am not sure what you want, or need, to know. I know (or mostly assumed) that of my three main Teachers, two more or less came from a world called “Altaria” – described to me as once having been in this universe but which was “moved” in a great diaspora of worlds escaping the growing imperialism of beings they called “Time Lords” who invaded this universe when it was still young and began to systematically conquer and enslave every sentient race in it. The TL’s were the inventors of “time” as we know it and used it to control the whole universe, thus bringing in the concept known as entropy, i.e., death. They are anti-life entities who believe themselves to be all-powerful in every sense of the word. When it was realized what had happened, many advanced sentient races planned their escape by (?) cloaking their worlds and moving them outside the universal boundaries before those boundaries were defined and closed. They relocated themselves into a “hidden realm” which they simply called “the Nexus” – they said a “non-place” between universes. They were reluctant to talk about their comings and goings – for obvious reasons: their coming in this universe to teach and enlighten is very dangerous to them, so I understand. As YLea repeated: as below, so above. If you want to know how things work in your universe, just study your world. Earth as you call it is nothing special, just another micro of the macro.

      Altaria is a world dedicated to the training of “Avatars” and a place of R&R for those who have come back from forays into this enslaved universe to teach, or even to participate in certain events to bring about the eventual downfall of the Time Lords, whose rule, I understand is crumbling due to having fallen prey to their own temporal madness: they have been aging since they imposed time here and basically they are a dying race.

      El Issa, my other Teacher, the Compassionate One, was with me the longest. She was once a shamaness and lived here, in the valley, amongst fishing and hunting groups or villages at the foot of Chilliwack mountain. She even showed me where her own village once stood. She is a healer and in her days, she healed not only people but animals and fish. A long story. She was the one who taught me that compassion is the one force that can subdue even the most terrible evil. All who would become human must learn the necessity of always being willing to give up their life to save another, or others, she said. Then she basically insisted I peersonally go through that experience – another long story.

      The third Teacher called himself Phaelon. He said he was from this universe, from the very seat of power of the Time Lords who ruled this galaxy – from one of the worlds in what we call the belt of Orion. He was quite a character. His dress was a copy of what we believe Robin Hood’s merry men wore: green tights, including the green hat with the feather in it. Well, he didn’t sport a bow or quiver! Sarcastic, even mocking, he was cryptic and straight to the point. He probably would not have been popular in our academic circles as a teacher, but his “lessons” seemed to stick with few repetition.

      Thought forms were the method of communication, and periods of time were given to me to practice what I’d been taught. Nothing new happened until they were satisfied I’d done the work and caught on.

      Need more?


  7. You have given me more information than you can imagine, Sha’Tara.

    Incidentally, I instinctively sense that the three teachers are an old man, young woman and maybe a young man. The old man is the one you call Phaelon. That is how he comes across to me (excuse me if I am in error). Isn’t that interesting, I have just read your descriptions of them. I KNEW El Issah was female, but Phaelon seems young by your description of him.

    I believe you have been told about the origins of Earth. I once lived on a giant planet. I felt it was, maybe, 100 times the size of Earth. More surface area could be found in a single continent than our planet floor in entirety. It, my giant planetary home, was located in the Orion’s Belt. There was a massive event, disruption that shattered it and all the cosmic materials were scattered to eventually reform as our solar system.

    The “Time Lords” that bought this about can only be the Annunaki, so the information you have provided is as massive as it is intriguing, for if they are literally “dying out”, what of the politics of the Draco? One presumes they know this. If so it is really bad news for man for it means there is no way out (unless the Annunaki stole a more ancient gene pool). Strategically the Zeta Grey Beings are manipulating Ba’al folklore. They, it must be said, also seem to be aiding and abetting the Draco in any way possible. Though, I can confirm there is a massive division at the top (between Draco “higher” and “lower” hierarchies, so perhaps that interplay has partially manifest on Earth plane). Most recently, I have sense the illusive Pteroids have been left out in the cold. What’s the dragon connection?

    Another thing, I did not believe Time Lords existed, I did not think anything could bypass frequency, but I have made the provision for it is my book. I said it could be possible, but I had no reference points.

    Your teachers have affirmed that I am not a guide. I am a teacher.

    Thank you Sha’Tara. Can you explain what you/they mean by “enslaved universe” and “temporal madness”?


    • [quote] Can you explain what you/they mean by “enslaved universe” and “temporal madness”? [unquote]

      You must realize that much of what I relate now is material I “translated” into English from thought forms I received either while driving, working, or sometimes in dreams. How much is missing in my translation? How much is me making stuff up so it makes sense? How much is the real McCoy? Caution is the operative word for anyone engaging what I say – OK?

      What I gather is that, to the Altarians, and Phaelon, this universe is enslaved to time. Time, as I understand the concept, isn’t real: it’s simply the measurement of movement through space. The more the “time” effect was imprinted upon the Mind, and lesser minds, of universal denizens, the more “death” manifested itself. Death itself isn’t real either, it’s the constricting effect of delving ever more minutely into time measurements. The finer the measure, the sooner the mind conceives of death and basically terminates whatever it is connected to. Time is the instrument of death and anything subject to time is therefore enslaved to that concept. Flowing from that is indeed temporal madness: the belief that time can effect a change to life; can even command life to terminate.

      The “Lord God” of the Edenic Genesis (not the God of creation of chapter one of Genesis but the subsequent ruler of Eden) was the one who conquered Earth, or simply came here and established his reign/rule over it. He was/is a Jehovian, a lesser member of the Time Lord hierarchy. How they’ve controlled sentient worlds is just like any Earthian empire: doling out portions of it to the “Family.” Jehovah, a rather weak and clumsy, probably inbred, lesser male inheritor got Earth because presumably that would keep him from causing too much trouble and Earth wasn’t considered of much value, except perhaps for its gold or other precious minerals. It is my understanding that Jehovah or YHWH to the Hebrews/Jews is the one who authorized the cloning of Home Sapiens as a slave race in order to mine those minerals and metals. My own information says this happened around 300,000 years ago, earth years.

      Sorry, I’ve gone on here beyond your queries. Ignore what you don’t want, use what you can if you can make it dovetail with what you already know. I have a very poor understanding/awareness of those other races/beings you mention, beyond having heard of them, I do not know how it all fits in and the Teachers NEVER mentioned them. I think they wanted me to focus on my own, personal and major lesson which is, to “become” compassion. This puts me in the area of total detachment; of self-reliance through self-empowerment. I have had some experience with the power of compassion and as the saying goes, “works for me.”


  8. Thank you, Sha’Tara

    I cover “time” in my book, “The Beauty of Existence Decoded”. You are right, in a laboured or confusing way. Our DNA (frequency, not physical);, but also our atomic (carbon) signature act as exchanges for communication between the scope (space and the manifest plane) and the repository (preformed ideas, concepts, designs that will become everything). Rather than “existing” in physical reality, we comprise “set points” along the space/time continuum. The best analogy would be software inside a computer. What is it? The outcome of hardware programming and an electrical illusion. My book explains it so much better and more thoroughly. It is available by donation here:

    With your “history of man” example, you have offered an over simplification which is summarily correct, but this was done before (by the same basic stakeholders) on Mars a long time ago….100 million years ago!!! Your concept of YHWH is in error. The Hebrews stole the intellectual property from higher beings they did not understand. I am pretty sure I have touched on the subject elsewhere in this blog, but the most recent “version” of YHWH was co-created by the Draco and Zeta Grey Beings to lead man after we were wiped out (?) 10,583BC. I call these tiny, bald people Futczhis (I am told this is the name used for crash dummies).

    Compared to humans, in general, they are unimposing but extremely arrogant, so it doesn’t take too much guesswork to plot a giant mutiny (by us) and I have been informed (by my sources) the YHWH were moved off planet to our moon (inside) over 6000 years ago (although a few stayed). YHWH is also one of the reptilian codes for Ba’al. The real name is unpronounceable.

    I understand where you are coming from 🙂 You can quickly get “bogged down” with [often quite depressing] info if you are not careful. Thank you very much for your feedback.


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